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Only three coated frying pans are “very good”

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Content based on the test results from ÖKO-TEST

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In the case of coated frying pans, expensive is not equally good: even an inexpensive pan was among the test winners in the ÖKO test. In contrast, many high-priced brand pan failed in the test. We present the test winners and explain what the experts criticized in the test. The test was carried out by ÖKO-TEST and in the issue 10 / 2017 published for the first time.

Update 18. 04. 2019: Product availability and prices adjusted.

16 Frying pans in the test

Inexpensive frying pans from Kaufland and Tchibo against branded pans from WMF and Le Creuset: A total of 16 Frying pans with non-stick coating in a practical test prove that they are real all-rounders. ÖKO-TEST also took into account how easy it is to clean the frying pan. In addition, the experts in the laboratory had the handles of the pans examined for possible pollutants and the non-stick coating. For example, they looked at whether a fried egg tears when it is lifted in the pan and whether the protein has curdled evenly. ÖKO-TEST rates the frying pans with “Very Good” Fissler Protect Steelux Premium , K-Classic Vavieno cast aluminum pan and the Tchibo stainless steel -Pfanne .

The test result shows: “Very good” pans are available for very little Money and brand pans often don't live up to their reputation. We present the best six pans in the test in the table. All test results and the complete ranking including the satisfactory, sufficient and poorly rated pans can be read in the complete Ökotest article, which you can read as Single item (2, 00 Euro) .

  • Source: Fissler / Amazon

    Fissler Protect Steelux Premium

    Overall grade: very good ; Test result ingredients (handles): very good; Test result practical test: very good (1,2)

  • Source: Tchibo

    Tchibo stainless steel pan

    Overall grade: very good ; Test result ingredients (handles): very good; Test result practical test: very good (1, 35)

  • Source: Ballarini / Amazon

    Ballarini Bologna Granitium

    Overall grade: good ; Test result ingredients (handles): very good; Test result practical test: good (1, 55)

  • Source: Berndes / Amazon

    Berndes Balance Induction

    Overall grade: good ; Test result ingredients (handles): very good; Test result practical test: good (1, 75); Partial result “Mechanical resistance”: insufficient

  • Source: Real

    Steinbach Marovo pan

    Overall grade: good ; Test result ingredients (handles): very good; Test result practical test: good (1.8)

This is how ÖKO-TEST assesses the coated pans

From “very good “to” poor “everything is included. Six of them are “very good” or “good”. The frying pans performed best in the tests that checked the non-stick properties.

The Stability, however, is less convincing: only the Tchibo stainless steel pan and the WMF Profi Resist receive the grade “good” for the partial result “Mechanical resistance”.

Good in hand are around two thirds of all products. They have an ergonomically shaped handle and a grip limit, for example in the form of a hollow in the handle. For pans that weigh up to two kilograms, this is very helpful for handling.

Broken pancakes and fried eggs : Coated pans should prevent this. Is the pan new, succeed in 15 of the 16 tested products the dishes flawlessly. If the pan is already “used” – here modeled by an abrasion test – the non-stick property of eight pans deteriorates. Therefore, the testers could not always take the fried eggs out in one piece, for example.

Quick to clean : This is one of the advantages of coated pans. This also applies to most of the products in the test. Boiled milk can be easily washed off in ten pans under running water. A further five minutes' soak time is sufficient for another five. Only the WMF pan was very difficult to clean despite soaking.

One of the three pan test winners: Fissler Protect Steelux Premium. Image: Fissler

So that Eating in the pan evenly hot , the buyer should select a hob that corresponds to the diameter of the bottom . But even with the pan itself, the temperature distribution can sometimes work less well. In the test, five pans therefore received a grade deduction.

Plastic handles may not become hotter than 70 degrees, measured at the point where the handle reaches a third of its length – seen from the edge of the pan; Metal handles must not be hotter than 55 degrees. This brand does not cross any of the products. However, the end of the handle of the Le Creuset non-stick pan in the test up to 70 degrees hot. The consumer is more likely to reach there because the pan has no grip limit. The same applies to the pans WMF Profi Resist and Twin Twin Choice frying pan coated (gray) . The end of the handle is even here 85 Degrees hot.

Because of scratch resistant . With this property the manufacturer advertises the Elo Pure Ivory though, the cross-cut test survives the pan – just like eleven others – but not. Small fragments burst. However, since most manufacturers point out that only wooden or plastic spatulas are used, this, together with the other tests for mechanical resistance, only makes up ten percent of the overall assessment.

During the test for bending strength of the handle, testers gradually load the end of the pan handle until it weighs about ten kilograms act. With ten pans in the test, the grip holds, with three it lowers. The pans from Berndes , Ikea and Tefal have somewhat larger defects.

The frying pan with non-stick coating from Tchibo is “very good”. Image: Tchibo

ÖKO-TEST advises: Tips for using frying pans

A frying pan should well in hand lie. Some handles are slippery or the pan is so heavy that you can hardly hold it up with one hand. Try this before you buy.

Would you like the frying pan at higher temperatures use in the oven, pans with ceramic coating are ideal. The handle should also be removable or made of metal.

This article was created by CHIP authors and is based on the results of the article “ Pan test ” from ECO TEST. The content is the version of 19. 10. 2017. You can read the full post 1575022790 purchase online . The CHIP test center was not involved in the investigation.

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