Tesla withdraws suit to Alameda County for preventing them from opening the factory due to confinement measures

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Luis Miranda – May 21, 2020 – 0: 18 (CET )

Tesla reversed and withdrew the lawsuit filed against Alameda County. Because the Fremont plant already has the green light to operate, the company has dismissed the complaint.

Tesla retira la demanda en contra del condado de Alameda por la reapertura de su fábrica en Fremont

Tesla backed down in his fight against the Alameda County . The manufacturer withdrew the lawsuit it filed in early May to force the reopening of its plant in Fremont. Following an Elon Musk tweet, Tesla sued the county, arguing that there was no rational basis to keep its facilities closed.

The complaint, filed in a District Court, said that the county's rules were against the order of the Governor of California and violated the Fourteenth Amendment. Governor Newsom gave the green light to revive the companies, although he left the final decision in the hands of local authorities.

While the Tesla factory in San Joaquin County opened At its doors, the Alameda authorities did not authorize the reopening of the plant in Fremont. This sparked disgust at Musk and company, who said that there was no rational basis for disparate treatment at two neighboring facilities .

Two days after filing the lawsuit, Elon Musk defied the authorities and reopened the Fremont plant . The Tesla president announced a restart of production via tweet and asked to be the only culprit in the event of an arrest.

Although Musk's movement was well seen by some conservatives, the truth is that the plant was already operating in secret . Employees trusted that they manufactured around 200 Model Y and Model 3 units the same weekend in that the lawsuit was filed.

Tesla's decision closes a chapter of the fight between Elon Musk and the local authorities . On 18 the green light was given for the reopening of its facilities and now it is seeks to scale operations to the levels of before. Despite fears of possible contagion, some employees feel fortunate to return to work .

Low wages do not seem to be an obstacle, as some say that they are not motivated by money. “Wages are pretty low, to be frank, but it's a great feeling working for Tesla,” says Marco, a Fremont employee who interviewed Hypertextual .

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