Samsung T7 Touch: Fast external SSD presented at the CES

Samsung T7 Touch: Schnelle externe SSD anlässlich der CES vorgestellt

The Samsung T7 Touch enables fast data access via fingerprint scanner. (Photo: Samsung)

With the T7 Touch, Samsung introduced an external SSD at the CES , which in addition to increased Security with a fingerprint scanner is one of the fastest hard drives of its kind.

The external SSD T5 from Samsung has been on the market in various versions for several years and has developed into a popular solution that can be used to cope with limited storage space under the different operating systems. Now at the CES in Las Vegas, the company has announced the T7 Touch, a successor model in several variants, which also has a fingerprint scanner. Based on AES – 256 – Bit hardware encryption is not just protection possible with a password – on request, up to four additional fingerprints can be registered, which can guarantee quick and easy access.

Under the hood – unlike the previous model, which still relied on the classic SATA interface – NVMe technology works, which can deliver double the transfer rate. Samsung promises to process the data around 9.5 times faster than conventional hard drives and explains that it will provide one of the fastest SSDs based on the USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard.

Samsung T7 also suitable for 8K

Technically, the T7 should read speeds of 1. 050 Megabytes per second and write speeds of 1. 000 ensure megabytes / second and are therefore also suitable for the large amounts of data that arise in the 4K and 8K video area. The LED status display that frames the fingerprint scanner is definitely chic. If the SSD is switched on, the indicator lights up continuously in blue, the light rotates during data transmission – and it flashes while the fingerprint is being identified. The SSD comes with one USB-C-C and one USB-C-A cable. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.

The Samsung T7 Touch has already received the Innovation Award 2020 from CES and is available in three versions that are expected to hit stores in February. The 500 gigabyte size will be 144, 90 Euro, for 1 TB will be 214, 90 Euro due, 2 TB cost 404, 90 Euro. In addition to the T7 Touch, there will be a T7 version without a fingerprint sensor, which will be released during the year 2020 appears and will replace the conventional T5.

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