Tenet: all about Nolan's intriguing film that wants to boost cinema after confinement

The cinema sector has been one of the most affected by the COVID pandemic – 19 . With dozens of delayed releases, and other planned ones that have directly jumped to rental or streaming platforms, it is hard to think how the return to the so-called ‘new normal’ will affect theaters. In this context, Tenet , the intriguing new film by Christopher Nolan starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson , it seems that he has stayed with the flag of pressing cinephiles when the cinemas are reopening, even if it is with face masks, empty seats and, in short, half gas.

That Tenet has stayed with this rank of head of the race is not less, and is preceded by the conviction of its own director. The creator of Memento , Inception ( Origin ), Interstellar or Dunkirk seems determined to two things: the first, that your tape goes through the big screen yes or yes ; and the second, that it do so without delay despite the current climate.

Tenet continues to have its premiere planned for the next one 17 of July , opening the already new calendar of summer 'blockbusters' that has been modified with the delays, among many others, of Black Widow from Marvel / Disney or Wonder Woman 1984 , also from Warner.

In the following lines we explore what this strategy can mean for Nolan's new film and the film industry in general, and compile what is known about the plot of one of the films that has been most suspiciously protected from the last years.

Tenet wants to be the tape we remember after the pandemic

Nolan's ‘stubbornness’ in not delaying his film comes from a few months ago. In March, the director wrote in a column in The Washington Post the importance for him that cinema was one of the bulwarks of recovery from normality in society .

“Most of the short-term loss (for the economy and the cinema) is recoverable. When the crisis passes, the need for collective human commitment, the need to live, love, laugh and cry together will be more powerful than ever. The combination of confinement and the promise of new movies could stimulate local economies and contribute millions to our economy. We do not owe it only to the 150. 000 workers in our great industry, we owe it to ourselves U.S. We need what movies can offer us more than ever. ”

After these words in the form of an ode to the cinema, which of course we should not think that they are not honest, a much more palpable reality also appears. First, Tenet has generated since its first information at the beginning of 2019 a massive hype , mainly for being from Nolan, and then for all the intrigue generated by his plot. Until recently, the only synopsis available was that Tenet would be about “a thriller set in the world of international espionage” , something to which the first trailer, released in December, added some more ingredients: the appearance that it will play with the very concept of time, and that its protagonists will have to somehow avoid an unprecedented global conflict.

With Nolan at the helm of the ship, who has already played with such cryptic concepts as dreams and consciousness in Origin or memory and the mind itself in Memento , the theories did not take long to swarm on the internet, something that we will uncover in due course.

But returning to Nolan's interest in not delaying its premiere for a single day, it seems clear that a good reason may be that it does not continue to leak or speculate with the surprise it has prepared for us. Something like this happened a decade ago with Origin , when he managed to keep safe from spoilers The main focus of the plot before an audience that in the trailers saw DiCaprio talking about “stealing an idea” between cities that were folded and guys thrown into a bathtub. Or even in the trilogy of The Dark Knight , where Nolan also wanted any approach to be advanced with great zeal.

The leitmotiv of Origin can also serve to exemplify other aspects that may make Nolan be so hell-bent on releasing Tenet , and it's making its impact what we remember , comment and endure in our memory as the great story we went to see at the cinema after these tough months . The question, of course, is how the public will respond to the reopening of theaters after something like that.

All studios, waiting for Tenet

With several states in the United States, and countries in Europe such as Spain with dates already marked on their calendars to open the rooms, it may be that, if everything goes well, the date of mid-July is already optimal for the public go to the rooms without the mistrust of the contagion that may be during the first days.

Warner Bros.

Or not. What does seem clear is that the rest of the big studios are looking at Waner and Nolan to see what they do. Especially Disney, who rescheduled the premiere of Mulan only for a few days later, on 24 of July.

The statements that many managers have left these days in the results presentations confirm that everyone looks at Tenet as the intrepid to follow. If it opens without delay and sticks it, they can take action. If he succeeds or even goes well, everyone will have a free way.

In this regard, the new Disney CEO, Bob Chapek , addressed his concerns in his respective results presentation. “We are going to have a pretty good idea about how everything is, because there is a major movie that opens a week before ours,” Chapek told analysts on the call, referring to Tenet without naming her while talking about Mulan .

More cautious was AT&T CEO himself – Waner's parent – John Stankey , who must gauge Nolan's momentum well to get to the big screen. The executive told analysts not to expect it to be “a quick recovery” when theaters open, adding that WarnerMedia is exploring all options. “I think that will be something we will have to see” , said Stankey, “how is the public's confidence, not only for going to the movies, but in general for going back to spaces public “.

Because the crossroads is there. Although it may be released on date, no one guarantees Warner or any other studio that the film will collect at the box office as expected. Maybe the COVID – 19 cause a time when releases that exceed 800 or 1. 000 millions are much scarcer . And that, in a movie like Tenet with more than 200 millions of budget, can be a major problem. By the way, if all goes well, we should see a second trailer soon.

What little is still known about what it is about Tenet

But now let's get into the black hole of hype that Nolan has created. Since the beginning of his promotion, his official synopsis has changed little. At first, it referred only to “a thriller set in the world of international espionage.”

With the premiere of the trailer, and the conviction that there is some strange game over time, it began to be said that this supposed international espionage agency had the ability to time travel, perhaps to avoid a Third World War. From there, IMdB for example summarizes its argument like this:

“An epic of action that revolves around international espionage, time travel and evolution. Possibly about a man trying to avoid World War III through time travel and rebirth ”

However, these hypotheses seem to be in decline. Robert Pattinson himself admitted in a recent interview in GQ that, although he could not speak much, he did not go on trips in time, at least explicitly. “My character is not a time traveler. There are really no time travels. That is, at most, the only thing I am authorized to say “, the interpreter assured.

But that there is no time travel as such does not imply that you do not play with it. In the trailer we see the protagonists driving on a road that seems to go 'back in time' , and go through bullet-broken glass that has not yet been fired. Thus, in Reddit, the house of theories, the idea that, although Pattinson and JDW agents do not travel in time, “time does travel through them” is gaining strength in recent months.

A reeditor exemplified this by giving the example of the scene in which they appear to be driving in reverse on a motorway, when they see an accident that occurs backwards in time. “In the trailer it seems that Pattinson is driving backwards to go against time, but in reality it is they who are being driven by time backwards” . In other words, Pattinson would not be driving, but the car is going backwards in time while they cannot avoid their journey. Someone or something, in any case – be they the good guys or the bad guys – seems to have a chance to handle or interact with time differently than normal in the movie.

The very name of TENET , a palindrome that can be read equally from one side to the other, invites to think about that vision of time with two senses that can be traveled in the same way.

Other theories talk that Tenet could be a sequel to Origin , or that they would share a shared world, something that sounds as seductive as it is crazy, although in all honesty, check the creatives of the trailer labels for Origin and Tenet today, as a kind of clockwise, it is thoughtful, like the appearance of Michael Cane, who for True, he acknowledged that he has no idea what the movie is about.

The Quantum Cold War

But without a doubt what has shed more light in recent days on the plot of the film (and it is not too much) is the synopsis of a book that will serve as a complement to the film, and which is now available to order, titled, Tenet's Secrets: Inside Nolan's Quantum Cold War .

The concept of Quantum War, of course, opens an interesting melon, and there are some who theorize that it is a kind of non-war state war – like the original Cold War – in search of quantum supercomputing, which somehow would end up generating the strange things over time or with whatever we have been able to see in the trailer.

The official synopsis of the book, to finish warming our heads, says like this:

Discover the secrets of Christopher Nolan's _Tenet_, with this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the most anticipated movie of 2020.

From director Christopher Nolan comes a mind-boggling spy thriller so unique that audiences will wonder about its complexities for years to come. _The Secrets of Tenet_ takes readers on an exclusive journey to Nolan's time control masterpiece, offering a rare insight into all aspects of his creation. With in-depth comments from Nolan himself and a number of other key contributors – including producer Emma Thomas and production designer Nathan Crowley. _The Secrets of Tenet_ offers a master class that exposes the director's process and his unique creative vision. Illustrated with behind-the-scenes images and unique concept art, this is the latest exploration in a film that ensures the imagination stays in the future … and perhaps in the past.

The responses, the 17 July in theaters. Or maybe not .