Test: Blackview BV9100 in the (hardness) test

Outdoor mobile phone Blackview BV 9100 in the test

Conclusion from 19. 12. 2019

Das Blackview BV 9100 shows its strengths in two areas. On the one hand, the device goes through some extreme situations, which is mainly due to its robust design. In our practical test, it even withstood a car. On the other hand, the device lasts well in our battery test 24 hours through. However, the Blackview BV 9100 left a lot to be desired in almost all other categories: The device is a real block, the display is too dark, the performance too low. And if it gets a little dark, then the dual camera will no longer produce any reasonable results.

Absurdly long battery life
Exceptionally robust construction
headphone jack available
Clearly too dark display
Poor performance in everyday life
Miserable camera quality in dim light

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 19. 12. 2019 ) .

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Blackview BV 9100 in endurance test: This smartphone is very robust

Blackview BV is chic 9100 not exactly, but it shouldn't be either: a combination of hard plastic, rubber and metal makes the smartphone a robust block that can take a lot of things. And of course that is exactly what we took a closer look at: We drive a car several times over the display and thus put a strain on the cell phone to the utmost.

Then we free the device flowing water from the dirt and grime of the street and are still very amazed: the back of Blackview BV 9100 is badly scratched, but neither the protective glass of the dual camera, nor the display on the front has even suffered a scratch or crack. The operation works accordingly before and after without problems, there are no functional restrictions. You can see the corresponding scenes in the video above.

Speaking of display: This is 6.3 inches tall and uses LC technology. The resolution goes with 2. 340 x 1. 080 Pixel is perfectly fine, the maximum brightness of only around 330 cd / m² leaves something to be desired. The screen is narrower 19, 5: 9 format held. However, buyers have to adjust to very thick display edges.

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We put the Blackview to the test by car – but it remains persistent Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Blackview BV 9100: Heavy, chunky and extremely robust

The smartphone is always robust, but this is at the expense of comfort. With 19, 7 millimeters is the Blackview BV 9100 namely anything but slim and looks a bit hard to get used to, especially in trouser pockets. There is also a belt in your pants, otherwise you could use 400 grams of weight pose a problem at the latest when running or jumping. We also recommend that you do not hold the smartphone over your face while lying down, because if this chunk accidentally falls on you, there is a real risk of injury.

Ultimately, Blackview BV 9100 but not everyone's cell phone: Due to its design and robust processing, the smartphone is built for extreme situations in which the device must be able to put a lot. In short: The Blackview has its intended areas of application where conventional smartphones reach their limits of resilience. With this smartphone you don't have to worry about a cell phone case or a screen protector.

The Blackview is not particularly handy and it definitely does not win a beauty award Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

A battery from other dimensions

The high weight of almost half a kilo doesn't come from anywhere, of course. In addition to the stable design, the Blackview BV 9100 namely with a second special feature: It has a huge battery. While other manufacturers usually have battery capacities between 3. 000 and 5. 000 set mAh, so it is full with the Blackview 13. 000 mAh. Accordingly, the long battery life in our test is not surprising: whole 28: 26 hours of permanent online use are included. That is the current best in our leaderboard. So users can confidently do without an outlet for three to four days. If you only rarely look at your smartphone, you could even get by for a whole week.

As expected, wireless charging with the Blackview is not an option. However, even wired charging sometimes turns out to be very complicated. The USB C-Port is a whole piece embedded in the housing and can hardly or not be used with a conventional USB-C cable. Instead, users would have to resort to the supplied cable with an extended connection. If the cable has reached the end of its life at some point, a new one from Blackview must be found.

After all: The scope of delivery includes a strong power supply with a power of 30 Watt at. Nevertheless, it took exactly four hours in the test until the empty battery was fully charged again, so charging overnight is recommended. If you don't have the time, you will get after 30 minutes one to 22 percent charged battery. Doesn't sound like a lot at first, but is enough for a few hours of use.

The advantage of the heavy and bulky cell phone: the battery lasts forever Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Camera: good photos during the day, a disaster in dim light

As much as we liked the battery performance, we were disappointed with the camera quality, especially in dim light. The Blackview BV 9100 has two camera lenses on the back – next to the main camera is a bokeh -Lens for depth information built-in – and a button on the front. The latter provides reasonably usable selfies, although the main target group of this smartphone will probably not attach great importance to it.

During the day, the images from the main camera are fine and can be used in many cases. As soon as the lighting conditions decrease, the image quality drops massively. If you don't have a tripod or a flat, stable surface for your cell phone, you can more or less forget a usable image quality.

When it comes to the camera, the Blackview can only be used in daylight; twilight makes the camera unusable Picture: CHIP / Marcus Kämpf

Blackview BV 9100: Commemoration seconds are the order of the day

The smartphone runs on out-of-date Android 9 Pie and leaves a lot of room for improvement, especially in terms of performance. Constant frame drops in animations, exceptionally long loading times when starting apps and a generally very slow performance are the order of the day. In our test, this is just satisfactory for the grade.

The equipment is OK: Blackview is installing a 64 Gigabyte internal memory that can be expanded via a microSD card. A headphone jack and USB-C are on board, the latter, however, in the outdated version 2.0. Users will find a reasonably reliable fingerprint sensor in the frame of the device, miserable speakers as well.

All in all, the smartphone offers around 280 Euro what it is designed for and fulfills these tasks also conscientious. But not anymore either. The target group of Blackview BV 9100 is rather small and above all very special. So if you are one of the people who needs a smartphone that can handle extreme situations without buckling, then Blackview BV 9100 be an option. In all other cases you are better advised with our alternative.

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