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content based on the test results of self is the man

The snow shovels had to prove themselves in the test. Image: zoff-photo / Getty Images

A good snow shovel is easy on the nerves – your own and that of your neighbors. With the best models, you not only remove the snow gently and quickly, but also quietly. In a detailed test with several participants, our partner 19 Snow shovels and snow shovels tested for their efficiency and ergonomics. The price range extends from luxury slides for 90 Euro up to 10 – euro-cheap model. The test winner was the snow shovel friend 97060 for round 50 Euro. You get good quality from 15 Euro , There are special models for thin layers of snow.

The test was carried out by the magazine itself is the man and his portal himself .de carried out and in the December issue 2019 released.

15 the 19 Test devices had to pass pushing, pulling and pushing. In addition, four pure sliding models were also included in the test – they are intended for thin layers of snow. Among those snow shovels that can also be used for shovels, two models received the rating “very good”. Ten test devices were basically usable and were rated “good”. Only three models failed due to a lack of stability in the rating, a snow shovel still got the grade “sufficient”, the two last placed rated the testers as “poor”.

Since the snowfall is declining in many places in Germany, the testers also examined four models that are not suitable for shoveling snow. They are designed to push thin layers of snow as comfortably as possible. Three of the only sliders rated the testers as “good”, the test winner was friend Snow Pusher 97304 for round 66 Euro. The last test device, on the other hand, even got the grade “insufficient”: The experts advise against buying because of pollution.

You can read that in our article: In the overview we present the best models from the test in a table and then in detail. Then we give you a price-performance assessment and explain the test procedure of Finally, in the general purchase advice you can read what you should generally consider when buying snow shovels and further information.

19 Snow shovel in the test: Our partner checked 15 snow pusher, which can also shovel, and four more that just push. Photo: himself is the man

These are the best snow shovels 2020

The best snow shovels in the test by

1. Friend Victoria 97060 aluminum snow shovel (test winner)

  • Source: friend Victoria

    Friend Victoria 97060 aluminum snow shovel

    Overall grade: Very good (1,2) The Aluminum snow shovel friend Victoria 97060 is extremely effective, stable and quiet – but a bit more expensive.

High stability, good workmanship
Very effective in the practical test
Quiet in use
stem not perfect
Minor buildup of snow
Somewhat more expensive to buy

The snow shovel friend Victoria 97060 remains unbeaten: The model was already the test winner in the last test. Nothing has changed in the most recent run. With its price of around 49 Euro the snow shovel is on the more expensive side, but the quality is worth it.

The stability of the snow shovel shows almost perfect results. The aluminum plate has good rigidity and the plastic edge is both well processed and quiet when working. The testers did not give full marks only for the ergonomics and grip of the aluminum handle with plastic jacket, oval shape and D-grip. As a result, the handling is excellent.

The testers provided the practical criteria of pushing, pulling and shoveling snow no weaknesses. The sharp plastic edge is thorough and robust in the wear test, the snow only sticks a little more to the aluminum plate than to the plastic variant. There is nothing to complain about during the technical inspection and the labeling is also sufficiently resistant.

With 1.6 Kilograms, the aluminum snow shovel is pleasantly light. The stem is 153 Centimeters long, that should normally be sufficient. The friend Victoria 97060 you get for round 49 Euro , with a view of the rating of 1.2 (very good) in the test, this represents a good price-performance ratio.

The aluminum snow shovel friend Victoria 97060 shows the best results in the test. Picture: friend Victoria

. 2 Friend Victoria 97377 Plastic snow shovel (recommendation)

  • Source: friend Victoria

    friend Victoria 97377 plastic snow shovel

    Overall grade: Very good (1.3) The friend Victoria 97377 also proves to be an effective snow shovel with a plastic blade, handling is even particularly good.

Good workmanship and handling
Very effective in the practical test
Quiet in use
Shield not completely stable
Round edge not quite as thorough
A little more expensive to buy

Compared to the test winner, the Friend Victoria 97377 hardly worse, but has a different material mix: The sign is made of plastic instead of aluminum, because s has advantages and disadvantages. In terms of price, the models are on par and the plastic snow shovel is rated “very good” (mark 1.3).

The plastic plate of the snow shovel does not have the same excellent torsional stiffness as the aluminum alternative, but it is still satisfactory. There is no difference in the superbly processed plastic edge and the resulting pleasant volume. For this, the 97377 – model but a curved ergonomic handle with D-handle for better ergonomics – a plus.

Snow pulling is not so easy with the round plastic edge, but when pushing and pushing it is on par with the sharp edge of the test winner. In addition, the 97377 – model has the advantage that less snow sticks to the plastic sign. The two-place winner does not show any abnormalities when checking the required labeling and the technical check.

The friend Victoria 97377 is not much cheaper than the test winner: You get the plastic snow shovel for round 48 Euro. Due to the material mix, it weighs a little less, only 1, 53 kilograms, although the sign is larger. The stem measures round 159 Centimeters.

The plastic snow shovel friend Victoria 97377 differs from the test winner in its material mix. Picture: friend Victoria

. 3 Master 9990510 ( Preistipp)

  • Source: Meister

    Master 9990510

    Overall grade: Good (2.0) The snow shovel master 9990510 offers solid quality and good effectiveness for little money, just ergonomics somewhat unfavorable.

    round 15 Euro (currently out of stock)

Height Stability, good workmanship
In the Practical test very effective at the
Great value for money -Relationship
Unfavorable wooden handle
According to usage
Minor build-up of snow

Show cheap snow shovel models often stability problems with the robust aluminum-wood model Master 9990510 Is not that the case. You get a good performance for a hammer price.

The affordable snow shovel from Meister consists of an aluminum plate with a steel edge and a simple wooden handle. The torsional stiffness of the shield is accordingly great and the edge can withstand a lot. On the other hand, the snow shovel is also quite loud. In addition, the round and smooth wooden handle is very simple and not easy to grip, and a practical spade handle is missing.

With the sharp steel edge, the snow can be pushed and pulled extremely thoroughly. The round wooden handle is a little inconvenient for shoveling snow because the snow shovel tilts quite easily. The wear on the hard steel edge is very low, but snow can stick to the aluminum plate. The labeling makes Meister excellent, technically everything fits.

Due to the material mix, the Meister 9990510 quite heavy, namely almost two kilograms , For the consistently solid work tool, you only pay round 15 Euro , that's an excellent price-performance ratio. At times the cheap snow shovel is unfortunately out of stock.

The snow shovel master 9990510 offers high quality at a low price. Image: master

. 4 Friend Victoria 97304 Snow pusher (slide-only tip)

  • source: friend Victoria

    friend Victoria 97304 Snow pusher

    Overall grade: Good (1.6) With friend Victoria 97304 Snow The snow can be pushed over a large area, the wide plastic plate is stable.

High stability, good workmanship
Very effective when pushing snow
Quiet in use
Handle not quite perfect
Not suitable for all snow conditions
Expensive to buy

The friend Victoria 97304 Snow pusher is a pure sliding model, not only for snow, but also for water and dirt. Large areas can be cleared with the extra-wide plastic sign. The snow layer must not be too high, but otherwise the slide only convinces.

The torsional stiffness of the plastic Schilds is excellent for the purposes of the snow pusher, the square plastic edge is also well processed. The sliding work is quiet and comfortable. The ergonomics of the rather short plastic handle could be a little better.

The appropriate work, namely snow pushing and snow pulling, the snow pusher copes effortlessly. You cannot shove with the flat sign. But there is no snow on the plastic surface and there is little wear on the edge. With the 61 centimeter wide sign you cope with a lot of space. Everything is ok with the markings and in the bending test.

The friend Victoria 97304 Snow pusher weighs over two kilograms, but the plastic device is solid and durable. If you want to clear large areas of a thin to medium layer of snow, the snow pusher is ideal. But it is quite expensive: round 70 Euro.

The snow shovel friend Victoria 97304 Snow pusher removes snow from large areas. Picture: friend Victoria

How much do I have to spend on a good snow shovel?

Along with the fluctuating complexity of Snow shovel models also show a wide range in price: You can get cheap devices with a plastic snow blade and a wooden handle for just 5 euros. You can also shovel snow with it, but the models are neither particularly thorough, nor is their durability convincing. Occasionally you get reliable quality for around 15 Euro, but not all models in this price segment are convincing. found the best snow shovels in the price range 40 Euro, efficiency and ergonomics are correct in most cases. Snow shovels for special purposes or with ergonomic gimmicks sometimes cost 60 Euros and more. They are not always worth the price.

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Snow shovel test: how were the products rated?

For the evaluation of the snow shovels, our partner carries out both practical tests and technical tests in the laboratory. The stability of the connection between the blade and the handle of the snow shovel, the torsional rigidity of the blade itself and the processing of the edge are fundamentally relevant. The latter is riveted in most cases, but in individual cases it is screwed and can be removed and rotated if worn. The ergonomics are determined by the comfortable length and grip of the handle as well as the shape and fixation of the handle so that the snow shovel does not twist when shoveling. The testers also check the volume when using the snow shovel.

Practical tests determine the largest part of the overall grade: Pushing shows how well the pushed surface is cleared of snow and whether the sign sticks to protrusions. The scratching pushing with the back of the shield and the pulling of the snow are also checked. When shoveling, the snow shovel is used like a shovel, the sliding-only models are not rated in this category. The experts assess disruptive build-up of snow on the shovel and wear on the edge of the blade. During the technical test, the focus is on the mandatory labeling requirements of the manufacturer and the bending test, in which the snow shovel is clamped and the sign with 20 kilogram of weight has to cope.

The snow shovels have to endure a lot. Image: himself is the man

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These are the criteria for snow shovels

The efficiency of the snow shovel is primarily determined by how thoroughly it clears the snow. Many slide models leave a disturbing film on the surface even after several passes. Only the best snow shovels save the rework with the broom. As the test shows, the material of the snow shovel does not determine its efficiency. Models with plastic or steel edges of the snow blade also show good results. The shape of the edge has a greater effect: sharp edges clear the snow very cleanly, but only on a smooth surface, they stick to projections. Snow shovels with rounded edges glide effortlessly over uneven ground, but a thin film of snow usually remains behind.

Various Properties of the handle determine its ergonomics. A spade or D-handle at the end of the stick makes shoving more pleasant. At the very least, the handle should be non-slip so that the snow does not tip over when you lift it. Ergonomic gimmicks such as curved or curved handles are a matter of taste. They can help to protect the back, but occasionally these design experiments go at the expense of the efficiency of the slide. Of course, this should of course cope with the weight of the snow and not buckle under the load. This is not often the case, but a cheap device failed in the current test.

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What types of materials are there for snow shovels?

There is an optimal material mix Snow shovels don't. Snow blades, blade edges and handles are offered by the manufacturers in different variations and combinations, whereby no real conclusions can be drawn about the efficiency of the snow shovel. The shield usually consists of aluminum or plastic, in individual cases also of wood. It depends less on the material and more on the shape of the shield, so that the snow shovel glides well over the ground. The edge must be stable enough to keep wear to a minimum. Therefore, steel is often used here, but plastic and aluminum edges are similarly popular and no less effective. At the stick of the snow shovel you usually get aluminum with a plastic jacket. The alternative is a wooden handle, but here no remainders may impair the stability.

Depending on the material mix of the snow shovel, there may be different results. Image: robertiez / Getty Images

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Buy snow shovels: you should pay attention to this

  • Shape of the handle

    When handling it is important that you can use the snow shovel even with winter gloves, without slipping. A spade handle (D-handle) at the end of the handle is an advantage, but it must be wide enough so that your gloved fingers can fit through it comfortably. The handle should not be completely smooth, especially if there is no handle at the end of the handle. For the grip, most manufacturers sheath the aluminum handle with plastic or they use a rough wooden handle.
  • length of stem

    The length of the stem must match your height so that you can work upright and gentle on your back. Some models are offered with different handle lengths or the handle can be exchanged. Alternatively, however, you already get combination systems when you buy the snow shovel and the appropriate handle. In some cases the handle is curved for better ergonomics. However, this sometimes makes it more difficult to push and tilt.
  • Width of the snow blade

    On average, the snow blade is about half a meter wide, but depending on the application, you can also choose a narrower or wider snow shovel. A compact model with 40 – centimeter sign is suitable for narrow garden paths or hard-to-reach corners , Massive snow shovels with up to 60 centimeters wide can handle more space, for example in driveways. However, the handling of the snow shovel also changes with the size of the sign.
  • Weight of the slide

    Depending on the material, the snow shovels bring a noticeable weight to the scale. For models with wood and steel, this can sometimes be over 2 kg. Particularly light models made entirely of plastic weigh less than 1.5 kilograms. The average is usual: 1.6 to 1.8 kg. If you work with the snow shovel for a long time, a higher weight can tire. Here, however, you have to weigh up: Light models are not always thorough and you have to shovel longer instead.
  • durability of the material

    The material of the snow shovel does not necessarily determine its efficiency, but it has some effects on the longevity of the model , Aluminum is basically robust and durable, but scratches quickly when in use and aluminum snow blades are also louder than the other models. You must properly store wooden snow blades, otherwise they can become brittle and even break. Good plastic models are no worse in terms of durability, but there is a risk of deformation and material fatigue due to temperature fluctuations such as heavy frost.
The snow shovel models differ in many ways. Image: romrodinka / Getty Images

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Are there snow shovels with wheels and motor?

Who clear large areas of snow may need more than a conventional snow shovel. A model with wheels works faster through the snow and pushing is more energy-efficient. Of course, you are more restricted with the frosted snow shovel: you can push the snow quickly and effectively to the side of the path, but pulling or scratching is not possible because the sign is usually fixed. You will find rolling devices of this type from around 50 Euro. The electric snow blowers are one step above. They suck in the snow and blow it aside via the chute. However, this only works with fresh snow. If this is already too tight, the snowblower do not work thoroughly. There are good models from 150 Euro.

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When is snow removal legally required?

Snow removal is a tedious job, however, as a house and property owner, you are legally obliged to do so – what tenants are responsible for is agreed in the rental agreement. The responsible local authority regulates the exact specifications, so there is a municipal winter service in many cities that clears the sidewalks in front of the houses. The public traffic routes in front of the property must be free of snow in any case, otherwise residents are liable for accidents. There is usually a duty to vacate from Monday to Saturday between 7 and 20 Clock, even fresh snow must be removed from a certain height. On Sundays, snow clearing usually begins an hour later. If the road is slippery, you must also spread the paths – the use of road salt is not permitted.

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The best snow shovels in the test by

  • Source: friend Victoria

    friend Victoria 97060 Alu – Snow shovel (test winner)

    Overall grade: Very g ut (1,2) The aluminum snow shovel friend Victoria 97060 is extremely effective, stable and quiet – but a bit more expensive.

  • Source: friend Victoria

    friend Victoria 97377 Plastic snow shovel (recommendation)

    Overall grade: Very good (1, 3) The friend Victoria 97377 also proves to be an effective snow shovel with a plastic shield, the handling is even particularly good.

  • Source: Meister

    Master 9990510 (Price Tip)

    Overall grade: Good (2.0) The snow shovel master 9990510 offers solid quality and good effectiveness for little money, only the ergonomics are somewhat unfavorable.

    round 15 Euro (currently out of stock)

  • source: friend Victoria

    friend Victoria 97304 Snow pusher (slide-only tip)

    Overall grade: Good (1.6) With the friend Victoria 97304 Snow pusher, the snow can be pushed over a large area, the wide plastic Shield is stable.

The most important questions about snow shovels at a glance

What does a snow shovel cost?

If you do not want to use an unreliable cheap device, you will find around 20 Euro usable snow shovels. Higher-quality models with a good price-performance ratio can be found between 35 and 50 Euro. Even more expensive snow shovels offer particularly ergonomic handles.

Which material should the snow shovel be made of?

Whether the sign of the snow shovel is made of aluminum or plastic, plays a less important role. The edge has to endure a lot and is therefore often made of aluminum or steel. The handle is usually made of aluminum with a plastic jacket. Wood is an alternative.

Are there snow shovels with rollers?

snow shovels are also available with mounted rollers, this means that larger areas of snow can be cleared with less effort. However, you are limited to pushing; you cannot scratch and pull with the roller models. There are electric snow blowers for powder snow.

Is there an obligation to clear snow?

In Germany, you as the home owner and in In many cases, as a tenant, clear snow from the public sidewalk. Otherwise, you are liable for accidents in an emergency. The municipality decides on the exact regulations. There is usually a requirement to clear snow between 7 and 20 Clock.

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