Jigsaws Test 2020: These are the best jigsaws

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content based on the test results from AllesBeste

The jigsaws have to prove themselves in the test. Image: All the best

A jigsaw is equally interesting for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists, because unlike circular saws, not only straight lines can be sawn, but also arches and miter cuts. Our partner AllesBeste has 13 Jigsaws with cable operation assessed in terms of equipment and processing and sent in the saw practice test. The top recommendation was the Metabo STE 100 Quick, the jigsaw is available at a fair price of just over 100 Euro. Alternatively, you can also get premium models for over 300 Euro or entry-level devices for under 50 Euro.

The test was carried out by our partner AllesBeste and most recently in January 2020 updated.

The read in our article: We will show you an overview of the top recommendations from the test, then present the models in detail and give you a general price estimate. Then we explain the test procedure of our partner AllesBeste as well as the function of jigsaws and tell you the different types. In our general purchase advice we finally tell you what is important when buying a jigsaw and give alternatives.

The best jigsaws 2020 in the test

The best jigsaws in the test from AllesBeste

Test winner: Metabo STE 100 Quick (test winner)

  • Source: Metabo

    Metabo STE 100 Quick

    The Metabo STE 100 Quick is a solidly processed and precise jigsaw with many practical functions, moreover the price-performance ratio is also correct.

Precise sawing result
Quality Processing
Practical functions
Bad miter cut
No LED work light
Support table a bit small

The jigsaw Metabo STE 100 Quick convinced the testers in almost all matters. The test winner does not offer all comfort functions, but does the sawing work reliably – and is also cheap.

  • Equipment and processing:

    The Metabo device is well processed, including the extremely stable support table made of die-cast aluminum with a steel frame. The support table, which can be tilted for miter cuts, is just as small as the rest of the device, which sometimes has a somewhat disruptive effect on the stability when sawing. An Allen key for the adjustment is included in the scope of delivery and fits into a slot on the mains cable. This is four meters long and offers plenty of freedom of movement. The splinterguard in front of the saw blade can be conveniently pushed up, which allows easy access to the blade holder. The saw blades can be replaced without tools and they are guided in a stable manner during operation. The controls for speed, pendulum stroke and blower are all well positioned, the rubberized handles are non-slip. The only striking empty space is the lack of an LED light.
  • Saw test:

    Despite its small size, the Metabo STE 100 Quick a great sawing performance, the test cuts both on the thin multiplex plate and on the 40 The jigsaw m copes with millimeter thick beech wood effortless and accurate. The cut edges are also very clean. The suction nozzle excellently removes the wood chips generated during operation so that the cut surface remains clean. A wormwood plug is the unsatisfactory miter cut. You can easily adjust the support table, but the edge gets a noticeable curve when sawing in the slope. This is mainly due to the rather small support table and the low weight of the saw.

Overall, the Metabo STE 100 Quick not quite at the professional level However, hobby craftsmen get a reliable device, even for regular use. Since the Metabo is just over 100 Euro costs, the price-performance ratio is also good – an excellent overall package.

The stable support table of the Metabo STE 100 Quick ensures good sawing results, it is only a little small. Image: All the best

Professional recommendation: Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ- Plus (premium model)

  • Source: Festool

    Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus

    The Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus is a premium jigsaw, equipment and versatility can hardly be improved – but it is correspondingly expensive.

Precise sawing result
Very good workmanship
Excellent A usstattung
High price
Miter cuts only with extra accessories
Cutting edge not absolutely perfect

The jigsaw Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus is by far the most expensive device in the test. This shows how much is possible in terms of equipment and versatility. The Festool is a real professional jigsaw that can be conveniently combined with other tools from the manufacturer.

  • Equipment and processing:

    Push up the splinterguard, you have easy access to the saw blade. This can be inserted into the ball-bearing guide without tools and additionally stabilized. The built-in LED work light has a strobe light that is matched to the set stroke rate. This makes the saw blade stand still and you can see exactly where you are cutting. In addition to the manual speed controls, the device also automatically detects when the load increases and more power is required. The power cord can be disconnected from the device, the connections are compatible between all Festool devices. So you do not have to unplug the cable from the socket, you can simply change the device instead. The support table is extremely solid and keeps the saw stable, but cannot be tilted – you need extra accessories for miter cuts. The handles are excellent, the on / off switch can be operated on both sides.
  • Saw test:

    Despite the nominally somewhat weaker 550 – The Festool can handle all sawing work without any problems. With 3. 800 movements in the minute it even has the highest maximum number of strokes in the test. The two test wood panels are not a challenge, only when changing the direction in the double curve is there a slight slope at the cutting edge. Festool copes best with all tubular jigsaws in the test with the steel tube. Miter cuts are not possible by default as mentioned, for this you need an extra angle table for round Buy euros.

As a professional device the Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus certainly not all users, for premium performance and equipment you pay around 370 Euro. If you want the complete set with all accessories such as different outsoles, angled tables and circular cutters, you even pay around 600 Euro.

The Festool Carvex PS jig saw 420 EBQ-Plus is a real professional device. Image: All the best

Price tip: TackLife PJS 02 A (price tip)

  • Source: TackLife

    TackLife PJS 02 A

    At TackLife PJS 02 A you get good equipment and solid workmanship at a low price, but more complex cutting work is not completely precise.

Good equipment
Solid processing
Great for easier cutting work
Curve cut not perpendicular
Lots of dust
The device vibrates strongly

You just want to occasionally sc do cutting work, an entry-level device such as a jigsaw

TackLife PJS 02 A . The price tip works reliably and does not cost much at the same time.

  • Equipment and processing:

    Despite the low price, the TackLife comes in a practical plastic case for storage. It also houses a rip fence and six saw blades. The support table made of die-cast aluminum is stable and the entry-level device is also well equipped. Pendulum stroke, blower, suction nozzle and LED work light are available. There is even a laser as a target aid. Basically, the device is well made, but it is not as massive as many more expensive devices. This creates very strong vibrations, especially when the pendulum stroke is activated. You need to use some muscle power to keep the jigsaw steady. In addition, there is quite a lot of dust. For real professional work, the TackLife is only suitable to a limited extent.
  • Saw test:

    When cutting straight through wood you also get with the TackLife a good and vertical result. However, it deviates partially in curves. Here, the cheap jigsaw cannot compete with the top models, but it works better than some more expensive mid-range devices. Cutting through the four centimeter thick beech wood panel also works, but this leads to the vibrations already mentioned, you have to stabilize the jigsaw by hand. This is even more evident in the test with the steel tube. A lot of effort is required. The jigsaw is great for your hobby, but you can't expect the best performance and precision.

The price for the TackLife PJS 02 A fluctuates depending on current availability between 50 and 60 Euro. For occasional jigsaw work, the price-performance ratio is very good in any case.

For their low price, the TackLife PJS jigsaw 02 A well processed and works reliably. Image: All the best

How much do I have to spend on a good jigsaw?

While you are sawing with every jigsaw precision is a question of price. You can get the cheapest devices from 30 Euro, the cutting result is too clean though in many cases not. Nevertheless, you can find usable entry-level devices in the price range of around 50 to 60 Euro, the performance is right here, there is only a lack of comfort. In some cases there is no practical equipment, sometimes the devices vibrate strongly, so you have to use more muscle strength. From 100 Euro you get good and solid models that meet all requirements. The test winner from AllesBeste is also in this price range. If you take a little more money in hand, the comfort increases: Devices for 200 or even via 300 Euros offer great extras and versatility. So that the jigsaw is worth the price, you should use it often. The saw blades always come as running costs.

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Jigsaws in the test: How were the products rated?

The selected jigsaws were sent by our partner AllesBeste in the practical test. All devices had to prove themselves in several sawing tests; for comparability, each model was fitted with a fresh saw blade from the same manufacturer. The first challenge was a 19 millimeter thick multiplex plate, on which straight lines and curves were sawn. More engine power required cutting the 40 millimeter thick beech wood panel, the testers were interested in efficiency as well as cleanliness the cut edge. The miter cut in 45 – Degree angle was checked on a varnished screen printing multiplex plate. Finally, all Sti Saws, equipped with a metal saw blade, cut through a stainless steel tube with a wall thickness of 1.5 millimeters. In addition to the sawing performance, the testers assessed the processing of the devices and their equipment.

In addition to the efficiency and accuracy of the jigsaw, such as the Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus, handling also plays a role. Picture: All the best

Jigsaw: change saw blade – how it works

What is a jigsaw and how does it work?

The jigsaw cuts various materials such as wood or metal, driven by an electric motor. For this purpose, a suitable saw blade is clamped into the blade holder and the saw with the support table is placed on the surface. In accordance with the selected speed, the device moves the saw blade up and down with rapid lifting movements and thus cuts smoothly through the material. You can saw both in straight lines and in curves. If the jigsaw's support table can be tilted, miter cuts are also possible at the set angle. One method of increasing efficiency is the pendulum stroke, which also moves the saw blade forward when the stroke is being made. This increases the sawing speed, but the cutting edge is less clean.

Equipment extras make working with the jigsaw easier. A splinter protection cover in front of the saw blade prevents injuries from wood or metal splinters, and a suction function also removes chips from the surface during work. To increase the precision, an LED light illuminates the cutting area, some jigsaws offer a laser beam as a guide. In addition to the wired models, you can get cordless jigsaws, but these are usually significantly more expensive.

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What types of jigsaws are there?

There are hardly any significant type differences with jigsaws: former special functions such as the pendulum stroke have become standard. The sawing efficiency can fluctuate, but technically the devices differ only slightly from each other. The performance is not a real indicator, jigsaws with 500-Watt- Motor are the 700 – Watt variants often equal. Usually, uniform saw blades with a T-shaft are used, so interchangeability is guaranteed.

You have ergonomics partially the choice between one rod-shaped handle or a hanger. Depending on the preferred application, one or the other variant is more suitable. Models with loop handle are a little easier to use, the rod shape, on the other hand, allows for more precise work. There is also a significant difference in the type of power supply: Jigsaws with battery are more flexible and mobile, whereby the devices are heavier and bulky precisely because of the battery. In terms of their performance, corded jigsaws and cordless models hardly differ – for the wireless device, however, you pay one and a half to twice the price.

The Metabo STE 100 Quick is a jigsaw with bar handle. Image: All the best

Sawing correctly: you have to consider that

What should I watch out for when buying a jigsaw?

  • Power input & stroke rate

    The motor provides the power for the sawing work. At a certain point, the wattage says little about the actual efficiency of the device. A recording performance over 500 Watts should be available, that's enough in the Rule for good results. A jigsaw with a stronger 800) – Watt motor does not work faster either. Rather, it depends on the number of strokes. This can usually be set from under 1. 00 0 strokes per minute at the lowest level up to over 3. 00 0 at the highest level. A maximum number of strokes of 3. 00 0 is the normal case and usually sufficient. You also get devices with a maximum stroke rate of 3. 500 and more. At high speeds, the cut can sometimes become dirty, here the step regulation helps.

  • depth of cut & miter cut

    The depth of cut indicates how deep the saw blade can penetrate the different materials. Usually wood can be cut to a depth of 100 Edit millimeters, some jigsaws also create 150 millimeters. When working with non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum, a cutting depth of 19 Millimeters reached, steel may 10 Be millimeters thick. You can find these guide values ​​in the technical data of the models. If you also want to make bevel cuts, the jigsaw needs a tiltable support table. Loosen the fastening with the enclosed Allen key and then set an inclination of up to 45 degrees. Not all jigsaws offer this function and even if the support tables are too small, a straight miter cut is often not possible.

  • Cable length & weight

    Whoever grabs a cordless tool has full freedom of movement, with the corded jigsaw the cable should be at least long enough so that it does not interfere with work. Two meters are probably too short for these purposes, three meters are much better and four meters are ideal. As a rule, the cable is firmly attached to the device, there are only a few plug-in technologies where you can replace the cable. If you plan to work with the jigsaw for a long time, the weight of the device can also play a role. You will find some models that weigh less than two kilograms, normally it is more like two to 2.2 kilograms, the thick chunks can also weigh 2.6 kilograms. The heavier, the more tiring, of course, the handling of the devices – on the other hand, the weight helps to keep the jigsaw stable on the surface.

  • Extraction & extra functions

    Most jigsaws blow air forward so that the cut surface remains free of chips and you can still recognize markings. It is more effective if you connect a suction device that absorbs chips and dust immediately. For this purpose, many models have a suitable extraction nozzle. Additional extras such as a rip fence improve the cut. The pendulum stroke, which also moves the saw blade forward during the stroke movement to increase efficiency, has become a standard in most jigsaws from a special function. The pendulum stroke can be regulated – the faster the sawing, the less clean the cut will often be.

  • Lighting & Guide Aid

    You can work best when the work surface is well lit. An LED work light installed in the area of ​​the saw blade suspension is widespread among the jigsaw models. Laser marking is less common. Outsoles for different materials also help.

  • Equipment

    The jigsaw models come with different accessories in the scope of delivery. A suitcase for storage and one or more saw blades are also included. The latter have to be exchanged regularly anyway, you should have a stock. If the support table can be tilted, a suitable Allen key for locking is usually included in the accessories. It is stored in a slot on the device. A mountable splinter guard also ensures nicer edges.

On the suction nozzle of the jigsaw, such as the TackLife PJS 02 A, a suction device can be connected. Image: All the best

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Which cordless jigsaws are recommended?

In one separate test our partner AllesBeste also tested cordless jigsaws. Similar to cordless drills, cordless screwdrivers and other wireless tools, the focus here is on flexibility. You are not tied to the socket and can reach difficult places on construction sites, for example. There may be isolated performance restrictions, but the maximum number of strokes is usually not significantly lower than that of jigsaws. The thick battery often makes the jigsaws heavier and unwieldy, the wireless devices are also more expensive. All the best selected the jigsaw Bosch GST 18 V-Li B for top recommendation among the battery models. You only pay around for the device 160 Euro, a battery costs about 70 additional Euro – provided you do not already have suitable Bosch replacement batteries. Price tip was the jigsaw in the test Einhell TE-JS 18 Li , for the device without battery you pay around 55 Euro, with battery and charging station the total price is around 85 Euro.

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What are the alternatives to the jigsaw?

The jigsaw is ideally suited for also sawing curves. This allows complex and fine cuts to be mastered. But if you just want to saw straight cuts, you have other options. The most common is the hand-held circular saw, which, in contrast to the large table saw, can also be used to machine horizontal surfaces. The circular saw is quick and efficient. The saber or Recipro saw works similar to a jigsaw but has more power and is therefore operated with two hands like a drill. It is mostly used in the professional craft sector to cut large pieces of wood or steel pipes. For the very rough work there is of course also the chainsaw, but its purpose is far from the jigsaw.

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The best jigsaws in the test from AllesBeste

  • Source: Metabo

    Metabo STE 100 Quick (test winner)

    The Metabo STE 100 Quick is a solidly processed and precise jigsaw with many practical functions, and the price-performance ratio is also right.

  • Source: Festool

    Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus (premium model)

    The Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus is a premium jigsaw, equipment and versatility can hardly be improved – but it is correspondingly expensive .

  • Source: TackLife

    TackLife PJS 02 A (price tip)

    At TackLife PJS 02 A you get good equipment and solid workmanship at a small price, but more complex cutting work is not completely precise.

The most important questions about jigsaws at a glance

Which jigsaw is the best?

The top recommendation for the jigsaws in the test is the Metabo STE 100 Quick. It works precisely, is well equipped and costs just over 100 Euro. You get top equipment from the Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ-Plus for round 370 Euro, the TackLife PJS 02 A is a cheap entry-level device.

What is a pendulum jig saw?

At the Pendelhubsch The saw blade is also moved forward during the vertical stroke movement. This enables sawing to be carried out faster and more efficiently, but the cutting edge often becomes less clean. Most jigsaws offer pendulum stroke, it can be regulated in stages.

What can I cut with the jigsaw?

With the jigsaw you can usually cut wood, certain metals and plastic. The depth of cut varies. Wood panels can hold up to 10 centimeters thick aluminum cut works up to a thickness of 2 centimeters and stainless steel can be cut about one centimeter deep.

What do I need for the miter cut?

You can also cut diagonally with many jigsaws. For this, the support table of the device is tilted and adjusted at the appropriate angle, up to 45 Degree. The miter cut is not plumb and clean on all models. Special accessories often improve the result.

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