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What makes more sense: FullHD or 4K?

If you don't have a lot of space for your TV and are looking for a compact device, a 32 – inch flat screen TV the right choice. The small TV sets are also suitable as second TVs. In this purchase advice we tell you what the most important device features are and give you a purchase recommendation.

For whom is a 32 – inch TV?

Choosing a 32 – Customs TVs are made for the following reasons: Either you only have limited space in your living room or the TV should serve as a second device. The mostly cheap entry price speaks for this display diagonal. In addition, the devices on your premises are not so noticeable. If you are driving aesthetic reasons for a compact TV, we recommend a look at Samsung's picture frame TV The Frame who artfully circumvents this problem.

Many manufacturers still offer smaller display diagonals to fill this niche. However, these are mostly slimmed-down, compact devices that exactly serve their purpose. You can no longer expect top performance in this device class, which is also due to the rather poor performance of the 32 – inch TV explained in our test. Because here you have to measure yourself against the best devices on the market.

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32 – Inch TV in the test: You should pay attention to this equipment

We recommend for a 32 – inch TVs a full HD resolution. HD Ready would no longer be sufficient for the compact devices, since even TV stations are already using Full HD and the lower resolution is noticeable. The difference between Full HD and 4K, however, cannot be seen on the small screen.

In addition to the screen resolution, you should check the reception technology. A triple tuner is required to avoid a separate receiver. As a result, the three common types of reception – cable, satellite and DVB-T2 – can be received. If you use the device as a second TV set, please note that the decryption model also has to be paid in order to receive the chargeable TV channels.

If you don't Conventional television fans are still able to receive media via the SmartTV function over the Internet. Pay attention to established TV systems such as Android, Tizen, WebOS and FireOS. These offer a wide range of functions, including various apps such as Netflix, Amazon and all media libraries of the public service broadcaster. As an alternative to SmartTV, there are some streaming players, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick for just under 40 Euro ( to Amazon ), which contains all the necessary features.

DVB-T2 reception in Germany: All information about the new HD television

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32 – inch TV, which convinced in the test

In general it can be said that the 32 – inch devices are slowly disappearing from the market and manufacturers are only relying on larger devices. We also now mostly test devices with 40 inches up. All users who are not on 32 – inch TVs are advised, we advise hence to somewhat larger devices. You can find the best models in our TV list.

In the following list you can see the best TV sets we have tested and are still available with 32 inch screen size. Below the overall grade you will find the link to the test report, if available, or alternatively to the product page with detailed measurements and information.

TV in the test

JVC LT-32V4201 BestCheck offer

final grade



  • Sound quality (3.8)
  • Image quality (3.5)
  • Facilities (5.8)
  • Energy efficiency (1.9)

Panasonic TX-32FW334 Offer from BestCheck

final grade



  • Sound quality (4.1)
  • Image quality (4.2)
  • Facilities (5.6)
  • Energy efficiency (2.0)

Dyon Enter 32 Pro BestCheck offer

final grade



  • Sound quality (4,5)
  • Image quality (4.6)
  • Facilities (6.0)
  • Energy efficiency (1.6)

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