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WLAN printer with laser and ink

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When buying a multifunction printer, there are a few things to consider, as the comparison test shows. Because not only the print quality can differ: Are you looking for a device with laser or ink, should the multifunction printer not only be able to scan, but also fax? Here we present our four recommendations from the test in more detail, state the advantages and disadvantages of the two printer types and explain our test procedure in more detail.

Multifunction printer test 2020: Our recommendations

Sometimes, even with the increasing digitization of (office) everyday life, an email or a document can sometimes be avoided in a classic physical form to put on paper. In order not to have to walk down the street to the copy shop regularly, more and more people are buying their own printer for private use or the office. However, anyone who has been spoiled for choice knows that there are some aspects to consider when buying a printer. This raises the question of how the device works: inkjet or laser printing technology.

Even after the definition, there are many more points. These include, for example, the desired functions such as copying or faxing, emissions generated by the printer or, of course, the price. Depending on the type of printer and the functions it offers, the latter can eventually fall into a price range beyond 500 – Move the euro mark. However, our two price tips from HP and Kyocera impressively demonstrate that good models are also available for significantly less money in both the ink and laser printing segments.

in our leaderboards inks – and laser multifunction printers you will find all the tested models clearly arranged. You can see an overview of the respective top model and our price tips here. Then read more detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of our recommendations. If you are looking for general information about buying a multifunction printer and a description of the most important differences between ink and laser printers, you will also find it in the lower part of this article.

Multifunction printer: test winner and price tips

test winner: ink Price tip: Ink test winner & price tip: laser Low printing costs: laser

Epson Workforce Pro WF-C 5710 DWF

HP Officejet Pro 8710

Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

Price (approx.)

194 Euro

129 Euro

328 Euro

355 Euro


1st place

5th place

1st place

Place 2

Overall Rating

Very Good (1.3)

Good (1.8)

Good (1.6)

Good (1.8)

printing costs (30%)

Very Good (1.4)

Good (2.2)

satisfactory (2.9)

Very good (1,2)

quality (30%)

very good (1,2)

Good (2.0)

Very good (1, 0)

Good (3.3)

speed (15%)

Very good (1.0)

Satisfactory (2,7)

Good (1.8)

Very good (1.3)

Furnishing (15%)

Very good (1.3)

Very good (1.5)

Very Good (1,2)

Very good (1.3 )

Ergonomics (10%)

Very Good (1.3)

Good (2.1)

Very good (1.0)

Very good (1, 3)

Printing costs per A4 page (text / color / photo)

1.3 / 5.5 / 57, 3 cents

2.1 / 7.6 / 51, 1 cent

2.5 / 14, 9 / – cent

1.6 / 10, 7 / – cent

Price estimate

Favorable (1.7)

Attractively priced (1.0)

Very cheap (1.0)

Very cheap (1,2)

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Test winner (ink): Epson Workforce Pro WF-C 5710 DWF

Epson Workforce Pro WF-C 5710 DWF

  • Source: BestCheck

    Epson Workforce Pro WF-C 5710 DWF

    Our ink printer test winner from Japan convinced in the test in all categories. A strong quality, the outstanding high printing speed and a strong equipment make it deservedly number one.

Fair side price
Very good print quality
High printing speed
Weaknesses in photos and copies

The clear leader of our ink multifunction device leaderboard comes from Japan and is called Workforce Pro WF-C 5710 DWF. With its outstanding print speed and excellent print quality, the multifunction printer made it to number one. In the test, the print quality weakened somewhat in photo printing, but pure text pages always looked very good. The Workforce Pro does not need longer than the competition, but can deal with up to 24 pages even easily enforce against the rest of the leaderboards. As a multifunction device, the copying function should of course not be missing here – the brisk working method from a copying time of nine seconds is particularly positive here.

In addition, the printer has a network and WLAN interface as well as AirPrint and Wi-Fi direct, which means that several people can access the device at the same time via PC, Smartphone and Co. can access. A scan function, an integrated fax machine and a duplex unit are also part of our ink recommendation. For the purchase, of course, the printing costs, which are pleasantly limited at around 1.3 cents in black and 5.5 cents in color, are not negligible when printing photos with 57, but 3 cents can be a bit expensive. Overall, the Epson Workforce Pro WF-C 5710 DWF but the only printer in the test that received a “very good “Cuts off.

Test winner (laser): Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

  • Source: BestCheck

    Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN

    As the best laser printer in the test, the Workcentre convinced with an outstanding print quality, top equipment and high speed. The rather high printing costs can be a problem.

Brisk work pace
Very good print quality
Extensive equipment
printing costs somewhat too high

The best laser multifunction printer we tested beats with around 330) to book, but still offers more than for the good printing performance fair price-performance ratio. The Workcentre 6515 DN from the American manufacturer Xerox secures the first place on our laser printer best list with an almost perfect print quality and high printing speed. Even with a resolution of up to 1. 200 x 2. 400 dpi, the printout shows neither blurring nor annoying toner fog. With strong 0020 Pages per minute, the Xerox also delivers the highest printing speed of its kind and also spits out a color copy in 13 seconds off.

As a multi-function device, the printer also scores with functions apart from copying: Devices can be connected to the device either via USB 3.0 or via the network and used for print jobs or a Use as a destination for scans. The integrated fax machine is particularly interesting for the office and other features such as an automatic document feeder with a reversing function (“

RADF collection “) and the 250 Sheet-holding paper cassette (550 leaf additionally by extension) also like. As usual for laser printers, the acquisition costs of the Xerox Workcentre 6515 DN relatively high, but in the long run you benefit from the long usable toners. The side price of up to 14, 9 cents is still only average good.

Price tip (ink): HP Officejet Pro 8710

HP Officejet Pro 8710

  • Source: BestCheck

    HP Officejet Pro 8710

    With a strong price-performance ratio, the Officejet Pro offers good quality and very good equipment at a fair price.

Good performance
LAN / WLAN / WiFi direct
Extensive equipment
Poor ergonomics of the built-in display

Who when buying an ink multifunction printer attaches particular importance to a good price-performance ratio, which is the round 129 Euro cheap HP Officejet Pro 8710 recommended. Despite its comparatively low price, it manages to score points in the test with its strong equipment and good print quality at moderate printing costs. In contrast to the leader of the leaderboard, the Officejet can only score points in terms of printing speed and depends on 22, 0 pages per minute in black and white slightly behind.

Although this inferiority also applies to all other categories, it not only offers good print quality, but also good ergonomics. With an average price of 7.6 cents for a colored A4 page, the printing costs for the HP model are also okay. By saving over 60 Euros when purchasing, our price tip can be special if you use it less often.

Low printing costs (laser): Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

  • Source: BestCheck

    Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn

    An enormous printing speed as well as the very low printing costs make the Ecosys for a clear laser price tip. The quality is only satisfactory, but good equipment and ergonomics are still offered.

Lush equipment
Brisk printing speed
Low printing costs
Text prints only satisfactory

Even if the Kyocera Ecosys M 5526 cdn with a price of around 353 Euro may initially seem more expensive than our top model, the financial calculation is worth it in the long run. While the Xerox printer for a color print on average is round 14, devouring 9 cents, are only with the Kyocera Ecosys 10, 7 cents per sheet due. Those who plan to use the printer longer and regularly accordingly can save a lot in the long term. But also beyond the financial aspects, the laser printer was able to test 2017 consistently convince:

Although the print quality is only sufficient for everyday use in the office and has a few weaknesses on closer inspection, our price tip does an excellent job in the other disciplines. For example, it offers a very high printing speed, but the equipment with fax, duplex unit as well as USB and network interfaces is also strong. When copying larger stacks of paper, you also benefit from the ADF for scanning up to 50 Sheet. The scanner itself only solves in 600 dpi, but overall the result is okay.

Whether in the office or at home: Despite digitization, you cannot completely do without paper. Image: BestCheck

Ink vs. Laser: that's what makes an ink printer

Printing with ink or laser are the main printing options. While laypeople do not notice any difference here and make statements such as “No matter how it is printed, the main thing it comes on paper “, to let There are some serious differences between the two printing processes when immersed in the material.

The first variants of modern inkjet printing go back to the early 1960 years ago, whereby the way from the teleprinters and permanent printers back then to today's multifunctional devices should be a long one . Nowadays, ink printers work with color cartridges, which have to be replaced at regular intervals. As a matrix printer, an ink device creates an image using individual pixels (such as pixels on a screen) and sprays 0.3 to 0.4 mm drops of ink onto the paper via the print head and its nozzles.

The advantages of ink printing lie in the low purchase costs of the devices, which are often already for under 100) deliver satisfactory results. However, owners of an ink printer need to be more patient with the printing process, which means that they are only suitable for your mass printing to a limited extent. Moistening the paper with the liquid ink can also lead to undesirable side effects – this may include smearing of the ink and curling of the paper. If the printer is not going to be used for a longer period of time, printhead cleaning with dried ink is also essential. The rather frequent replenishment of the ink cartridges can also cost a lot in the long term – around 15 Euros are normally due for single black cartridges, which are then for approx. 190 pages should be enough. (Example: HP 302 Original Printer cartridge)

Shop recommendation for inkjet printers

Offer from | Prices incl.VAT plus shipping

Ink vs. Laser: that's what makes a laser printer

Based on the already 1937 patent-pending electrophotography, laser printing offers a fundamentally different type of printing, which does without ink drops and instead uses the electrical charge of an image drum and a fine powder called toner. Said toner consists of 5 to 30 µm-sized particles.

To put it simply, the paper is moved under the rotating image drum during the printing process. This drum is electrically charged until it is hit and discharged at certain points by a laser beam reflected by a rotating mirror. The toner is then applied to these points, which are no longer charged, and burned into the paper using heat. As the rotation continues, the drum is reloaded and the process begins again.

Said fixing of the color already has an obvious advantage: the color can neither blur nor waves in the paper are caused by moisture. This also makes the pressure less sensitive to external influences such as sunlight or water splashes. It is also irrelevant for the quality of the print whether a special or normal copy paper is used.

Unfortunately, the use of toners also brings with it a problem that has been hotly debated for years: emissions of microparticles. The composition of the toners from substances such as synthetic resin, metal oxides and pigments requires the distribution of microscopic particles in the ambient air via the ventilation of the printing device. Various studies, for example by the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich or the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection, have been able to demonstrate an increased pollution of the ambient air, but the effects on health are only marginal or cannot be directly linked to the laser printers. The results of the 2013 study conducted by the State Ministry spoke so “did not suggest that the Exposure to high laser printer emissions triggers an objective disease process that corresponds to the reported diseases. ”(Source). However, some manufacturers also offer special filter units for the fans of their laser printers, which are intended to keep emissions to a minimum. Another disadvantage: a rather high power consumption and the higher operating volume in comparison.

Shop recommendation for laser printers

Offered by | Prices incl.VAT plus shipping

On the study by the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection

To study the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich

What should you pay attention to when buying a printer?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying a new printer. What do you want to use your printer for? An answer can range from “printing occasional text documents” to requesting complex graphics or pictures on photo paper in maximum resolution. This not only plays an important role in pricing – the higher the demands, the higher the price – it also helps in the decision between laser and ink printers. Ink is suitable for photo paper, while text documents on normal paper usually look better with laser printing.

For multifunction printers, there is of course also the question of which functions the device should actually have. For example, do you need a built-in fax or can you save yourself that? Do the circumstances require a network connection or do you only print via USB anyway? With such questions you can make targeted savings and ultimately don't pay for aspects that you will never use after the purchase anyway.

Specific strengths and also vary from model to model Weaknesses of the models. Some print faster, some better, some cheaper. Ultimately, only you can decide which is more relevant for you.

Large selection, large variety: Our purchasing advice reveals which criteria you should choose. Image: Amazon

This is how we test printers

In order to correctly assess a printer and provide it with a final rating, we divide our tests and measured values ​​into five categories: With a share of each 30 Percentage in the leaderboards for multifunction printers Tine and lasers most important are print quality and printing costs. In terms of quality, we differentiate between different areas of application (e.g. text printing, color printing and photo printing) and make objective, measurable and subjective assessments. The same applies to printing costs. Here we use the price for ink or toner and calculate it according to consumption on an average printed A4 paper in black and white and in color. For a couple of years, cheap models can still make a lot of money.

With 15 percent The overall rating includes the speed and equipment of a printer. The printing speed may not play a major role in private use, but in offices where several people print documents, high printing speed is the be-all and end-all. The equipment can also contribute to this. A large paper tray, automatic two-sided printing or network connection can significantly accelerate everyday printing. With multifunction devices, there is also the question of other features such as copying, scanning or faxing, as well as an easy-to-use interface and an easy-to-use display.

The ergonomics of a printer are important the bottom of the priority list, the rating can be 10 percent but still sway. Ease of use plays a particularly important role here, which includes, for example, the volume, operability, availability of drivers and handling new cartridges. A printer with excellent performance and quality Cutbacks in this category will be forgiven, but if you place particular value on this, you should pay attention to the rating there in our tests and include them in your purchase decision.

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In a nutshell: the most important questions

What is the difference between ink and laser printers?

Use ink printer during printing liquid ink drops, while laser printing engraves toner powder from a drum into the paper. Ink printers usually offer a low purchase price as well as high print quality on special paper. Laser printers, on the other hand, sometimes offer significantly better and indelible results on plain paper.

What distinguishes multifunction devices?

Compared to simple printers, which are mostly for private use are used, multifunction devices have additional features such as copying, scanning or faxing. A connection to the network and the resulting possibility to print wirelessly from smart devices can also be included here.

Why should I connect the printer to my WiFi?

With WLAN printers, you have the option of submitting print jobs in much more diverse ways than just using a cable. In addition to PCs and notebooks, most devices can also use tablets or smartphones to print notes and photos. Popular technologies that your printer should master are Apple AirPrint for iOS devices or Google Cloud Print. However, many manufacturers also offer model series-specific apps such as “Lexmark Mobile Print” or the HP print service plug-in in the app stores.

What should I spend for a good printer?

The prices in our leaderboards are between 92 and 455 Euro, but our top model is already for under 200 Euro is available. Laser printers, however, fall with 310 to 580 a little more expensive. Here you pay around for the top model 330 Euro. How much you should actually invest depends entirely on your own requirements and how you use the device.

Is a manufacturer specifically recommended?

While our best list for laser printers can still have a very well mixed manufacturer pool with Xerox, HP or Ricoh at the top, it is a bit clearer with inkjet printers: Epson currently dominates the three top positions, but Canon and HP are already close behind with good devices too. A clear recommendation can therefore not be made here, the selection is large as with smartphones and Co.

3 tips to reduce printing costs

Our leaderboards

multifunction printer (ink) in the test

Epson Workforce Pro WF-C5710DWF BestCheck offer

  • Printing costs (1.4)
  • Quality (1.2)
  • Speed ​​(1,0)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Ergonomics (1.3)

Epson Workforce Pro WF-5620DWF BestCheck offer

  • Printing costs (1.4)
  • Quality (1.0)
  • Speed ​​(2.4)
  • Facilities (1.8)
  • Ergonomics (1.5)

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630DWF Offer from BestCheck

  • Printing costs (1.7)
  • Quality (1.0)
  • Speed ​​(2.4)
  • Facilities (1.8)
  • Ergonomics (1.5)

Canon Maxify MB5150 BestCheck offer

  • Printing costs (1.4)
  • Quality (1.5)
  • Speed ​​(2,3)
  • Facilities (2.2)
  • Ergonomics (1.9)

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Offer from BestCheck

  • Printing costs (2.2)
  • Quality (2.0)
  • Speed ​​(2.7)
  • Facilities (1.5)
  • Ergonomics (2.1)

To the complete leaderboard

Multifunction printer (color laser) in the test

Xerox Workcentre 6515DN Offer by BestCheck

  • Quality (1.0)
  • Printing costs (2.9)
  • Speed ​​(1.8)
  • Equipment (1,2)
  • Ergonomics (1.0)

Kyocera Ecosys M5526cdn Offer from BestCheck

  • Quality (3.3)
  • Printing costs (1.2)
  • Speed ​​(1.3)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Ergonomics (1.3)

Ricoh SP C262SFNw Offer from BestCheck

  • Quality (2.5)
  • Printing costs (1.0)
  • Speed ​​(3.8)
  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Ergonomics (1.0)

HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M477fdn Offer from BestCheck

  • Quality (2.4)
  • Printing costs (2.4)
  • Speed ​​(1,0)
  • Facilities (1.1)
  • Ergonomics (1.1)

Oki MC362dn BestCheck offer

  • Quality (2.6)
  • Printing costs (2.8)
  • Speed ​​(1,9)
  • Facilities (1.6)
  • Ergonomics (1.8)

To the complete leaderboard

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