Refrigerators tested: the winners of the Stiftung Warentest

Double test win for Siemens refrigerators

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Kühlschränke: Die Gewinner der Stiftung Warentest

Siemens refrigerators convince twice at the Stiftung Warentest: In the refrigerator test, a Siemens device achieved the overall rating of “very good” (1,2) and thus number one in the built-in refrigerators. A Siemens refrigerator also makes it to the top for free-standing units – together with devices from Liebherr and Bosch. We show the best models from the tests of 2016 til today.

Stiftung Warentest has 2016 about 50 refrigerators tested – both freestanding models and built-in Refrigerators. The experts assessed how stable the cooling temperature remains, how practical the refrigerator is, and whether the refrigerator is a power chute or can use energy efficiently. Instead of the fridge, look for a fridge-freezer , read the best models in this post .

Refrigerators test: Winner at Stiftung Warentest

Best built-in refrigerator Best freestanding fridge Best small fridge


Siemens KI 81WHEEL30

Bosch KSV 29 VW 40

Siemens KI 21WHEEL40,true)/,true)/

Price approx.

750 Euro

630 Euro

530 Euro

Overall rating

1.2 (very good)

1.2 (very good)

1.6 (good)


321 liters

290 liters

144 liters


68 Kilogram

55 Kilogram

46 Kilogram

Annual energy consumption

116 Kilowatt hours

71 Kilowatt hours

65 Kilowatt hours

Noise emissions

37 db

38 db

33 db


Without freezer compartment

Without freezer

Without freezer

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Built-in refrigerator: test winner from Siemens

“For large families and flat shares, the devices are first choice, which in almost 1, 80 meter high recesses fit. The best model comes from Siemens “judges Stiftung Warentest in 2017 he test run. Nothing has changed until today: The 319 liter Siemens KI 81WHEEL30 ( view on Amazon ) cuts particularly well when cooling and temperature stability when storing.

The experts also found its interior comfort to be particularly user-friendly, as it offers a wide range of options for storing food and bottles. For example, two easyAccess glass shelves and a separate bottle shelf offer increased loading convenience and a better overview. The LED lighting and the low operating volume were also well received.

  • Source: Amazon / Siemens

    Siemens KI 81WHEEL30

    Overall grade: very good (1,2) cooling, temperature stability, noise very good | Power consumption, handling: Good

  • Source : Amazon / Bauknecht

    Bauknecht KRIE 2124

    Overall grade: very good (1.3) cooling, temperature stability, power consumption, noise very good | Handling: Good

  • Source: Amazon / AEG

    AEG SKE 81436 ZC

    Overall grade: Very good (1.5) cooling, temperature stability, power consumption, noise very good | Handling: Good

Test result: Freestanding fridges do better

There are many more models among the free-standing refrigerators that score with the overall rating “very good”. The mark 1,2 have in 2017 he test the Bosch KSV 29 VW 40 ( at Amazon ) as well as the identical Siemens KS 29 VVW 40 ( at source view ) as well as the slightly smaller one and particularly quiet Liebherr KBies 4350 ( at Amazon ).

In the test 2018 was the fridge Samsung's RR 39 M 71357 F the test winner with the grade 1.4. The Samsung refrigerator is short 300 liters and requires a little more electricity than the test winner of the previous years. Nevertheless, it scores with very good energy efficiency and optimal cooling performance.

  • Source : Amazon / Bosch

    Bosch KSV 29 VW 40

    Overall grade: very good (1,2) cooling, temperature stability, power consumption noise very good | Handling: Good

    approx. 415 Euro (remaining stock)

  • Source: Amazon / Siemens

    Siemens KS 29 VVW 40

    identical rating to Bosch refrigerator KSV 29 VW 40, since the device is identical

  • Source: Amazon / Liebherr

    Liebherr KBies 4350

    Overall grade: very good (1,2) cooling, temperature stability, power consumption ucht, sounds very good | Handling: Good

Small and free: the little test winners

If you prefer a smaller built-in model, the models Liebherr IK 1910 ( at Otto ), Bosch KIR 21 AD 40 ( view on Amazon ) and the Siemens KI 21WHEEL40 ( to offer) well advised. Both 88 Centimeter high models, according to the test report, the Siemens is also considered the “first choice in this size class”, it shares but the top spot with the competition. It also performs very well when it comes to cooling, temperature stability, lighting and noise.

Shop recommendation for Bosch KIR 21 AD 40

Bosch KIR21AD40

offer from | Prices incl.VAT plus shipping

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Cooling, Freezing, or Both?

Before buying, think about what you need the fridge for. If you are not a fan of frozen goods anyway, a device with a refrigerator is sufficient. On the other hand, freeze food from time to time and treat yourself to an ice cream, come for a Fridge-freezer not around.

You should stay away from refrigerators that have freezer compartments integrated in the refrigerator compartment. They are outdated and only use electricity unnecessarily. Separate cooling and freezing parts with separate cooling circuits and doors are better. Also note the freezer compartment stars for the freezer compartment. From three stars, long-term storage at minus 18 degrees guaranteed. In this post We present the best fridge-freezer combinations in the test of the Stiftung Warentest.

All results for 145 cooling devices

The Stiftung Warentest offers an insight into the Test results from 145 cooling devices , including many refrigerators. You can select models that suit your purpose and compare their test data. Access to this Product Finder costs 4, 50 Euro. You will also receive all magazine issues with refrigerator tests for download.

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