Speed ​​record thanks to cable glass fiber

New CableMax tariffs from Vodafone bring internet 1000 Mbit / s

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Faster is better. At least when it comes to the internet connection and especially when it makes your own network even more reliable and future-proof. Together with Vodafone we show You why the change to the new GigaCable Max tariffs is worthwhile and what advantages the cable fiber optic technology still brings.

4 times faster than the fastest VDSL connection and 60 – times faster than DSL – Vodafone brings with the GigaCable Max tariff the high-speed product on the market. GigaCable Max is not only incredibly fast, but also relies on the latest technology that DSL is already way ahead of today.

Whoever wants to be ahead needs the latest technology

This technique is called cable fiber. In contrast to DSL, the Internet signal here after the fiber optic transfer at the distribution point is not transported over the thin and error-prone telephone copper cables, but travels through the well-shielded, significantly thicker coaxial cable of the TV cable connection.

This brings great advantages, because a lot more data packets can be simultaneously via the TV cable transport, and these are also better protected against interference. This increases the Internet speed extremely.

With Vodafone cable fiber, download rates of up to 1000 Mbit / s possible. The upload speeds are up to 50 Mbit / s available.

An 8 gigabyte HD film will land on your computer within a minute, while it is with standard DSL and 32 MBit / s download rate round 33 minute would take.

GigaCable Max: Internet of the new generation

Long loading times, jerky streams or a low resolution for video telephony – with the Vodafone GigaCable Max tariffs are a thing of the past. The connection is always fast. Even if many people access the Internet simultaneously and on different devices. And not only gamers benefit from fast response times.

The technology is cable-glass fiber in contrast to DSL far from reaching the end of their possibilities. Thanks to the modern cable-fiber network, a bandwidth of several gigabits per second is realistic. After the takeover of Unitymedia, Vodafone is Germany's number 1 in gigabit access via cable fiber optic and continues to invest heavily in research and development so that Vodafone customers benefit first from technical innovations.


But even on the Internet, speed is not everything. Vodafone therefore offers its high-speed network in a fair and flexible framework. We're talking about GigaCable Max.

These are the guaranteed advantages of GigaCable Max:

  • Fast : With GigaCable Max you always surf as fast as possible at your address. Because Vodafone is continuously investing in the expansion of the cable fiber optic network, ensuring that existing customers also benefit from improvements in Internet speed. In addition, you can perform an availability check here for free and already know what is currently possible at your address.
  • Cheap and flexible: GigaCable Max costs permanently only 39, 99 € per month . Even after one year of contract, the price remains the same. No matter whether you are an existing customer or a new customer. In addition to the GigaCable Max Speed ​​Guarantee, you also have a price guarantee. Vodafone deliberately breaks with the new customer and recruitment mechanics of the industry and makes both its new and existing customers an extremely fair offer.
  • Change at record pace: Very fast and absolutely free exchange service. Switching to the Gigaspeed Internet is easy. Vodafone not only undertakes the complete technical changeover, including porting number, but also handles the termination of your old contract for you. This ensures that you do not have to accept any forced offline time due to any overlaps.
  • Top hardware: Award-winning WiFi router for new and existing customers included. Vodafone delivers the hardware for your new cable-fiber connection free of charge, it is completely free of charge. The award-winning WLAN router is technically at the highest level and also visually appealing: it has won the Red Dot Design Award for its modern, understated design with its matt anthracite-colored surface and clear lines. This price is one of the most coveted international quality seals for good design.

Cable glass fiber in the GigaCable Max tariff: Fast, safe and cheap

Leave the old days behind and never get annoyed again about sluggish online experiences. With the Vodafone GigaCable Max tariffs you are always on the move with absolute top speed thanks to cable fiber optic technology.

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