Into the home office because of corona virus? All info & amp; Tips for good work

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Wie gefährlich ist das Coronavirus wirklich?

While the Corona virus spreads in Germany, more and more office workers go to the home office voluntarily or prescribed by the employer. This has long been normal for some, but still a new experience for many. To help you cope with this, you will find our most important articles with further information here.

Corona virus in Germany – the most important information

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The most important tips and tools for the home office

The current situation around the spread of the corona virus forces many workers into the home office. In the following articles, you will learn which rights and obligations you have as an employer, how you can most easily record your working hours and which tools you should install on your personal or work computer.

Computer, monitor, office chair: the best equipment for your home office

If you want to or have to work at home longer than just a day, you also need adequate equipment. If your employer does not provide the appropriate equipment or you simply want to upgrade your work corner, you will find the best products from us. A good hardware – notebook or monitor – is at least as important as a good office chair. Because if you sit in a bad chair 8 hours a day, it can also damage your back in the long run.

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