Sony Mobile is history: Xperia website switched off

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21. 02. 2020, 11: 07 | by

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A long-announced change has been made to Sony. The “Sony Mobile” page ends and will in future only be redirected to the main page of the smartphone manufacturer. This is intended to standardize communication with customers and the appearance of the Xperia series.

Sony Mobile is history. Sony has now switched off the Xperia website. The forums for customers have also been set .

Don't worry, it will continue new Sony smartphones give. Also under the label Xperia. But there is no longer an independent website and no discussion forum.

From now on, the page will now be redirected to the page. The previous forums will also be redirected to the general Sony support forums.

The Xperia series is not finished due to the shutdown of the forums. The communication channels only change. Picture: CHIP

Savings, but no end for Xperia

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