Test: Apple Watch Series 5 in the test

Apple Watch Series 5 im Test

Conclusion from 14. 11. 2019

The Apple Watch Series 5 convinced in the test in almost all respects. There is currently no better equipment with a smartwatch, the Apple newcomer is conquering the top of our leaderboard. The small device has a lot of power and the range of functions is almost perfect, even the storage space has been increased. The handling of the smartwatch is excellent, apart from some Apple peculiarities. It is a pity, however, that the battery life of the Apple Watch decreases from generation to generation. The operating time of Series 5 is also noticeably shorter.

Top performance and display
Rich functions and equipment
Convenient operation
battery life could be better
No contact picture when answering calls
Apple only – Wristbands can be used

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The values ​​in the article refer to the test time of the product ( 14. 11. 2019 ) .

The below Ratings show how it compares to the other products in the leaderboard.

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Apple Watch Series 5 in the test: Smartwatch in many variations

When choosing the right model, Apple does not make it easy for users, the Apple Watch Series 5 comes in countless combinations. First you have to choose a case, either aluminum or stainless steel, the latter being significantly more expensive. At the same time, you can choose between four colors of the case and four types of bracelet. In the next step there are up to nine bracelet colors to choose from and you have to choose between the 40 – millimeter and 44 Millimeter housing decide. Last but not least, there is the smartwatch with and without cell phone.

Price includes everything: You get the aluminum watch with a sports bracelet for around 450 Euro. The most expensive variant is the smartwatch with a stainless steel case and leather strap, you pay for it 850 Euro. Our test device was an Apple Watch Series 5 with 44 – millimeter aluminum housing, sports wristband and cell phone equipment, you get the “middle class” for round 555 Euro (for price comparison) . Because of the special locking technology, only Apple's own bracelets fit in the watch, with a bracelet in standard size from watch retailers you will be out of luck.

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With the large selection of variants, almost everyone will find the right Apple Watch Series 5. Picture: Daniel Kistler / CHIP

The predecessor: Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) in the test

Strong display and top performance

In terms of features, the Apple Watch Series 5 easily achieves the top mark in our smartwatch leaderboard. Almost everything is right here. Of course, Apple is sticking to the rectangular design of the display, if you prefer it round, you will choose an Android alternative anyway. The display of the Watch Series 5 has a pixel density of 330 ppi on 1.8 inch screen diagonal and thus offers a sharp image with easy to read text. The menu is a matter of taste, some users may find it overloaded.

There is one major innovation that sets the Apple Watch Series 5 apart from its predecessors: the Always- The display now shows you the time and other helpful information such as training data without having to lift your wrist or touch the device. This is very practical in everyday life, a quick glance is now sufficient in all situations. To save battery power, the display gets a little darker when you lower your wrist – but it remains active throughout.

The smartwatch is powered by the Apple S5, a 64 – Bit-dual-core processor to the exact specifications Apple keeps as usual, but which ensures fast performance. In addition, the storage space was 32 Gigabyte increased, that is double the Series 4. This will also find space for your music library on the smartwatch, transmission is possible using the watch app . Alternatively, you can stream music from iPhone through the watch, which works well. To be compatible with the watchOS operating system, you need at least one iPhone 6s.

The Apple Watch Series 5 menu shows a lot – possibly too much. Picture: Daniel Kistler / CHIP

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Rich functions for fitness and everyday life

GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth and NFC are always available, if you decide to use the mobile phone variant they are also available permanently installed eSIM and an LTE module for mobile internet part of the equipment. In addition, the smartwatch naturally has a loudspeaker, a microphone and a host of sensors: acceleration sensor, position sensor, compass, altimeter and brightness sensor enable all standard functions. For fitness, there is an optical heart rate monitor and a pedometer on board and the smartwatch is reliably waterproof up to 50 Meter. The fall sensor and the ECG function are now activated, the smartwatch recognizes falls and other emergencies and can automatically call for help if desired, which offers additional security.

In the Apple App Store you will find a rich selection of applications for the watchOS, many helpful apps are already preinstalled. On the one hand you can create training plans and analyze results, on the other hand you can also check messages or notes. If you connect the Apple Watch to the iPhone, you have many control functions as usual. The only thing that bothers us is that you can accept calls on the smartwatch, but still no contact picture is displayed. In addition, the Apple Watch is largely not compatible with Android.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the right companion for fitness training. Picture: Daniel Kistler / CHIP

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Convenient control and always-on display

The Apple Watch Series 5 can be operated flawlessly, whether by touchscreen, voice commands or using the buttons. The casing is high quality, the performance is excellent and the display is very easy to read. A bonus point is the always-on display already mentioned, made possible by a particularly energy-saving OLED technology. So you can see the clock face constantly, even if you don't have a free hand. If the battery is low, the smartwatch switches to power saving mode and the Apple Watch can still be used as a pure watch.

The Apple Watch Series 5 always-on display always shows helpful information. Picture: Daniel Kistler / CHIP

Smartwatch with perfect operation: Samsung Galaxy Watch in the test

The battery life is further reduced

Although the Apple Watch Series 5 brings you through the day with the battery charge, we are a bit disappointed. In our battery measurement, the Series 3 lasted 30 hours through, with the Series 4 it was around 27,5 hours. The newcomer of the fifth series brings it just over 24 hours of battery life. This is partly due to the always-on display. You basically have to charge the smartwatch every night, especially if you use it a little more intensely. Our practical test has also shown this.

Basically, the battery life is okay, in everyday life this does not significantly restrict, which is why we give the Apple Watch a good battery rating despite everything. Other manufacturers have over 30 hours of battery life but usual, sometimes we measure 40 hours. The Series 5 also takes longer to charge than its predecessors, namely over 2 hours. You charge the battery wirelessly.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is charged inductively. Picture: Daniel Kistler / CHIP

Large selection but generous prices

You can get the cheapest model without mobile phone for round 425 Euro. The expensive model made of stainless steel and with cell phone equipment is available for round 775 Euro. In between, you have the choice between any number of alternative combinations. Our model is available for round 555 Euro. But no matter how you turn it, the Apple Watch Series 5 is always expensive. The top smartwatches from Samsung cost around 300 Euro, other Android alternatives are even cheaper. The Apple Watch is a high-quality and powerful device, but as always, you pay the Apple premium price.

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