Mopping robot in the test: iRobot Braava and Moneual Everybot in comparison

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Wiping & vacuuming is a rather annoying activity for most people. A wiping robot can do the work for you. We tested two fundamentally different models – the Moneual Everybot RS 700 for round 235 Euro and the iRobot Braava jet m6 for around 700 Euro. You can find out what you can expect when buying a mopping robot and which device is more recommendable in everyday life in the following test report.

Mopping robot in the test: iRobot against Moneual

For our practical test, we selected two devices that could hardly be more different. Starting with the Braava jet m6 : Manufacturer iRobot is particularly known for its Roomba vacuum robots. If you have a networked Roomba at home, the devices recognize each other and can be conveniently coupled: After the vacuum robot has finished its service, it informs the Braava, who then wipes it off. The mopping robot masters both wet and dry operation. To change the mode, you have to use an appropriately coded wipe – then the robot already knows what it has to do. The tank holds 450 ml water, optionally also with detergent, what about for 90 m² area is sufficient.

The robot automatically soaks the wipe and sprays water through the front nozzle to the floor. Then he drives over the spot two or three times. With the app you can see where the robot has cleaned everywhere, give the robot voice commands and you can set schedules. All this high-tech, including camera navigation, costs around 700 Euro.

The Moneual RS 700 is very different. Biggest difference: it has no wheels. Instead, the mop flaps rotate on the underside and, on the one hand, ensure the cleaning power due to the weight of the robot, and on the other hand, they also serve to get around – clever. There are no different pads, four washable yarn microfiber pads are included. There is a 60 – milliliter water tank, you can also use it before cleaning Soak water. The sensors of the RS 700 is much simpler: It detects when it bumps into walls and furniture and can distinguish light from dark – the rest is more or less a matter of luck and a combination of different cleaning modes, which should increase the chance of full coverage. This also saves you a lot of money, because the Moneual RS 700 costs only 235 Euro.

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Setup & commissioning

If you use the Moneual RS 700 from the package, it is ready for use almost immediately. You only need to fill up the water tanks and attach the pads to the Velcro surface. Then you only need to press the start button on the device or on the remote control, and the RS 700 Clean up.

When it comes to the purely mechanical construction, the iRobot Braava jet m6 is only slightly more difficult to use. For this robot you also have to connect the station to which it returns after each cleaning process for charging. For wet wiping, fill up the water tank at the sink, snap in the correct wipe and start the service of the m6 at the push of a button.

But since you 700 Euro for a wiping robot, you will probably also want to access app functions. The setup took us an hour: The connection via Bluetooth to our test cell phone (Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact) always failed. The system is then automatically switched to a connection via WLAN. So we could almost bring the robot into the network – however, it could not establish a connection to the home network without giving reasons, even though the router was in the same room. In the event of a failure, the entire setup has to be started again. After around ten attempts, it finally worked. We have no idea what we did differently last time we tried.

The Braava robot's app functions are very practical, but the setup is a test of patience. iRobot indicates that the firmware update up to 25 can take minutes. With us it was after 28 minutes always not yet finished. Picture: CHIP

Only one is lowered

One of the greatest advantages of robots is that they also clean in places that are otherwise difficult to reach. The Braava is one of the low models: With its 8.5 cm height and otherwise quite compact design, it also cleans where you would otherwise have to think twice about whether this should be this week – under the bed, the closet or the heavy sofa .

The Moneual RS 700 is already built coarser. The housing is round with pads 10 cm high and therefore does not come under as much furniture as the iRobot competition.

Decent cleaning power against pure chaos

As far as navigation is concerned, the more expensive Braava jet m6 with camera comes as no surprise. The robot runs its tracks properly, circumnavigates obstacles in small circles, travels along walls almost without a distance, rarely visits places twice and gets everywhere. Thanks to the app, you can keep a close eye on cleaning behavior. You can even define rooms and have the robot clean them explicitly – this is useful when hard floors are interrupted by carpets.

Since the Moneual RS 700 more or less blind, a complete floor covering is a matter of luck, which depends on how much space it has to work through and how complex your apartment is is. In the absence of wheels, he cannot move over carpets on his own. In addition, with his bad shape, he gets burned with a bit of bad luck in tapered corners – swivel chair legs are particularly dangerous for the cleaning aid.

The pill shape and the lack of sensors can the RS 700 can sometimes be fatal. Picture: CHIP

Cleaning performance

Of course, the cleaning performance is particularly exciting when comparing wiping robots. In our test, the whole thing is even more interesting because of the opposite cleaning philosophies: while the Braava is pushing a cloth over the floor, the RS presses 700 rotating cloth with its own weight on the floor. This actually ensures better results. The stronger force rubs dry stains better, while the Braava only eliminates superficial dirt and water stains. The more expensive robot, on the other hand, excels when wiping dry: the long-haired pad picks up animal hair in one go, and these stick to the washable cloth. The RS 700, on the other hand, sometimes throws hair off it.

There follows a little but: The rotating rags and the chaotic wiping path of the Moneual robot always leave visible residues on the floor, while the Braava produces a very even result.

There follows an even bigger but: None of the robots wipes wet really well. While the Moneual was able to rub off dried-up dust spots to some extent, residues remained and the robot continued on. Both robots still manage to get some dried ketchup with no or slight residues, while dried honey is difficult or catastrophic: the sticky stuff sticks to the wheels of the Braava, which not only impairs driving behavior, but also draws a nice honey trail through the apartment. In order to pay off the mess, we had to do manual labor. We also had to wipe with the Moneual, but less and the distributed adhesive film was a little easier to manage.

In addition, both robots carry lint with them and then leave them compressed and moist in the middle of the room or push them into corners. The Braava jet m6 also left a puddle at random. In any case, the cleaning performance cannot be compared to wiping by hand or an electric mop. Wiping dry is more the case for these robots, but here the results, apart from hair lying around, are no better than with vacuum robots.

Both robots collect dirt during wet wiping and leave it lying there again and again – the RS 700 in the middle of the room Braava pushes him against walls. Picture: CHIP

Maintenance and Care

The dream is, of course, that you simply switch on a mopping robot and it then takes care of the floor without having to do anything. Unfortunately, the reality is different: not only does the water tank have to be rinsed regularly to prevent mold from forming, but the rags do not clean themselves. Thankfully, the procedure for the Braava jet m6 is quite simple: the robot comes with three disposable pads and two machine-washable pads that go through a few dozen washes. The Moneual RS 700 is a bit more backward. You can also rinse out the pads here – but only by hand. The two water tanks can also be cleaned quite easily. The Braava also has a drip tray at the station, so it doesn't leave a puddle on the floor when it's done. The RS 700 on the other hand, you either have to connect it manually by cable and put it on a towel, or you buy yourself the optional charging cradle.

Both robots have problems with honey – but the Braava in particular. Dirt that has already been collected can even get caught in the sticky mass. Picture: CHIP


Vacuum robots can sometimes be quite loud, but wiping robots are a much smaller caliber: Here you only hear the drive motor and sometimes a pump. The Braava is the more comfortable of the two robots tested. You hardly notice it when driving, only the regular pump noises could be disturbing – after a while we automatically faded out the noises. We think that the robot can also work when someone is at home.

The operating noise of the RS 700 is actually not a problem either. However, since the robot lacks sensors and only recognizes obstacles mechanically, it constantly bangs against chair legs and walls. This can become a test of patience after a while, so turn it on and then escape.

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Work surface & battery life

If you let the Braava wipe dry, it's incredibly fast. He whizzes over the floor with the microfiber cloth and is ready in a few minutes. Wiping wet, on the other hand, takes: For around 27 m² it takes two hours.

The Moneual robot, on the other hand, cleans until the battery is empty or you switch it off – about For minutes.

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While iRobots Braava jet m6 is more reliable, durable, compact and clever, the Moneual RS 700 through pure cleaning power and of course its cheaper price. The target groups are clearly divided: Braava is intended for a large apartment, and RS is also suitable for a small one 700 – provided the rooms are not delimited by carpets.

But the more important question is: Should you get a wiping robot at all? The devices are pretty good in dry wiping, quiet and often have the edge over robot vacuum cleaners for animal hair – but they also require more maintenance and the wet wiping performance was rather disappointing for both the inexpensive and the expensive model. These devices only make sense if they have a lot of furniture that you rarely wipe under, or the robots are used several times a week. You must also clean them manually after each use. Our recommendation is: Make a Vacuum robot and for wiping either use the conservative one Cleaning tool, an electric mop or steam cleaner .

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