Nasal spray addiction: How to prevent addiction

Beware of cold patients

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Ginger tea: this is how it works perfectly

Breathe freely is a great feeling, but you can only really appreciate it if you just can't: for example, because of a cold or hay fever. The remedy is nasal spray. But especially the decongestant spray variant should be “enjoyed” with caution. In the video you will learn how to make a healthy ginger tea.

Only three times a day, for about a week: Colds should generally not use decongestant nasal spray for longer. Because if you overdo it – for example because one cold follows the next – at some point you can become dependent on the spray.

The nasal mucosa will not swell by itself if you not sprayed all the time. This creates a vicious circle in which the patient has to continue spraying with nasal spray to experience a clear nose.

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Nasal spray addiction is expensive

In the long run, this is not only annoying and expensive, but also potentially dangerous, warns the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA) in its magazine “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” ,

Because too much nasal spray damages the nasal mucosa. This increases the risk of nosebleeds, and chronic sinusitis may develop.

Nasal spray can be addictive: you shouldn't use it too often and for a long time. dpa

Weaning over children's products

To get rid of the nasal spray, those affected should slowly lower the dose. For example, they can first switch to children's and infant preparations and finally only use nasal sprays with saline and without other active ingredients.

In severe cases, weaning may work better if you first use it only on one nostril.

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