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Save money with the CHIP Sparalarm browser extension Screenshot CHIP economy alarm

We are now offering you a new way to save even more when shopping online. The CHIP savings alarm shows you relevant vouchers, cheaper offers and discount campaigns when shopping online. We will show you how you can save cash in the future with CHIP Sparalarm.

Economy alarm of the day: LG (29 “) UWHD Monitor 28% cheaper

159 € instead of 219 €: With the CHIP economy alarm you get the latest monitor offer from Cyberport again 10 Euro cheaper. Now add the browser extension for free and redeem the voucher code.

CHIP economy alarm – what is it and how does it work?

At CHIP, we are constantly working to offer our users new and practical products that improve the internet experience. We offer with our test center comprehensive and well-founded tests and test reports on the latest technology, you will find our own Downloads and Voucher , clear leaderboards and the new consumer portal for every day, CHIP 365 .

From now on is the CHIP economy alarm Part of the CHIP family: The free browser add-on is specially designed to show you practical offers, discounts and information about products that you are currently interested in.

CHIP economy alarm – what is it and how does it work?

With the CHIP saving alarm we primarily want to improve your online shopping experience. We place particular value on recommending only relevant and inexpensive products or vouchers.

CHIP economy alarm – it's that easy

In order to benefit from the CHIP economy alarm, you must first have a Download add-on and activate it in your browser. If you shop online now, the plugin will evaluate customized offers based on your interests in the background.

For a better understanding a small example: You want to buy a new laptop and therefore get a first overview at Amazon. Now the software becomes active and offers you possible discounts, cheaper alternative dealers or practical information based on your interest in a laptop.

Particularly important is here for us that we initially work in the background and only really show you an offer when it is actually relevant to you. Valid offers are now saved in the add-on, so that you can then access them at any time if necessary.

Further information on the CHIP economy alarm can also be found here.

Your data belongs only to you

What we attach particular importance to at CHIP: data protection. The program is based on the highest data protection standards. We therefore do not create a profile of you, nor do we save your data on a server – they are only stored locally in your browser and you have control over them. The software completely dispenses with the use of user-related or related data. This means that your data cannot be passed on or sold.

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