Smart Home Security: These apps and tips protect against vulnerabilities

Safe despite Smart Home – this is how you protect yourself from hackers

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How Smart Homes Work

Switch on the heating on the go to get into a warm apartment, operate kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaner robots at the push of a button – with smart home devices this is possible. But smart devices also harbor risks that you should protect yourself from.

Smart home devices that can be controlled via app or voice command are useful helpers to make everyday life easier. The networked components can also increase security in your home, for example with motion detectors that register activities even when you are not at home. This allows you to control and monitor your apartment while on the move. But the security of these technical aids is also at risk: Through the connection to the Internet, networked devices are repeatedly the target of hackers and thus offer a security hole directly in your home. In addition, criminals can more easily monitor your behavior and presence and use it to prepare a crime, such as a break-in. We show you how you can protect yourself and your smart home from such attacks.

Identify weaknesses in smart home devices using apps

Many providers of anti-virus programs have recognized the risk of smart home systems. Some providers therefore offer so-called IoT scanner apps that can specifically examine the components of your intelligent home and identify weak points. For example, you can determine which devices are connected to your home network and find and remove third-party devices from the network. Many scanner apps can also determine whether your devices use open ports and thus possibly pass on data about your activities. These apps are not 100% protection, but can help you to make your network more secure and keep track.

  • About the app Avira Home Guard you can use all devices in your network view, perform security scans and test your internet speed.

  • The Bitdefender Home Scanner examines your home network for vulnerable devices and passwords and gives you security recommendations.

  • Also other providers, such as Kaspersky , work of IoT scanners and security apps for the smart home.

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Opt for safe devices for your smart home system

In order to make your eHome more secure, you can also use hardware components that are offered for this purpose. These devices are special routers or security hubs that are designed to protect connected devices from hacker attacks, malware and phishing. The advantage of using it is that your smart home devices are then connected to the Internet regardless of your normal router. This is generally recommended when setting up an intelligent home network. You can find secure routers and security hubs from the following providers:

General security measures for your intelligent home

You should take some security measures to heart when purchasing a smart home and check it regularly for new features. If you purchase a new one, change the default passwords and update the software of your devices regularly, especially if a new security update is available.

You will also find some tips for a secure smart home here:

  • Activate the firewall of your router and the encryption of the IoT devices (Internet of Things devices ).

  • Set up your own wifi access for your smart home devices – for example via a guest -Access – a.

  • Use a separate and secure password for each service and do not use devices that do not Allow password assignment or can be used without a password.

  • If one of your devices needs to be repaired, reset it to the factory state or change it beforehand The password before and after the repair to avoid unauthorized access. You should also note this when disposing of the devices.

  • Do not use smart home devices for security-related functions, such as opening the door.

When setting up a smart home network you should use well-known manufacturers and Compare test reports .

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