Prototypes: Dell shows folding and folding notebooks at CES

Dell Concept Duet. (Photo: Dell)

At the CES in Las Vegas, the US computer manufacturer shows two prototypes of upcoming notebooks with fold and fold -Displays that are not unlike Microsoft's proposals.

Microsoft calls its folding notebooks Surface Neo and Surface Duo and relies on dual-screen devices. Dell is braver and only relies on a solution with two screens for the Dell Concept Duet. The manufacturer uses a folding plastic display in the Dell Concept Ori. The prototype is reminiscent of Lenovo's Thinkpad X1 Fold .

folding notebook Dell Concept Duet

The Duet uses two separate 13, 4-inch screens with full HD resolution, which are connected via a 360 – degree hinge and so – like a convertible – completely can be folded down. Accordingly, Dell plans to use a stylus. Unlike Microsoft for Duo and Neo, Dell clearly focuses on a borderless design for the Duet. This makes the prototype look much more appealing.

Dell Concept Duet. (Photo: Dell)

If the user wants to use a keyboard, an attachment is used, which is placed over part of the screen on the table. The other part then automatically becomes the trackpad. The Duet comes with two USB Type-C ports for connecting to the outside world.

folding notebook Dell Concept Ori

The Dell Concept Ori is equipped with a folding display similar to that of the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold. Although this looks more modern, it looks less modern than the Duet version with the dual screen due to the wide screen edges, which are probably due to the design. By the way, the name is supposed to be an abbreviation of the word origami, which is known for a Japanese art of folding paper.

Dell Concept Ori. (Photo: Dell)

The Ori also has a touch display with digitizer support. A keyboard dock like the Duet doesn't seem to be available. A virtual keyboard, however, can be shown.

system platform should be Windows 10 be X

An early version of Microsoft's Windows 10 X probably runs on the devices Above all, the integration of the keyboard attachment and the seamless display of an image on two screens close. It is unclear whether and to what extent Dell cooperated with Microsoft in the development of the prototypes.

Dell has so far not communicated any further technical data or information on price and availability.

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