Test: Acer Swift 3 SF314-57-58VL in the test

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Acer Swift 3 SF 314 – 57 – 58 VL (NX.HJFEG. 001) in the test Picture: CHIP test center

Conclusion from 20. 02. 2020

The Acer Swift 3 SF 314 – 57 – 58 VL (NX.HJFEG. 001) just missed a very good overall score in the test and does not allow weaknesses in any rating category. With Intel's tenth-generation Core i processor, the computing power is very good. The laptop remains pleasantly thin and light. Due to the fairly low price, the price is very good.

Very light weight
Nice housing
Large and fast SSD
Viewing angle stable display
display with pale color rendering
No SD card reader

From 799, 00 €: Find Best Price for Acer Swift 3 SF 314 – 57 – 58 VL (NX.HJFEG. 001)

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Acer Swift 3 SF 314 – 57 – 58 VL in the test: case and display

Acer Swift – the somewhat nobler mainstream series from the manufacturer – leaves a high-quality impression in terms of feel and appearance. The casing of the Acer Swift 3 is made of a magnesium-aluminum alloy, the notebook falls with 1, 13 Kilograms very light and is still sufficiently stable.

With this weight one expects a 13 3-inch display, but it is actually a 14 – inch display. This solves in Full HD (1. 920 times 1. 080 Pixels) and is with 252 cd / m² is still sufficient, although not excessively bright. A matt display surface helps to reduce annoying reflections. A viewing angle stable IPS panel is installed, which means that you don't always have to be perfectly positioned in the middle of the device to get a good picture. Unfortunately, the color rendering is not very vivid: A coverage of the sRGB color space of only 67 percent means pale colors.

Despite the low weight and the small housing dimensions, no mini battery is installed. This offers 48 – watt-hours and the device can use over 9 hours for video playback and 5 hours for productive work Supply energy.

The Acer Swift 3 SF 314 – 57 – 58 VL (NX.HJFEG. 001) offers lots of storage space in a lightweight housing. Picture: CHIP test center

Acer Swift 3 SF 314 – 57 – 58 VL: Blocking instead of spilling at the store

While other notebooks with 128 or 256 Gigabyte mass storage devices, the Acer Swift 3 SF we tested 314 – 57 – 58 VL with handsome 1. 024 Gigabyte populated. The sheer size has another advantage: the SSD is one of the fastest in our leaderboard. There are also 8 gigabytes of RAM and a cutting-edge processor: The Intel Core i5 – 1035 G1 belongs to the tenth generation and is codenamed Ice Lake. The advantages compared to older processor generations are primarily in the graphics performance, the ax-WLAN standard and the simple support of USB-C with Thunderbolt.

In addition to USB-C port, the device also offers two classic Type A sockets, one in the old 2.0 version and one with the faster 3.0 standard. Positive: Although Thunderbolt can already output a video signal via an adapter (not included), the device still offers a full HDMI port for the TV or monitor connection. Other plus points are the fingerprint reader and the two-stage, white keyboard lighting. What the device lacks is an SD card reader and RJ – 45 (wired network connection). The bottom line is the offered performance for the money but great.

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The Acer Swift 3 SF 314 – 57 – 58 VL (NX.HJFEG. 001) offers Thunderbolt 3 as well as HDMI. Picture: CHIP test center

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