'Ju-On' terror and haunted houses return to Netflix

Horror lovers are celebrating: the classic franchise of the genre The Grudge (based on the Japanese classic Ju-on directed Takashi Shimizu) will have its own television series that will arrive on Netflix on July 3.

This is the most recent attempt to delve into the genre saga that became a classic during the 1990s. The story – based on Japanese mythological traditions and a surreal vision of the terrifying – already had a fourth film remake this year by Nicolas Pesce , who became a critical and public failure.

According to Netflix, the channel's intention is to give a contemporary air to the elements that made the first version an instant success and a classic of modern horror. Filmed in Japanese, the series will cover the disturbing events that surrounded the birth of the original myth. Also how it can be understood as a proposal of the genre that explores the origins of the terrifying from a novel perspective.

The return to the original

However, and according to the synopsis, the production of the platform will largely respect the original proposal: “The classic horror franchise Ju-On was based on real events that occurred during four decades , and the truth is even more terrifying. Can people chased by this house escape its curse? And what kind of grim incident happened in this cursed house in the past? ”

For Netflix it seems of special importance to reflect on the mythological root of the story, related to much of the oral and rural traditions of Japan, on spectra, curses and possessions. Which makes the series the ideal opportunity to narrate one more chapter of the franchise and to expand the universe considerably. They also manage to link their North American version with that directed by Takashi Shimizu, who during the 1990s founded a whole new type of film version of fear, based on creatures of folklore and Japanese oral legends.

The franchise Ju-On was created by Takashi Shimizu in two short films, both released in 1998. The feature film Ju-On: The Curse was released two years later and the franchise came to the US. at 2014 with mixed reviews and warm welcome. Despite that, the film had two immediate sequels, which garnered considerable box office success, ensuring its survival within the horror genre.

The nameless terror in The Grudge

The previous installments of the franchise have focused specifically on speculating on what happens within the limits of the haunted house at the center of the original story. At the same time that they try to reflect on the ancient Asian admonition on the apparitions that feed on hatred and rancor.

This is a perspective on evil and the disturbing thing that has haunted Japan for generations: the perception of the evil that is linked to something more powerful and dark in the human spirit is a recurring theme in a culture that assumes the supernatural as a painful journey through the past, the blood ties and moral debts that violence can generate.

Stretching the franchise

The entire franchise consists of 13 films: nine of Japanese production and four American deliveries. The most recent, titled The Grudge premiered earlier this year and had lousy box office results. Criticism insisted on its inability to reverse a classic in a contemporary way and trivialize the powerful subtext on which the original material is based. So the Netflix project has the rare unspoken commitment to green the franchise for a new generation of viewers.

The series will have a completely Japanese cast , among which Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Yuina Kuroshima and Ririka stand out. The rest of the details of the plot, as well as the number of episodes, have not been revealed yet by Netflix although they are supposed to be known in the coming weeks.

In fact, Ju-On: Origins joins a series of Japanese-language projects Netflix is ​​releasing this year for Netflix.

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