Test: Canon EOS M200 (DSLM)

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Canon EOS M 200: Handy entry-level DSLM

Conclusion from 20. 02. 2020

The Canon EOS M 200 understands in the test as a handy DSLM with a strong focus on touch operation. This is particularly the case for smartphone users who prefer to tap the screen rather than press keys. Compared to mobile phone cameras, the image quality scores with good sharpness and detail reproduction, the auto focus pleases with quick and accurate focusing. Ultra HD video is also on board – but with a clear image cropping. That would be better. For entry into the conventional camera world, the Canon EOS M 185, but not more.

Very handy
Touch-trimmed operation
selfie display
Fast autofocus
Solid image quality
UHD video only with crop
Hardly any control buttons
Price quite high (RRP: approx. 600 Euro)

From 499 00 €: Find best price for Canon EOS M 200

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Canon EOS M 200 : Entry with touch

connoisseurs know : The higher the number in the camera name, the easier the operation. The Canon EOS M 200 is “at the top” of the M series in the test and is therefore aimed at newcomers, newcomers and career changers who want to take their previous smartphone experience to a new level. The controls are correspondingly simple: mode wheel, shutter release, touchscreen – that's it. This prevents the young photographers from being confused by numerous buttons and wheels.

On the other hand, some advanced users should despair of it. Where is white balance, how does the mode change and how do you move the focus one field to the left? Anyone who has not thought about it so far should consider the concept of the Canon EOS M 200 Find a favor quickly. But this target group should also notice the few mistakes in the test.

Photo gallery: Canon EOS M 200 including practice photos

Canon EOS M 200 : Cropped UHD videos

Speaking of which : Almost every change is made in the system or quick menu by touch on the three-inch, sharp and selfie-compatible folding screen. Apart from the exposure correction and the activation of the folding flash, which extends up to five meters, there are no direct buttons. The auto focus area is also selected on the Canon EOS M 200 only via the touchscreen. After all, the automatic focus is always quick to snapshot, the subject tracking works properly if the motifs are not too dynamic.

What the video mode, however, is less convincing. Although the Canon EOS M 200 in modern UHD resolution with 24 images per second. However, another 1.6 times extension factor comes into play here. Together with the focal length “extension” due to the sensor size, a crop factor of 2 results 56, which converts to small picture from 15 mm focal length effective 38 mm. A selfie stick should therefore be used for vlogging.

The maximum 630 Photos long battery life and the roughly six frames per second fast serial recording are fine, 88 JPEGs or 22 RAWs per series also. Still, the price is around 600 Euro for the housing and an image-stabilized 3x zoom 15 – 45 mm f / 3.5–5.6 maybe a little too high.

Photo gallery: Canon EOS M 200 including practice photos

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Moritz Wanke

Moritz Wanke

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