Photoshop for iPad gets one of the best desktop features


Alberto Martin – May 19, 2020 – 16: 03 (CET)

Photoshop for iPad now supports curve editing and allows you to adjust the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil.

Photoshop para iPad recibe una de las mejores funciones del escritorio

Photoshop for iPad came to the Apple tablet as the definitive graphic editing app, but at its launch one of the star functions was left behind. Now the company has solved it -in part- with an update of its application, which makes it more even on the desktop.

In this regard, Adobe has updated Photoshop for iPad with curve editing, and now allows contrast and color channels separately and more precisely. Catching up with the rest of the professional editing apps on the App Store.

It was one of the most criticized absences during the launch, which is why Adobe significantly improves its iPad application. Now allows editors to make very precise adjustments separately for channel and generate changes more specific.

Photoshop for iPad: editing curves and pressure with Pencil

However, the tool is not complete, since at the moment it does not allow numerical editing within the curve setting, nor is the eyedropper function present. Both will arrive in a future version very soon .

Along with curve editing, Photoshop for iPad now supports pressure adjustment when using an Apple Pencil or other input device compatible with sensitivity. In this way, the app is able to increase the size of the stroke when you press harder; giving much more room for customization.

This update fixes some problems with the app, which, although it has improved since its launch last year, is still a few steps behind the desktop version. Also from other competitors available on the App Store. Little by little, it is being postulated as standard, but there is still a way to go when implementing new functions.

Photoshop for iPad is available in the App Store for free. Its use requires a subscription to the Adobe suite , which also includes extra functions together to desktop versions, such as cloud storage or synchronization.

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