Samsung Galaxy S11 comes as S20: This is what it looks like, that's inside

Samsung's next top model, the Galaxy S 20 – not Galaxy S 11 -, will be on 11. February presented. The first render images and equipment details of three model variants have already come to light, which show what we 2020 can expect.

The technology year 2019 is over, for Samsung has the new in January with the presentation of the S 10 Lite and Note 10 Lite started. At the 11. February is already going on at Samsung: On this day, the manufacturer will be its highlight of the first half of the year, the successor to the Galaxy S 10 that is not S 11 but with high security Galaxy S 20 will be , reveal.

Say hello to a whole new Galaxy. Unpacked on February 11, 2020 # SamsungEvent

– Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) January 5, 2020

First leaks and information about the Galaxy S 20 already circulating. According to them, Samsung will like 2019 at the Galaxy S 10 (Test) introduce three variants. The focus is apparently on improved cameras and 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S 20: Penta camera and selfie cam in the middle

First details about the new Galaxy-S 20 – Family come from the well-known and reliable Leaker Onleaks, also known as Steve Hemmerstoffer. According to his information, there will be three sizes again. Both the Galaxy S 20it11 e and the S 20 / S 11 should appear in 4G and 5G variants, the S 11 Plus or S 20 Plus (or Ultra) will only come on the market as a 5G version, it is said. The 4G versions should be a little cheaper than the models with the faster 5G modem.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Renderbild. (Bild: Onelaks; 91 Mobiles)

Samsung Galaxy S 11 / S 20 render image , (Image: Onelaks; 91 Mobiles)

On the render images of Onleaks, whose information has always proven to be correct in the past, you can see on the front that the punch-hole front camera is on the screen of the S 11 / S 20 Family has moved from the side to the middle. We already know this design feature from the Galaxy Note 10 (test) and the new S 10 – Lite and Note – 10 – Lite Modelllen. It also appears that Samsung has weakened the side curvature of the display – however, it is also possible that the render images do not display them correctly.

Based on the grade 10 Samsung has now probably killed the dedicated Bixby button on its S series and married the power button, which is located under the volume rocker on the right side of the case. As usual, the speaker grille and USB-C socket can be found on the underside of the device. A headphone jack is not available.

It gets more exciting on the back: Instead of three camera sensors, Samsung installs S 11 / S 20 – Top models apparently five and one LED light. Loud 91 Mobiles that cooperate with onleaks, there are three of the sensors around regular cameras, while another is a time-of-flight sensor that is already in Galaxy S 10 5G was installed. The function of the fifth in the bundle is still unclear.

Samsung Galaxy S 11 – render image. (Image: Onelaks; 91 Mobiles)

Features: What is still in the Samsung Galaxy S 11 / S 20 (Plus) and S2oe?

According to information from Onleaks and 91 Mobile will be the three devices – Galaxy S 11 e (S 20 e), S 11 (S 20) and S 11 Plus (S 20 Plus / Pro / Ultra) – from the already presented Exynos – 990 – SoC driven. For the US models, Samsung should like on the past on Qualcomms Snapdragon 865) put in the December was presented. In addition, six gigabytes of RAM and 128 and optional 256 Gigabyte UFS 3.0 flasspecher on board, which can possibly be expanded via a micro SD card.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Renderbild. (Bild: Onelaks; 91 Mobiles)

Samsung Galaxy S 11 – render image. (Image: Onelaks; 91 Mobiles)

For the screens, the S 11 e get a 6.3 or 6.4 inch diagonal, the Galaxy S 11 and S 11 Per , Plus or Ultra should come with 6.7 and 6.9 inches. All are typical for Samsung with OLED displays with up to QHD-Plus resolution and HDR 10 – Plus support can be equipped. Rumor has it that Samsung could for the first time use a 120 – Use Hertz technology that makes the system feel smoother and the interaction with the smartphone is more direct. Corresponding notes are in the system settings of One-UI-2.0 – beta version been discovered. A higher refresh rate should not only find its way into Samsung, but also with competitors like Huawei and Co. Manufacturers like Oneplus and Google but also Razer and Asus are already using screens 90 respectively 120 Hertz.

More pixels, more Hertz and what else? We expect these Android smartphone trends 2020

On the camera side, all three models with Samsung's new 108 – Megapixel Isocell HMX sensor should be provided, which is already in Xiaomis Mi Note 10 excellent service . With the help of the other sensors, the S 11 five times optical zoom, 8K videos, vertical panoramic shots, better night shots and more have to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S11e Renderbild. (Bild: Pricebaba; Onleaks)

Samsung Galaxy S 11 e render image. (Image: Pricebaba; Onleaks)

In the slightly cheaper variant, the Galaxy S 11 e, which we underestimated in our view Galaxy S 10 e (test) will replace are another message from Pricebaba – also in cooperation with Onleaks – installed three camera sensors. In addition to a standard zoom, Samsung may also be using an additional ultra-wide angle and telephoto zoom lens. The Galaxy S 10 e only had two cameras on the back. Onleaks speculates that Samsung at the S 11 for price reasons on the 108 – Megapixel sensor could do without. What the energy storage of the S 11 e, a bigger 4th could be. 000 Miliamper hours battery can be installed – the S 10 e has a noticeably smaller one with 3. 100 Miliamperestunden. The fingerprint reader could also move from the side under the display.

Samsung Galaxy S 11 e render image. (Image: Pricebaba; Onleaks)

After the leak, a lot is known about the upcoming top models of the South Korean industry leader. However, there are some details that are still uncertain. In addition to the function of the fifth camera sensor, there are also question marks about the battery sizes of the S 20 (Pro) – rumored Samsung could be up to 5. 000 Install mAh batteries -, new software functions and many other small details that may leak before being revealed.

Samsung Galaxy S 20 comes together with the Foldable Bloom

Leak des Samsung Galaxy Bloom. (Bild: Ajunews)

Leak of the Samsung Galaxy Bloom. (Image: Ajunews)

In addition to the S 11 / S 20 – Samsung models could also show its second foldable, which, unlike the first Galaxy Fold more compact and cheaper shall be. When designing the second fold model the manufacturer apparently orientates itself on clamshell phones, as Motorola has shown with its new Razr with a flexible display. According to last leaks, the next foldable will come onto the market as Galaxy Bloom, like the portal Ajunews (via Sammobile ) at the CES. Samsung was inspired by the silhouette of the compact make-up powder from the French cosmetics manufacturer Lancôme when designing the Galaxy Bloom. The South Koreans should use the new model specifically for the target group of women in their 20 market, writes the portal.

Incidentally, Samsung will be on Tuesday for its unpacked spectacle 11. February from 20 in the evening, again provide a livestream.

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Article updated on 10. January 2020.

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