Saving in the Corona crisis: free branded pan, half price wine and other top deals

Current discount highlights for small budgets

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During the Corona crisis, many companies reward isolation with strong discounts. Take advantage of the Corona mandatory break and save now on many top deals. The best reductions and promotions here at a glance.

Discounts, special promotions and super deals are particularly in demand in these times. We have listed the best offers for you. Between all the extensive news about the corona virus, a few warm rays of sunshine for your wallet.

Zyliss “Cook” aluminum pan with effective non-stick coating: Get a second pan for free!

Do not let anything burn and enjoy fried dishes without additional fat Zyliss

Insider tip from Switzerland: With this pan, nothing burns at home. If you have to spend a lot of time at home due to the current Corona location, you cannot avoid cooking. This is a welcome change for many, but also a burden for others. So that at least no misfortune happens to you when searing and nothing burns, we have a hot tip for you: With the “Cook” aluminum pan from Zyliss cook particularly healthy and roast very comfortably without Butter or oil.

Our colleagues from FOCUS Online serve you this really tasty offer today: When you buy the branded pan with diameter 28 centimeters a second pan with a diameter 20 centimeters for free. So you only pay 49, 95 euros and save whole 29, 95 Euro – shipping is included.

Homeworkout with Gymondo: Corona free membership for one month

Keep fit at home with a variety of different workouts Gymondo

Due to the corona virus, many people are currently spending a lot of time at home. Be it in the home office or because they are unfortunately no longer allowed to work. Getting family and work under one roof and still having time for yourself is not always easy.

So that you can still stay fit and go to sports, Gymondo has now expanded its offer: Instead of the 20 percent discount offer Gymondo offers a free 1-month membership to be able to train easily and comfortably from home. A free benefit worth at least 6, 99 Euro. The offer is valid until 31. 03. 2020.

Train together as a couple or take a yoga session with your children. And for all mums there is the “Bye bye baby bump program” from Dr. Christine Theiss. So try to use the time for yourself and do something good for your body.

Garden care made easy: with the Siena Garden gear pruning shears for only 24, 95 instead of 34), 95 Euro

Fear cutting in no time thanks to the support of a gear Siena Garden

On the branches, ready, go …! There is no corona virus in your own garden and you can let off steam undisturbed. It's all going well again: lawn care, planting tubers, cutting trees and shrubs. Forget about time for a few moments and move in the fresh air. Do you want your garden to be a real eye-catcher this year? The right tool is essential. With the Siena Garden pruning shears with gear cut through branches easily and cleanly with little effort, so that you can enjoy the flowers for a long time in spring.

How good that you got this Garden helpers with the coupon code FOCUS 2020 for only 24, 95 instead of 34, 95 Euro including shipping received. With the right support, gardening is even more fun.

Food boxes with discounts: these are the current deals

Examples of used food boxes from Degusta and Brandooz Degusta / Brandnooz

At the moment, many people do not feel comfortable going to the supermarket, only for small things, such as snacks. An alternative are meal boxes that are delivered directly to your home. Often, however, you cannot choose the composition here – but the manufacturers promise a countervalue for the random composition that significantly exceeds the value of the goods. There are also pretty juicy discounts for the first order.

  • Degustabox: 50 percent discount on the first order with voucher : – 7, 99 Euro instead of 15, 99 Euro (thereafter monthly subscription – can be canceled!) – Compilation of the package is a Ü surprise
  • Brandooz XXL Joy Box : once 23, 99 Euro – promised value of goods over 40 Euro. Content is a surprise, but products that are guaranteed to come from the brands Dr. Oetker, Buitoni and Kölln.
  • Gourmet meat Gift box : 20 percent discount. This does not include meat products, but spices, the beef magazine and optional apron or cutting board. Meat can be ordered on the portal.
  • Bofrost : 15 Euro discount for new customers from 45 Euro MBW on frozen goods – selectable yourself
  • at Amazon : There is also a large selection of “food baskets” and gift sets at the shipping giant – we are not sure about this whether you really save money. In most cases, it is certainly not worth it. Most sets are intended as gifts and the content is clearly listed.
  • Iceman: 20 percent on your first order is available from Grocery Mail Order Eismann. To do this, expand your Chrome or Firefox browser with CHIP Sparalarm next to you the Eismann voucher also offers many other savings options. More information about the savings alarm .

Apart from that there is also the offer of Hello Fresh cooking boxes , in which you receive fresh ingredients and recipes every week to prepare fresh meals. This is possible from 2 people and three planned dishes per week.

10 Italian red wines and two crystal glasses only 49, 95 instead of 94, 06 Euro 10 selected Primitivo italy now cheap in a trial package

The wine experts from have a special attractive wine package for only 49, 95 Euro instead of 94, 06 Euro. Are included 10 selected bottles of excellent red wines from Italy. You will also receive a set of 2 Schott Zwiesel red wine glasses from the Pure series. Thanks to our colleagues from FOCUS Online you save almost 50 percent and shipping is included.