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The Stiftung Warentest regularly tests various mattress models and types in the test. In the output 10 / 2019 two mattresses managed to push the Platzhisch Bodyguard from off the throne. The mattresses Emma One and the identical Dunlopillo Elements also achieved the winner grade “good” (1.7). The Bodyguard is no longer “the best mattress ever tested”.

In addition, the testers checked in the output 03 / 2019 all in all 14 spring mattresses. Last year, Stiftung Warentest also tested the best mattresses again. The Hn8 sleep systems Dynamic TFK and the MFO Classic made it onto the winner's podium for the freshly tested spring mattresses – however, one mattress cut from the previous tests of 2017 and 2018 better off: The Malie Polar. The test winner for foam mattresses is still the Bodyguard mattress from The best latex mattress is the Allnatura Supra-Comfort allergy.

With so much choice, the common mattress buyer can no longer see the right mattress due to sheer upholstery. That is why you will also find the most important tips for buying a mattress under the summary of the test reports.

Mattress test: winner at Stiftung Warentest

Emma One Allnatura Supra-Comfort Allergy Malie POLAR


“good” (1.7)

“good” (2.2)

“good” (2.2)

Type of mattress

foam mattress

latex mattress

spring mattress

For whom?

all body types, heavy sleepers

People who freeze quickly and like a soft mattress

People who get warm quickly, heavy sweating


from round 290 Euro

from round 600 Euro

from round 200 Euro

To the shop (Amazon) To the shop (Allnatura) To the shop (Amazon)

These are the best mattresses 2019 in the test

In the current mattress test of the October issue 2019 has Stiftung Warentest 18 new cold foam mattresses checked. Best have the Emma One ( for the CHIP test ) and the identical Dunlopillo elements cut off. Both with the overall grade “good” (1.7) and thus reached the same level as the bodyguard mattress from With foam mattresses, we differentiate between cold foam, viscose foam and standard foam – you can find out more about this in our buying advice.

In addition, the Stiftung Warentest tested in March 2019 new spring mattresses. Here cut the Hn8 sleep systems dynamic TFK and the MFO Classic best, both with an overall grade of “good” (2.3). The MFO mattress is suitable for every body type, the Hn8 mattress particularly impresses small and tall people and scores with durability. However, Stiftung Warentest also had 2017 and 2018 already innerspring mattresses in the test. Here a mattress did even better: The Malie Polar mattress got a total result of 2.2.

Latex mattresses are the best mattress for frostbite. The Allnatura Supra-Comfort allergy continued here in the test 2017 with the top grade “good” (2.2) from from the competition from previous years.

In our summary of the test of the Stiftung Warentest we present you the best rated mattresses per category. The complete test with test results for about 360 Mattresses can be found for a fee on the website of the Stiftung Warentest.

The best mattress: test winner of the Stiftung Warentest

  • Source: Emma

    Emma One mattress

    1. Place; Quality rating “good” (1.7): The Stiftung Warentest particularly praises the comfort and durability of Emma One.

The Emma One is a new edition of the Emma mattress from the year 2016. At that time, the cold foam mattress at the Stiftung Warentest only achieved the test rating “sufficient” (4.2). But the manufacturer took the criticism of the consumer protection organization and successfully improved the mattress: In the new test (October 2019) reached the mattress the rating “good” (1.7) and is thus with the Bodyguard mattress immediately.

  • Lying properties: ” good “(2.1)

    The Emma One is a 7-zone mattress and creates consistently good and very good values. All body types, whether large or small, thick or thin, sleep well on her. The Stiftung Warentest rated the resistance to change in position, ie how well a sleeping person can move at night, as “very good”. In this subcategory, Emma even beats the bodyguard: the competitor of only manages “satisfactorily” here. In addition, according to the Stiftung Warentest, Emma One generally achieved better ratings in terms of comfort.
  • Durability: “very good” (1.5)

    Emma One and Bodyguard have the same durability. The testers rate both the continuous rolling test and the influence of temperature and moisture on the mattress as “good” or “very good”.
  • reference: “Good” (1.6)

    is in this category the Emma One 0.2 rating points behind the bodyguard. This can also be due to the new test procedure. While the cover of the Emma One and the Bodyguard are the same in terms of washability, workmanship and impairment due to wetness, the new evaluation criterion “Pilling” is added to the Emma One. Here the mattress only achieved a “good” rating, which resulted in a worse cut overall. This category did not apply to the Bodyguard.
  • Health and environment: “good” (1.9)

    Here the Bodyguard and Emma One did the same in the subcategories of indoor air pollution, odor nuisance, pollutants and disposal. Nevertheless, the bodyguard only achieved the rating “good” (2.2) in this category. This is probably due to the changed test procedure and a different prioritization of the individual ratings.

The Emma One can also be tackled very well and achieved a “very good” (1,2) in the handling category – like the Bodyguard. The declaration and advertising makes better than Emma Matratzen GmbH. Both achieved the rating “very good”, but the bodyguard is 1.1 ahead of Emma with 1.4.

The Bodyguard also beat Emma in the price: The new test winner costs with a price of round 290 Euro for 90 x 200 cm . However, you get a 7-zone mattress for the surcharge, while the Bodyguard is only a unitary mattress.

View Emma mattress on Amazon

New test winner at the Stiftung Warentest: The Emma One mattress beats the competition. Photo: Emma mattress

For the test: Emma One mattress

As good as Bodyguard and Emma One: Dunlopillo Elements

As mentioned at the beginning, the Dunlopillo Elements are identical in construction to the Emma. This is identical to Emma One, however (status 27. 09. 2019) not distributed on the Internet. However, if you are interested in the Dunlopillo, you can visit the Manufacturer website search for a dealer and try them out in a specialty store near you.

The best latex mattress: Allnatura Supra-Comfort Allergy

  • Source: Allnatura

    The best latex mattress: Allnatura Supra-Comfort Allergy

    1. Place Quality rating “good” (2.2): The Supra-Comfort allergy is a good mattress, it only leaves feathers when handled.

In the latex mattress category, one product prevailed against the rest: The Allnatura Supra-Comfort allergy. Although she achieved the poor overall rating with the grade “good” (2.2) compared to the cross-category test winner, she nevertheless showed mostly good and very good values.

  • Lying properties: “good” (2.2)

    As well as the test winner, the medium-hard Allnatura mattress is also suitable for all body types. The pressure is also well distributed on the mattress and you can turn easily in your sleep. The Stiftung Warentest only rated the contact area of ​​the mattress as “sufficient”.

  • Durability: “good” (1.8)

    In the continuous rolling test, the Allnatura mattress performed very well. The Supra-Comfort allergy, on the other hand, weakens somewhat in terms of resistance to moisture and temperature. Here the foundation only rates the model as “satisfactory”.
  • reference: “very good” (1.5)

    The cover of the latex mattress can be washed very well and is hardly affected by the moisture. Only when it comes to processing does the Supra-Comfort allergy not meet the demands of the testers. This could be a little better and is therefore only rated as “good”.

  • Health and Environment: “good” (1.7)

    The Allnatura latex mattress in this category also scratches grade 1. The disposal and the few pollutants are particularly noticeable. Nevertheless, the smell of the mattress is a little offensive and also pollutes the room air. Therefore, the mattress only achieved the rating “good”.

The latex mattress is currently only available from the manufacturer Allnatura – not to be confused with the organic market Alnatura. However, it is not cheap: The mattress is from 600 Euro available.

Thanks to the “Allergy” cover, the latex mattress Allnatura Supra-Comfort is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Allnatura

The best spring mattress: Malie POLAR

  • Source: Malie

    The best innerspring mattress: Malie POLAR

    1. Place; Quality rating “good” (2.2): Very good for restless sleepers, but somewhat bulky in handling.

Although the Stiftung Warentest tested the innerspring mattresses this year, the test winners this year were not enough for the winner mattress of the year 2017 on. The Malie Polar is still the best spring mattress with an overall rating of “good” (2.2). Nevertheless, the mattresses from the test 2019 – namely the Hn8 sleep systems dynamic TFK and the MFO Classic – with the overall grade “good” (2.3) only just behind the test winner and are therefore also definitely recommendable. However, they are not dealt with further here. Below you can read a summary of the test result of the Malie Polar .

  • Lying properties: “good” (2.2)

    Restless side sleepers benefit from the best innerspring mattress, because the Stiftung Warentest rated both the shoulder flap effect and the resistance to change in position as very good. However, the testers cut back on the contact surface of the hard mattress and on the supine position for tall people. The former rated the test only with “sufficient”, the latter with “satisfactory”.

  • Durability: “good” (2.0)

    The Polar achieved a straight two in the durability test. The mattress survived both the roller and the temperature and humidity check with the grade “good”.

  • Reference: “very good” (1.4)

    In terms of cover, the Malie mattress just barely misses the top grade 1.0. This is due to the processing, which only achieved a “good” rating in the test. Otherwise there was no objection on the part of the testers about the washability of the cover and its impairment due to moisture.

  • Health and Environment: “good” (2,3)

    As with the test winner Bodyguard: Skunks get points deducted. The grade “satisfactory” in terms of odor nuisance devalues ​​the mattress in the overcategory health and environment. Otherwise the mattress achieved good values ​​for indoor air pollution and disposal. Of particular note are the low-pollutant materials.

The Malie Polar cemented its status as the test winner of the spring mattresses. It also belongs to the cheaper mattresses and is from 199 Euro available.

The Malie Polar is the best innerspring mattress from the Stiftung Warentest test. However, it was already in the year 2017 tested. Photo: Malie

What is the best mattress? This is how the Stiftung Warentest tests

The Stiftung Warentest is now an instance of mattresses tests . No wonder – after all, the consumer protection organization has already tested over 340 models. The test objects go through a series of hard criteria.

First, Stiftung Warentest purchases the mattresses anonymously in stores. Then go through the products – in size 90 x 200 cm – a series of tests. These include practical tests with four different body types.

  • Body type H: The burden of a mattress by this body type is more in the shoulder and stomach area. These people are relatively tall and heavy.

  • Body type E : These people are also tall and heavy. However, the load is distributed evenly over the entire area.

  • Body type I: Here we are talking about a small, light person, with whom the load is evenly distributed over the whole body.

  • Body type A : The load takes place here in the pool area. Type A people like to sleep sideways.

Here the Stiftung Warentest looks to see whether the testers can move well on the mattress and can come into various sleeping positions. In addition, she pays attention to how the pressure is distributed and whether the shoulders sink on their back on the mattress or are pushed upwards. The testers also assess how convenient it is.

In order to test the durability of the mattress, the Stiftung Warentest tests the mattresses with the so-called continuous rolling test. This simulates with a 140 – kg roller and 60. 00 0 rolling operations, the wear of eight years. In addition, the mattress makes a round in the cold chamber and is exposed to various humidity and temperature levels.

The described in detail Test methods can also be found at the Stiftung Warentest.

Foam, latex, innerspring or box spring: which mattress is the right one?

On the basis of the extensive tests of the Stiftung Warentest, you may choose to buy a mattress. Nevertheless, the best mattress – in our case the bodyguard from – is not necessarily the best mattress for you. After all, every type of mattress has key advantages and disadvantages that can affect your sleep. We explain what kind of mattress can do.

Spring mattress: what can the classic do?

As the name suggests, a spring mattress consists of steel springs. Of course, they don't prick, as they are well sewn in fabric bags and connected to each other. So they offer a comfortable basis for a good night's sleep. We basically differentiate between pocket spring and Bonnell spring mattresses. The former vibrate less and only yield where they are stressed. Even if that sounds incredibly uncomfortable: According to Stiftung Warentest, more than half of the republic sleeps on a spring mattress.

innerspring mattresses are very suitable for heavy sweaters and sleepers who get warm quickly. Because they transport moisture well and tend to insulate poorly. Conversely, this means that those who freeze quickly should choose a different mattress. Compared to other models, a spring mattress is relatively heavy and therefore not easy to move around. It can also be more susceptible to pressure than other species, which can cause cavities to form more quickly in the foam pad. The positive point elasticity is positive, however – a spring core yields selectively under load and thus adapts well to the shape of the body.

Latex mattress: The cozy under the mattress

Those who freeze quickly will love this mattress: a latex mattress insulates well and keeps winter cold away. In terms of hardness, the mattress often moves between H2 and H3 – that is, soft and medium-firm mattresses.

It is therefore rather unsuitable for hard-boiled sleepers, but cozy people should feel very comfortable with a latex mattress. These also benefit from the good durability. If you buy a pure latex mattress, you have to spend a lot of money in your hand – the good pieces are expensive. They are also relatively heavy, which is why they are not easy to turn.

Cold foam mattress: The most popular foam mattress

In its tests, the Stiftung Warentest mostly tests cold foam mattresses. The name comes from the manufacture of the material. Here the manufacturers foam polyurethane foam without heating it and form it into large blocks. These blocks have different consistencies: some parts are less hard than others. This is how the hardness of the cold foam mattress is determined. From the list of properties you can see whether a cold foam, viscose foam or a simple foam mattress is in front of you.

A cold foam mattress is suitable for all body types and also for heavy sleepers. Basically, the mattress also has good lying properties and point elasticity. It also insulates well. Its texture is similar to that of a latex mattress, but it is a lot lighter. The durability of the mattresses is also convincing here. A cold foam mattress is often expensive and is not suitable for people who sweat a lot. Because heat and moisture influence the material more quickly and can lead to cavities in the mattress. In addition, this type of mattress is often softer than specified.

Viscose foam mattress: Same foam, but with memory!

Thanks to the so-called memory effect, the mattress adapts to the sleeper. This makes the mattresses particularly supple. Like other foam mattresses, models made from viscose foam are particularly durable and heat-insulating. Even if they are well insulated, a viscose foam mattress is more sensitive to temperature than its forgetful sisters.

If it gets too cold, the foam often hardens and is so rigid. As a result, the sleeper moves worse and wakes up faster. The mattress is also unsuitable for heavy sweat and bargain hunters.

Foam mattress: Actually only standard

Attention: According to Stiftung Warentest, standard foam is often sold as comfort foam. But this is regular foam. In contrast to the cold foam mattress, the manufacturers foam with heat here. This can lead to the formation of bubbles and an uneven structure.

The inexperienced buyer cannot rely on the firmness of the mattress. This makes them more suitable for type I people – small, light people. Like the other types of foam mattresses, the standard version is durable and insulates heat. This in turn makes it more suitable for people who freeze easily. They are also very light and therefore easy to use. An often good argument for the standard foam is the price: These mattresses are often cheap.

What to look for when buying a mattress?

A mattress is the basis for a good night's sleep. Therefore, you should make this decision carefully. The test of the Stiftung Warentest offers a good basis, but you should note the following points:

  • Take your time.

  • Choose the right hardness. As a rule of thumb, you can remember: the heavier a person, the harder the mattress must be.

  • Can the mattress move well? For this, the weight is crucial, but also handles on the sides help.

  • Has the mattress a cover that can simply be removed and washed leaves?
  • To take Your partner. This may have different needs and therefore needs a different mattress.

  • Test the mattress. Either during a test bed in the shop or at home. Many online retailers have a 100 – days right of return for mattresses. The legal deadline is 14 days. Note that the Customer rights when buying mattresses online in March 2019 have changed.

What degree of firmness should the mattress have?

With the hardness of a mattress, you can primarily go according to your body weight, but personal feelings also play a major role. Basically, soft mattresses (H2) to 70 kg, medium firm mattresses (H3) from 70 to 100 kg, hard mattresses from 100 to 130 kg (H4) and very hard mattresses (H5) from 130 kg.

Which mattresses are the best for the back?

People with back pain can pay particular attention to a topper made of gel. If you have a mattress that is too hard, a mattress pad can help you. These relieve the back and make the mattresses much more comfortable.

Which mattress type is the best?

Depending on sleeping behavior, preferred sleeping position and temperature sensation, different mattresses are suitable. So there is no objectively best mattress type, on the contrary, this is determined more by the subjective feeling.

What do the seven zones mean for a mattress?

The 7-zone Strictly speaking, the mattress has four mirrored zones. The mattress manufacturers pay attention to the different body areas such as head, shoulder and pelvis. These are more or less high, which also causes the mattress to give way more and less, giving the body space.

After the purchase: how do you best take care of the mattress?

The better you take care of a mattress, the longer you sleep well on it. That's why you should turn your mattress regularly. As a guideline, the Stiftung Warentest mentions turning the mattress every time the bed linen is changed.

In addition to the bed linen, the The mattress covers are washed regularly , How to keep mites and mold away from the mattress. It is advisable to wash the covers every three months.

You should also ventilate the mattress well, also from below. A bed without a bed box is particularly suitable for this. This will prevent the mites from spreading too much in the mattress and from starting to become moldy. Therefore, the climate in the bedroom should not be too warm and humid: a temperature between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius at a Humidity between 40 and 60 percent is ideal.

Unfortunately you cannot avoid the mites, house dust and skin particles in the sleeping pad. A mattress should therefore be replaced every eight to ten years.

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