Popular apps fly out of the Google Play Store: So you can still install the applications

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09. 03. 2020, 13: 17 | by

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The benchmark app AnTuTu has been removed from the Play Store. dpa

AnTuTu is a popular app for benchmark tests on your own smartphone. Android users are now looking into the tube, because the application was last removed from the Google Play Store. How it got there and how you can still download the application can be found in the text.

What happened to AnTuTu? There is no trace of the benchmark in the Google Play Store. AnTuTu 3D-Bench, AnTuTu Benchmark and AITUTU Benchmark (the latter for evaluating the performance of artificial intelligence) have disappeared .

After the updates of the respective apps in February, everything has disappeared. And that's probably because of repeated policy violations by Cheetah Mobile, the owner of the apps in question.

Cheetah Mobile has been accused of advertising fraud and the violation of the privacy policy of the Google Play Store several times.

Meanwhile Cheetah Mobile has also via Twitter informed that you are aware that AnTuTu can no longer be found in the Google Play Store. Work “actively” to ensure that they will be available again soon.

As long as you should use your own Cheetah Mobile website to download AnTuTu.

We are aware of the issue of Antutu Benchmark apps being removed from the Play Store and are actively working on it. Meanwhile, Antutu users can still download all our apps from Antutu official website: https: / /

We are hoping to have it resolved ASAP.

– AnTuTu Labs (@AnTuTuLabs) March 8, 2020

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