PS5 fake: Youtuber uses video to fool fans

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Latest rumors about PlayStation 5

It will take almost a year until the PlayStation 5 is released – little is officially known about the console. A video recently appeared on YouTube to show the PS5 launch sequence. However, this turned out to be a fake.

Gamers worldwide are excited about the release of PlayStation 5, which is expected shortly before Christmas 2020 should go. Manufacturer Sony is still quite covered with official details about the new console – it is clear that the rumor mill is not just starting to bubble properly.

A video uploaded to YouTube and distributed via Reddit, among other things, made many gamblers' hearts beat faster: The short clip showed a screen that was obviously filmed with a smartphone, on which the start sequence of the new Sony Console was seen. The video was shared thousands of times within a few hours.

Alleged leak: can we already see the start sequence of the PS5 here?

The design seen in the video looks authentic at first glance: The wavy background design, which is also used in the menu of the PlayStation 4, is just as realistic as the soothing sound during the appearance of the PS5 logo.

Some other details of the clip seem rather questionable: Shortly after the photo sensitivity warning appears, a (non-readable) QR code can be seen – the logos of Google Play and the Apple Store can also be seen in the corner , A large area of ​​the screen is also covered by a black Zensier bar.

Also strange: The allegedly leaked video is still online more than a week after the original upload – although as already mentioned on Reddit and Co. was shared frequently. The Reddit user who published it first shared it himself several times on the platform, which is also rather unusual for real leaks.

When looking at the video itself, there are also some doubts: The start sequence takes a relatively long time. Since Sony promises extremely short loading times through strong hardware, the time span also seems unrealistic.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, video is a fake

All these details only allow one conclusion: The shared video is obviously a fake, which has become comparatively authentic through the use of CGI and clever video editing. Gamers will probably have to be patient before they can experience the real launch sequence of PlayStation 5.

The uploader of the YouTube video has meanwhile published another video in which he explains how the fake video was created – you can find the clip under this article.

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