Neck pillow test: test winner of the Stiftung Warentest

These special pillows help against neck pain

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Buy neck pillow: What you should definitely know

Good neck pillows, also called neck support pillows, support the neck and head during sleep. This is how they can prevent neck pain and tension. Stiftung Warentest has for the September edition 2019 all in all 20 Models tested, four of them were convincing. The test winner was the Diamona Climatic pillow, which was already available from around Euro is available. The price of the test field is otherwise between 10 and 160 Euro, whereby the best neck pillows are in the middle price segment.

You can read this in this article: First we describe the best neck pillows in detail and then give you an overview of the further test field. Afterwards, read what is really important when buying a neck pillow. We will give you tips on how to care for a neck support pillow and answers to other important questions.

Stiftung Warentest has a total of 20 Neck support pillow tested. In the table we show the four neck pillows with the best positions. The full test results Read at the Stiftung Warentest on .

Neck pillow test: Winner of the Stiftung Warentest

1. Place: Diamona Climatic

  • Source : Amazon / Diamona

    1. Place: Diamona Climatic

    test winner, overall grade: “good” (1st , 7) ; convinces above all with its durability, otherwise offers good support properties.

very good Durability
good in terms of sleeping climate, support properties & comfort
Good, easily washable pillowcase

Test winner is the Diamona Climatic neck pillow with the grade “good” (1.7). The pillow is made of viscose foam, foam and latex and measures in length 65 cm, in width 35 cm and in height 13 cm.

  • Support properties: In the test, the Climatic consistently achieved good results in terms of support properties. The test sleepers found the pillow to be comfortable in both the side and supine position. They particularly praised how customizable the pillow is.
  • Further criteria: In the category Durability the Diamona Climatic achieved the rating “very good”. Otherwise, the Climatic consistently achieved good results with sleeping climate , Reference and Health and Environment . But the pillow stinks.

With a price of round 130 Euro on Amazon the pillow belongs to the upper midfield.

. 2 Place: Dormabell Cervical

  • Source: Amazon

    . 2 Place: Dormabell Cervical

    Overall grade: good (1.9): Convinces with its durability, otherwise supports well from. It is only suitable for people with broad shoulders and hard mattresses.

very good durability
good in terms of sleeping climate, environmental properties & comfort
good to very good support properties on a soft mattress
good washability
more expensive model
only satisfactory support properties when combining a hard mattress and broad shoulders or high support needs

The second place pillow Dormabell Cervical achieved the rating “good” (1.9). This pillow also consists of viscose foam and foam and measures 65 cm in width and 32 cm in length.

  • Support properties: Basically, the cervical receives good to very good ratings in the most important category of the test. The pillow is only suitable for people with broad shoulders and hard mattresses, as well as a head with a high need for support on a hard mattress.

  • Further criteria: The pillow turns out to be particularly durable out. Otherwise, it achieves good values ​​in the categories of sleeping climate, cover, comfort and health and environment. The cushion only bounces when it comes to declaration and advertising.

The pillow costs on Amazon round 120 Euro. So it is slightly cheaper than the Amazon price of the test winner.

. 3 Place: Centa-Star Relax Exquisit

  • Source: Amazon / Centa-Star

    . 3 Place: Centa-Star Relax Exquisit

    Overall grade: good (2, 0): Only weakens a little with comfort and declaration and advertising, otherwise consistently good ratings.

good support properties, durability and environmental properties
convinced with regard to sleeping climate
very many customization options (total 12)
poorer processing
more expensive model

In third place is the Relax Exquisit cushion by Centa-Star, which like the test winner is particularly convincing on hard mattresses. It is slightly larger and measures 66 cm in width and 34 cm in the longer.

  • Support properties: The Relax Exquisit achieved consistently good ratings. The testers also like it in combination with a soft mattress, but it does not achieve the top grade.

  • Further criteria: This pillow scores in the sleeping climate and even positions itself in front of the test winner. Otherwise, the testers mostly rate it as good. However, the pillow does not cling so well to the head area and the smell also disturbs.

The pillow by Centa-Star offers a lot of adjustment options and can be adjusted to your own needs in twelve steps – no pillow among the 20 tested models offers more in this point. It costs on Amazon round 130 Euro.

. 4 Place: Paradies reVita Ergonomic

  • Source: Amazon / Paradies

    . 4 Place: Paradies reVita Ergonomic

    Overall grade: good (2.5) : Unfortunately only “sufficient” in the Category comfort and “satisfactory” in the declaration and advertising. Otherwise, consistently good and very good values.

suitable for every body type
very good durability
poor comfort

The neck support pillow paradise reVita Ergonomic placed fourth in the test. It measures 64 cm in width and 33 cm in length and consists of viscose foam and foam.

  • Support properties: With the category rating “good” (1.8), the neck pillow of paradise is positioned in our rating. It is basically suitable for everyone, i.e. people with broad or narrow shoulders on hard or soft mattresses.

  • Further criteria: Concerning Durability cut the neck pillow in the test with “very good” and was also regarding sleeping environment , Reference and environmental properties rated “good”. The comfort leaves something to be desired. The model was only able to achieve “sufficient”, which is mainly due to the behavior of the material at low temperatures. This also led to a devaluation of the overall judgment.

All in all, the pillow was still convincing and is an inexpensive alternative to the three previous models. The pillow costs at Galeria round 80 Euro and is one of the cheaper models.

Neck pillow in the test: Stiftung Warentest punishes misleading advertising and lack of support

Of the 20 tested neck pillow, only a total of seven pillows achieved the rating “good” or “satisfactory”. The remaining 13 Pillows all only managed the overall grade “sufficient”. This includes the neck pillows from Danish bed storage , Galeria Home and Mattress Concord . The reason for the poor evaluation was on the one hand the bad declaration and advertising, on the other hand the only sufficient support properties. The Danish bed storage pillow, however, achieved otherwise only good and satisfactory ratings.

How much do I have to spend on a good neck pillow?

In principle, neck support pillows can be purchased for relatively little money, i.e. in low double-digit ranges. However, as the test by Stiftung Warentest shows, there are really good models from around 80 Euro. Neck pillow between 10 and 60 Euro could only achieve quality ratings “satisfactory” or “sufficient”.

But even expensive models were not necessarily convincing in the Stiftung Warentest test. Models for 145 or 170 Euros, for example, also received only a “sufficient” as a quality assessment. The price does not necessarily say anything about the quality and functionality of the neck pillow.

The test winners are all between around 80 and 130 Euro. However, due to the longevity of the products, the prices are very reasonable.

Neck pillow in the test: How were the products rated?

To test the pillows, Stiftung Warentest examined the support properties of the pillows. To do this, four test subjects with different physiques had to lie on their neck and back cushions. Both hard and soft mattresses served as a base. The test subjects differed in particular in shoulder width and had either high or low need for support under the back of the head. Then the experts measured how ideal this sleeping position is. The heat and moisture development, durability and comfort were also included in the rating.

Overall, the testers 20 Neck support pillow tested, more than 160 measurements were evaluated and ultimately came to that The result is that only very few pillows adapt optimally to sleeping positions, shoulder proportions and mattress hardness. The overall assessment consisted of the following points and weightings: 40 percent support properties, 15 percent durability, each 10 percent sleeping climate, cover, comfort, health and environment as well as 5 percent declaration and advertising. Devaluations in the individual categories could have a greater impact on the overall assessment. A fundamentally good pillow that only received the “poor” rating in the “Declaration and advertising” category could not do better than “sufficient”.

What is a neck pillow and how does it work?

Neck support pillows should, as the name suggests, support the neck and thus help with neck and back pain. The neck support pillows are characterized in particular by their mostly unusual shape and should primarily fill the gap between the head and mattress as precisely as possible. The pillows support the cervical spine better.

Height-adjustable neck pillows offer the advantage that they can be individually adapted to the needs and properties of the sleeper and thus enable straight lying for almost every body. However, neck support pillows can have a positive effect on sleep, especially for broad-shouldered side sleepers. Rückenschläf he and side sleeper with narrow shoulders are usually well supported by normal feather pillows.

What types of neck pillows are there?

First of all, a distinction must be made between neck support pillows and travel neck pillows. While travel neck pillows, also known as neck pillows due to their shape, are intended for on the go and therefore rather for a short duration, neck support pillows are orthopedic pillows for the bed and therefore for everyday use.

Neck support pillows differ in particular in their shape and nature. Because in addition to firmly pre-shaped pillows, some neck support pillows consist of several layers in the core, which means that their height can be adjusted and thus be individually adjusted. There are also both soap and wave-shaped neck support pillows.

The material used for the special pillows is mostly foam, viscose foam or latex. But new wool, gels, wool or even stone pine can also be used in the pillows. In the case of multi-layer pillows in particular, several different materials are used.

What should I look out for when buying a neck pillow?

If you are thinking about buying a neck pillow for example because of neck pain, you should pay attention to a few points when making a purchase to avoid making a wrong decision.

  • Own physique & sleep type: The most important thing to consider when buying a neck pillow is your own body type and sleep type. Not every pillow is suitable for every type of sleep. Side sleepers, for example, have different needs than back sleepers or stomach sleepers. Therefore, inform yourself beforehand about which pillow is most suitable for you. But the same applies here: try the pillows before buying. It is therefore best to test various pillows in specialist shops. This is the best way to determine which pillow you are comfortable on.

  • Material: As mentioned above, various materials are used for neck support pillows. The most typical are foam, viscose foam and latex. In the case of multilayered specimens, combinations of the fabrics are often found. People with a latex allergy should therefore find out exactly what the ingredients are.

  • Shape & individualization: The shape and individualization of the pillow can also be an important purchase criterion. In terms of shape, a distinction is made in particular between soap-shaped and wave-shaped neck support pillows. The multi-layer structure of a neck support pillow guarantees the individual adjustment of the height to your own needs.
  • size: Neck pillows are available in different sizes – the length varies between approx. 50 and 80 cm, the width between 30 and 60 cm and in height between approx. 10 and 15 cm. Of course, the height adjustability of a pillow should also be considered. Size plays an important role, among other things, because it can make a significant contribution to comfort. In this context it should also be mentioned that suitable bed linen should be used.

Duvets in the test: the winners of the Stiftung Warentest

What are alternatives to neck pillows?

Of course there are many other pillow types besides neck pillows, which can be good alternatives. The most important thing to note here is what needs you have. Decisive are factors such as the type of sleep, body type and possible allergies. From feather and down pillows to grain and natural hair pillows to water and temp pillows, the selection of pillows for beds is huge.

While there are also extra side sleeper pillows and Normal, firm feather pillows Support side sleepers with narrow shoulders and back sleepers mostly very well, the neck support pillows are particularly recommended for wide-shouldered side sleepers. In general, the special pillows are not absolutely necessary if you have no problems with the neck and back. For tense people and all those who usually wake up with neck pain, however, neck support pillows can definitely be a good purchase. In particular, height-adjustable neck pillows are worth trying because they can still be customized.

The best pillow: test winner from ÖKO-TEST

Does a neck pillow contribute to better sleep quality?

Basically, a special neck pillow can certainly contribute to better sleep quality. Especially for people with neck and back problems, headaches or tension problems in general, neck support pillows can definitely be an asset. Ultimately, however, something more is required than just buying such a special pillow.

It is much more important to coordinate everything – pillows, mattress, body type and the type of sleep must all be in sync Be in harmony. Here, of course, height-adjustable neck pillows again offer a decisive advantage of customization.

Ultimately, the correct positioning is important. It should be noted that the cervical spine does not bend forward or backward. In order to achieve this, it is important that the pillow is correctly “adjusted” taking into account the mattress hardness and the shoulder width or the need for support at the back of the head.

Mattress test 2020: Test winner of the Stiftung Warentest

Are neck pillows suitable for me?

In principle, neck pillows are suitable for everyone. However, you have to make sure that you get a pillow at the right height. This depends on several factors that we have already highlighted for you in the purchase advice. Specifically, it's about: sleeping position, physique, sensation of warmth and possible allergies.

In general, neck pillows are particularly recommended for side sleepers with rather broad shoulders. Normal feather pillows are completely sufficient for narrow-shouldered side sleepers or back sleepers. In general, neck pillows are particularly suitable for people who have to deal with tension or neck or back problems. If this applies to you, the purchase of a neck support pillow is definitely worth a try.

Can I wash the neck pillow?

If the cover of the neck pillow can be removed, you can easily remove it from 60 Wash degrees. The filling material is important for the pillow itself.

  • Down pillows and synthetic pillows: These pillows can be washed in the washing machine with mild detergent at 60 degrees. After washing, you should also rinse the pillow again to make sure that no detergent remains. Then throw the pillow at maximum speed. You should then gently dry the pillow in the tumble dryer at the lowest temperature, e.g. for wool or delicates. To keep the pillow nice and fluffy, add two tennis balls, these create loft formation, so additional fluffiness. Then ventilate the pillow to prevent mold.
  • feather pillows: You shouldn't wash these pillows at home , because in this case the springs stick together. Therefore have your feather pillow dry-cleaned.

  • latex pillow: This filling material must never get wet, as it attacks the material. If a latex pillow is stained, it is best to wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Viscose foam pillow: You should get this pillow preferably wash by hand in a bucket or bathtub. Fill the jar with warm water and add a small amount of detergent. Knead the pillow carefully, remove the dirt. Then wash the detergent with lukewarm water and let it air dry. This is how the pillow gets elasticity.

Depending on the materials your pillow is made of, you have to take care of your pillow in different ways. In order to be on the safe side, you should read the enclosed product information from the manufacturer carefully.

Bedding in the test: winner of ÖKO-TEST

Can I use a neck pillow on the go?

In addition to neck support pillows for the bed, there are also travel neck pillows, also known as neck pillows. Thanks to their “croissant” shape, the pillows are a good way to support the neck well while on the go and to prevent tension or neck pain as much as possible.

The neck pillows for on the go can already be priced from around 10 Euro acquired become. The variety of models is also very large here. Several travel pillows can also be folded up small so that they can be transported to save space. However, the neck pillows are not necessarily recommended for use in bed, especially for a long period of time. Here you should dig a little deeper into your pocket and buy a real neck support pillow.

The most important questions about neck pillows at a glance

Where can I buy a neck pillow?

Neck pillows can be purchased online or in stationary shops, for example in bed houses. Buying from a specialist retailer has the advantage that you can try out the pillow directly and thus easily determine which model is most suitable for you, especially with regard to physical procurement.

What types of neck pillows are there?

First, a distinction is made between travel neck pillow and neck support pillow for the bed. In the case of neck support pillows for the bed, a distinction is made in particular between firm, preformed pillows and individually adaptable ones. As a rule, neck pillows are made of foam, viscose foam or latex.

What are alternatives to neck pillows?

From feather and down pillows to grain and natural hair pillows to water and tempur pillows, the selection of pillows is huge. There are also extra side sleeper pillows and normal feather pillows. In general, the special pillows are not absolutely necessary if you have no problems with the neck and back.

Who are neck pillows suitable for?

Neck pillows are particularly recommended for side sleepers with rather broad shoulders. For narrow-shouldered side sleepers or back sleepers, some models can be too high, which is why normal feather pillows are recommended for these sleep types.

I can Wash neck pillow?

Neck pillows can of course usually be washed. Washing cycle etc. depend in particular on the material properties of the pillow. It is important to pay attention to the manufacturer's information.

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