Seven online supermarkets in the CHIP test 2020

Really everything fresh? Food from the Internet is so good

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Aldi, Rewe, Edeka & Co: Die längsten Öffnungszeiten

Anyone who orders groceries on the Internet saves a lot of time and effort, but does not always get the expected quality. We tested the most important online supermarkets again this year and document their performance and developments in this flexible market. If you still can't or don't trust online shops, you can find the supermarket chains with the best opening times in real life in the video above.

From the shelf into the shopping cart, then onto the cash register belt, into the shopping bag and at home out of our pockets again: we pick up each item at least four times when buying groceries in the store. There are also travel or running routes, crowds in corridors and queues at ticket offices. Anyone who does the shopping online can conveniently choose at home and only unpack the goods after delivery. This variant was hardly surprising, according to the Federal Association for E-Commerce and Mail Order 2019 With 17 percent more clearly than all other product groups.

New test with new knowledge

The disadvantage of this is that the customer relies on the conscientiousness of the shipper when buying online, while the goods can be checked in the store straight away. The former is not always going well, as our test of seven online supermarkets showed, for which we again checked and compared supply, quality and delivery service this year. Thereby Rewe , the winner of last year, again to the top. Disappointed against it Real . The provider occupied 2019 as a newcomer in second place, but has dropped significantly and is now in sixth place. The result of Getnow . The start-up was late for the last test, but is now in third place. Tail light is repeated .

All test participants had to face the same challenges as last year: We ordered the same from all providers or at least a comparable extensive shopping basket, which also contains problematic products: eggs and pretzel sticks, the fragility of which requires care in packaging and transport. Fruits and vegetables, which should ideally have reached the right degree of ripeness. And orders of frozen food (pizza and ice cream) are particularly exciting. In order to thoroughly test reliability, we ordered everything twice: once to the editorial address near the city center and secondly to a private address in the Munich area.

online supermarkets in the overall ranking

Rank Offer Rating Quality (40%) costs (20%) Order ( 20%) Time (20%) Further information


Rewe delivery service

very good (1 , 4)

very good (1, 0)

satisfactory (2.7)

very good (1,0)

good (1.7)

To the provider


Bringmeister online supermarket

good (1.7)

good (1.8)

good (1.9)

good (2.0)

very good (1,2)

To the provider



good (1.7)

very good (1.4)

very good (1.0)

satisfactory (3.4)

good (1.9)

To the provider


Amazon Fresh

good (1.8)

very good (1.5)

satisfactory (3.3)

good (1.8)

very good (1,2)

To the provider


Amazon Prime Now

good (2.0)

very good (1.0)

sufficient (4.1)

satisfactory (3.5)

very good (1.0)

To the provider


good (2.2)

good (1.9)

good (2.1)

satisfactory (2.9)

good (2.4)

To the provider

7 buy groceries online

satisfactory (3.4)

satisfactory (1.7)

insufficient (5.6)

satisfactory (3.1)

poor (4.8)

To the provider
Rewe is again at the top of the test field. Although not as far apart as last year, the Rewe delivery service is the only candidate to achieve a “very good” overall rating. Image: Rewe / CHIP

The first steps: selection and ordering

The sales area for every online supermarket is the corresponding website in the form of an online shop. In the meantime, all candidates in our test have both a standard appearance and a shopping app. The presentation of the offer and good navigation are the A&O in both cases

With the structure and clarity of the websites there is hardly anything to complain about in the test. Only MyTime could still work on the navigation a little. We particularly like the presence of Test winner Rewe . It is clearly laid out, easy to use and has a good search function. For repeat customers, a list of the items purchased in the past is automatically created under “My products”, sorted by order frequency. Favorite items can also be placed on a favorites list. It is very useful to be able to change an order that has already been placed for a while. This service is only available among the test candidates at Amazon Fresh .

Even with the competition, favorite lists can usually be saved for quick re-ordering. Bringmeister also creates a list of the last delivered goods like Rewe. Only on Amazon Prime Now is only the re-ordering of already purchased items possible. If, in addition to food, other products from the Amazon range are ordered there, the section can become confusing over time. Fortunately, Bringmeister finally has an app in the program, which we have been missing so far. And the app from Real now has an order function, which is what last test was still missing. Also presented in this area Rewe best. In the order and service category there is a top rating of “very good (1.0)”.

This is how it should be: Rewe presents its range well on the PC at home as well as via the app, the ordering process offers no unnecessary hurdles. Image: Rewe / CHIP

Delivery times: the more flexible the better

The shorter an order is still possible and the smaller the delivery time window, the more comfortable for the customer. Fastest delivers Amazon Prime Now . Depending on the time of order and delivery area, the shipment can reach the recipient within an hour. Amazon Fresh , Bringmeister and Getnow deliver the same day if the order does not arrive too late. Otherwise a day's advance is necessary for MyTime two. The smallest delivery times are usually around one to two hours. Only at MyTime is delivery between 7 and 18 o'clock, for a surcharge of 7, 99 Euro the messenger is up to 12 clock in front of the door. If the order contains refrigerated or frozen products, another 5 fall 90 euros for the freshness guarantee.

Those who need their goods in the morning have at Real bad cards, because here is before 13 clock nothing to do. Competitors start deliveries between six and nine o'clock. Amazon Fresh also offers delivery to an alternative location (e.g. at Neighbors), but not for alcoholic beverages with an age restriction from 18 years. MyTime delivers to one of 6 on request. 00 0 pickup stations. The best overall picture in this category is Amazon Prime Now from: The The pre-order period is the largest, as are the possible delivery times.

Amazon offers the most flexible delivery times. However, this partly depends on the location. In major cities like Munich, the fastest way to get your goods. Image: Amazon / CHIP

In the end, what counts is what counts

Comfortable ordering options and low prices are of little value if the delivery does not work or the quality of the goods is not right. To check this, we had two identical test orders delivered by each provider, one to Munich and one in the Munich area. We have the result of the assessment of both deliveries with 40 percent weighted.

Getnow and Real had to accept discounts because they could only deliver to Munich. Even if under different conditions: During Real versus 2019 the delivery area limited, is the expanding start-up Getnow have not yet penetrated there. Six of the providers use the special delivery services of logistics partners such as DHL or their own transport services, which bring the goods in paper bags to the customer. Only MyTime sent in the normal post parcel. The whole thing has to be packed accordingly. The result of the test is a 7.7 kg mountain packaging waste – sustainability looks different. And yet we received some of our order in a rather desolate condition. For example, MyTime bananas had frost damage and some foam kisses were damaged. For this, this provider delivers to the very last corner of the republic. Those who live far from the shot often have no alternative at all.

Anyway, the Rewe delivery service in the category quality and reliability at the front, if only with a wafer-thin lead before Amazon Prime Now , which is only expressed in the second decimal place. Both receive the final grade “very good (1.0)”.

A plus point for Rewe is its own delivery fleet, so the delivery service has good control over the reliability of delivery. This affects punctuality as well as the quality of the delivered goods. Image: Rewe / CHIP

The question of cost: problematic and expensive extras

Since the cost structure of the supermarkets varies depending on the products and order frequency, we have created four different shopping carts for the price comparison. Three of them cover the needs of a family of four with two orders per month as well as a couple household and a flat share with four deliveries per month. The fourth compilation is intended to show what costs arise if someone only orders little once a month and therefore has to expect a higher proportion of delivery costs. We also compared all four baskets in two variants. On the one hand they were filled exclusively with branded products, in the second case they should be as inexpensive as possible and could also contain articles from alternative manufacturers for the same product type.

The evaluation of this complex experiment shows a very clear result: Newcomer is unbeatable in terms of costs Getnow . This results from the moderate delivery costs, there is no minimum order value and the prices for branded products are among the lowest in the test. Above all, however, the price for the test basket with own or cheap brands is at stake. The cost at Getnow 29, 76 Euro, nobody can top that. The corresponding package at Amazon Fresh for example costs 54, 08 Euro – a lonely negative record. Bringmeister, Real and Rewe are still relatively positive in the price comparison. Amazon Fresh has improved compared to the last test because the shipping giant has meanwhile reduced fees, but both Amazon offers are still among the more expensive.

The worst price balance has MyTime . This is where the so-called “freshness guarantee” comes through. MyTime delivers perishable goods of all kinds in styrofoam boxes with more or less coolant. This not only ensures an enormous mountain of packaging waste, but costs 5 in each individual case, 99 Euro extra. With regular deliveries, that adds up quite a bit. All providers deliver free of charge from a certain purchase amount between 40 Euro the Amazon services and 120 Euro at Rewe and Real lies.

Getnow not only has its special offers like other supermarkets, the overall cost structure is the best in the CHIP test. Picture: Getnow / CHIP

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