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How to solve 2020 urgent IT challenges in your company

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Secure and efficient IT is the foundation for the digital transformation of your company. Read here how you can best tackle the challenges of data protection, lowering operating and personnel costs and short downtimes.

In addition to the long-term, strategic orientation of your company, the further development Your IT systems are a constant guarantee of economic success. The challenges are complex and penetrate all areas of your IT: from servers to all end devices for end users on site or in the field.

The requirements that your hardware and software equipment has to meet are as complex as they are complex. The focus is on the following 5 aspects:

  • Keep the security of all systems up to date
  • Establish company-wide standardized, data protection-compliant encryption
  • IT management geared to high efficiency and standardization
  • Avoiding rising IT costs
  • Improved productivity of your employees through Provision of powerful PCs and notebooks

System inherent is in today First and foremost, the comprehensive protection of your business and customer data. Vulnerabilities that are pervasive in complex IT systems or that can arise when using cloud services are one of the greatest threats to confidential company and customer data.

The security of your entire database and efficient data management are therefore the main issues that you as a company and service provider are faced with.

Because the dangers for your company are considerable: In addition to one Reputational damage and financial loss due to customers moving away, contractual penalties due to a data protection violation pose an enormous risk.


A combination of hardware and software as a solution

What does the solution look like? Your strategy for a company-wide, standardized data protection begins with the hardware of your employees and ends with the optimal interaction with the software installed on the end devices.

To ensure this, desktop PCs and notebooks with integrated administration and remote maintenance features are guarantors for uncomplicated and inexpensive IT management. In the optimal case, the following functions are included:

  • Remote management via the company network or via a secure VPN connection
  • Extensive options for remote maintenance and system repair
  • Functions for remote software deployment and the timely provision of important security updates – for Windows 10 or your company software

In particular the remote control and maintenance of your desktop PCs and notebooks requires secure access. One of the basic requirements for this is that the IT admin has control of all relevant system functions across the system level of the operating system.

The advantages: System diagnostics for hardware defects or a check for operating system errors no longer have to be carried out on site as before. Only the replacement of defective hardware is then carried out by the system supplier or your company's supplier. This saves you considerable costs due to a significantly lower personnel expenditure.

Companies, IT admins and last but not least the end user look at each other today with a number Facing challenges. Increased security requirements, the unconditional system up-to-dateness by importing software patches and updates as well as high availability due to short downtimes are the most important factors for stable and efficient company IT at all times.

Intel vPro®: The secure and efficient platform for all of your company IT


Based on current 9th generation Intel Core ™ processors, the vPro platform meets the increased requirements for security, stability, manageability and performance.

The processors form the basis for protected and highly available IT in your company. In addition to high performance for the end user on stationary desktop PCs, they guarantee a convincing battery life for mobile devices.

The cornerstones of the Intel vPro platform at a glance:

  • protection against attacks or “man-in the middle attacks that significantly improve the risk of data misuse and theft. This protection is guaranteed by the vPro end-to-end encryption between company server and all employee end devices – on-site or at a remote workstation.
  • High performance on Windows 10 (pro) based devices. Responsible for this is a convincing and efficient multitasking of the vPro platform.
  • Inexpensive and highly efficient manageability through a powerful and easy to establish Remote management. Classic on-site work is reduced by up to with the vPro Active Management Technology (AMT) percent. ¹ In addition, the rollout of patches and updates can be implemented outside of operating hours – another factor affecting your operations – and service costs significantly reduced
  • Improved stability and a secure supply of spare parts over the entire life cycle of your end devices

Why the Intel vPro platform means significant cost savings² for your business

The return of investment through the use of desktops and mobile devices based on Core ™ processors with vPro can be seen in many ways: The vPro Platform increases the productivity of your employees and the entire company IT thanks to Intel Active Management technology. Your company benefits in several ways from the following factors:

  • Reduced downtimes
  • Comprehensive device protection
  • Simplified administration and one Smooth remote management of mobile devices and PCs based on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise
  • A more flexible, secure and efficient collaboration between employees via cloud solutions and proprietary software

Conclusion: It doesn't matter whether you are planning a far-reaching modernization of your entire device inventory or a gradual switch to the Intel vPro platform: The advantages are apparent. Considerable cost savings, excellent data protection and an increase in the productivity of your entire company far outweigh the investment in new hardware in the medium to long term.

With the Intel vPro platform you get a comprehensive tool with which your company can solve the challenges of digital transformation in terms of security and cost efficiency. In addition, you and your employees with Intel vPro are well prepared for the existing and future requirements for agile, location-independent and cooperative work.