Magenta in the network test Austria: The provider is really that good

Magenta: Telekom subsidiary better than the original

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CHIP network test Austria 2020

Magenta, the Austrian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom has an excellent network, but has to settle for second place this year. At times, the network operator is even solid in the front, for example in the city centers and on the train

Last year, Magenta technically made a big step forward and placed itself at the top of the Austrian networks. This year, the network operator is narrowly beaten by A1. Compared to the last test, the mobile network has definitely increased when making calls, but our measurements for mobile surfing and data suction largely show standstill – albeit at a very high level.

The long-distance trains make the exception. Magenta has improved a lot here so that we can see the network operator in front of the A1 test winner. The network has thus eliminated one of its small weaknesses from the previous year. The city centers also remain a domain of magenta. Almost all of the measurements that we took on foot in the city centers see magenta just before A1. Magenta does not have to fear the comparison with Deutsche Telekom either: The daughter receives the better grade this year.

Quickly conveyed: In the magenta network, phone calls and WhatsApp calls are the fastest. CHIP

Phoning with magenta

In the Magenta network, calls and WhatsApp calls are set up faster than those of the competition. The time difference to A1 and three during the WhatsApp calls is small. For classic calls, Magenta is just under half a second ahead of A1, while three consistently connects more slowly than the other two networks. Only on the train are A1 and magenta very close together.

On average, magenta comes to 4, 22 seconds, A1 reaches 4, 62 seconds and at three it takes a long time to establish the connection 6, 96 seconds. While A1's share of successful calls is slightly higher than that of Magenta, the Magenta network is slightly ahead in terms of voice quality. In the field of WhatsApp calls, both networks don’t give anything away, the decisive difference is ultimately the normal telephone calls. Overall, the faster call setup and the better voice quality Magenta bring victory in telephony just ahead of A1.

A network for uploaders

When surfing the web and sucking data, magenta is just behind A1. Nevertheless, the network leaves an excellent impression and convinces with its own strengths. Magenta is the ideal network for uploaders and achieves top values ​​in terms of speed and reliability. On average it reaches upload data rates of in our tests , 4 Mbit / s. A1 comes up 38, 7 Mbit / s and three follows in last place with 31, 5 Mbit / s.

In addition to the transfer speed, we also determine how reliably the networks transfer files. We determine this based on the success rates for data transfers. Here we perform two tests, downloading a five MB file and uploading a two MB file. A1 has the best success rate for downloads, but Magenta does the uploads more reliably. However, the differences between the two networks are negligible. On average, they are over 99, 6 percent , so allow yourself a few small mistakes.

Greatly improved: Magenta prevails on long-distance trains. All three networks achieve significantly better values ​​than in the previous year. CHIP

In the city centers and on the train in front

Like last year, the Magenta network leads in the well-visited places in the city centers and has 83, 4 Mbit / s also the highest download cut. Otherwise a domain from A1, which is only on 75, 8 Mbit / s is coming. The evaluation of the tests, in which the networks have to work under poor conditions, is also revealing. If you look at the worst ten percent of all downloads in the city centers, they start on the Magenta network at 24, 5 Mbit / s, while A1 only 20, 3 Mbit / s reached. The same evaluation for the long-distance trains also sees magenta in front with 12, 2 Mbit / s. A1 comes up 10 Mbit / s and three make up the rear with 6.9 Mbit / s. Since we weight these values ​​higher than the average download, they do a lot to ensure that Magenta wins the long-distance trains sub-rating.

All three network operators in the long-distance trains in the Significantly improved compared to the previous year – a gratifying trend that we have also identified for Germany. However, they have to become even more reliable. The results of the WhatsApp calls show that there is a lot of catching up to do: 4.3 percent of all calls started in the Magenta network were terminated prematurely and involuntarily. In the A1 network the rate was 6.7 percent and for three we count 18, 6 percent of cancellations – almost every fifth call. We therefore advise you to make normal phone calls on the trains, here all networks have an abandonment rate of less than two percent.

The results of Magenta in detail:

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