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Good and cheap 2-in-1 tablets must be able to do this

Tablets are great for on the go, but the devices lack a keyboard for convenient typing. 2-in-1 tablets with a keyboard solve this problem. We show strong devices from our test and a Bluetooth extra.

Tablets with keyboard in the test: the best 2-in-1 models

Do you really have to lug the heavy notebook and the bulky power supply for a few lines of text? Current tablets are no longer a gimmick, but can also replace your laptop or PC at home. However, typing on the touchscreen is rather uncomfortable for a long time. The virtual keyboard is sufficient for a few words in between, but if you want to type longer texts on a glass pane, you quickly look around for a reasonable keyboard. A tablet or keyboard – or a 2-1-in device – or a Bluetooth keyboard for retrofitting can help.

We present two highlights from our leaderboard. And if you want to convert your normal tablet into a quasi-2-in-1, we also have a little trick in store for you.

Top device: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Bright display
Super Performance
Good configuration with USB-C
keyboard unit sold separately
Shorter battery life than its predecessor
No Thunderbolt 3

The Surface Pro 7 was convincing in almost all areas in the test , Equipped with a quad-core Intel Core i7 – 1065 G7, 16 GByte RAM and the 256 GByte of flash memory enables the Surface Pro 7 to achieve top performance without compromising on the battery. In the test, he brought it up without a keyboard unit 08: 36 hours and fully recharges within two hours. The 12, 3-inch screen could us with its resolution of 2. 736 x 1.824 Pixels with a pixel density of 267 ppi and a maximum brightness of 422 cd / m² also convince. In terms of price only, the Surface Pro 7 left a bland aftertaste, because the keyboard unit has not been included since the sixth generation and must be purchased later.

Top performance with style: the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Picture: Microsoft

Shop recommendation for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX – 00003 )

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX-00003)

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Price-performance tip: Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6

LTE interface on board
Great battery life
Strong price-performance ratio
Highly reflective display
Just 64 GByte storage space

At first glance this is Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 LTE a normal, unspectacular tablet with Windows. But with a flick of the wrist, the tablet can be plugged into the supplied docking station, which turns it into a notebook. And that's a real plus point: the connection to the tablet unit is quick and easy, the keyboard is suitable for typing longer texts.

But the technical basis is also convincing: A current Intel Core m3-7Y works inside the tablet . The Full HD display is also great: checkerboard contrast, color display and pixel density of the 10 , 6-inch screens are convincing, even if it partly reflects something bad. However, the price is unbeatable: The round 700 Euro for the the Galaxy Book 10. 6 January 2020 is what makes it the undisputed price-performance winner. You can find more details in our test report.

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO S (SM-W700NZKA):Klasse Windows-Tablet mit Tastatur.
Price-performance winner: Samsung Galaxy Book .) 6. LTE (SM-W 627 NZKB) Samsung

Shop recommendation for Samsung Galaxy Book 10. 6 SM-W 627 2in1 Touch Notebook LTE (SM-W 627 NZKBDBT)

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 SM-W627 2in1 Touch Notebook LTE (SM-W627NZKBDBT)

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Bluetooth keyboard for tablets: Logitech K 480

Compatible with all tablets
Stable bracket
Pleasant handling
Slightly higher weight (820 g)
No Illuminated buttons

The Logitech keyboard works with Bluetooth and is therefore not directly connected to the tablet. The big advantage is that it is compatible with practically any tablet and no 2-in-1 device is required for use. For around 50 Euro, the black and yellow keyboard offers an easy-switch rotary switch in addition to a holder for tablet, smartphone and Co. which you can use to quickly switch between the connected devices. As on standard PC keyboards, the Bluetooth model offers shortcuts for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac, which can be used to quickly access functions such as volume control, settings or search. Two AA batteries required for operation are also included in the scope of delivery.

In our overview of best list you will find further 2-in-1 tablets, sorted by their overall rating.

Microsoft Wedge Keyboard: Compatible with many tablets. Image: Amazon

Shop recommendation for Logitech K 480 Bluetooth Keyboard black (920 – 006350)

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard schwarz (920-006350)

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2-in-1 tablets in the test

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (VNX-00003) BestCheck offer

  • Performance (1.3)
  • Mobility (1.6)
  • Facilities (1.7)
  • Display (1.4)

Microsoft Surface Pro (FKH-00003) Offer from BestCheck

  • Performance (1.3)
  • Mobility (2.2)
  • Facilities (1.6)
  • Display (1.0)


Samsung Galaxy Book 12 (SM-W 728 NZKA)

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 (SM-W728NZKA) BestCheck offer

  • Performance (1.6)
  • Mobility (1.7)
  • Facilities (1.6)
  • Display (1,2)

Acer Switch 7 BE SW713-51GNP-81DA (NT.LEPEV.001) BestCheck offer

  • Performance (1.7)
  • Mobility (2.7)
  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Display (1.0)

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (KJU-00003) BestCheck offer

  • Performance (1.8)
  • Mobility (1.4)
  • Facilities (2.2)
  • Display (1,1)

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