Slim work notebook: Asus introduces Expertbook B9

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With the Expertbook B9 Asus has presented a slim new notebook for corporate use.

Before the start of the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the computer manufacturer Asus presented a new notebook for corporate use. The Expertbook B9 is ideal as a daily companion due to its low weight and flat design. The notebook only weighs 870 grams and the thickness is less than 15 millimeters. Conveniently, the notebook's touchpad can also be used as a number pad. The built-in 14 – inch display also resolves 1. 920 x 1. 080 pixels on.

The ExpertBook B9 in pictures

(Photo: Asus)

In the maximum configuration, a Core i7 processor of the tenth generation works inside the Expertbook B9. It has up to 16 gigabytes of LPDDR3 RAM available. In addition, the notebook can be equipped with up to two SSDs with a storage volume of up to two terabytes each. The standard battery should keep the device running for up to twelve hours with one charge. Optionally there is also a battery twice as large, for the Asus a runtime of 24 indicates hours with the same load. With this battery variant you have to put up with a slightly higher weight.

Expertbook B9: Additional features and prices

Thanks to the Trusted Platform Module and infrared camera, secure login via face recognition should be guaranteed. WLAN (802 provides for connections to the outside world. 11 AX) and Bluetooth 4.2. There are also two USB Type-C ports, a USB port, an HDMI port and a combined headphone and microphone port. The Expertbook B9 will be published in the first quarter 2020. The entry-level model should cost 1. 799 euros.

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