Instagram launches ‘Guides’, a space in which to share wellness recommendations


Nicolas Rivera – May 19, 2020 – 12: 11 (CET)

The goal of Instagram is for this new feature to be used, initially, to create collections with tips, recommendations and proposals that help improve the well-being of people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Instagram lanza ‘Guías’, un espacio en el que compartir recomendaciones sobre el bienestar

Instagram, the social network owned by Facebook, has implemented a new feature in its already wide range of options. The name of it is Guides (Guides, in Spanish) , and allows various content creators to gather, in one place, interesting tips, recommendations and images on very specific topics.

At the moment, Instagram intends this feature to be used to create content related to wellness . However, functionality is likely to evolve over time, and in the future Guideswill also be created. or Guides on other topics (technology, cinema, culture, series, beauty, etc.).

“We know that many people are having a hard time due to the COVID pandemic – 19, so we will focus Guides in content related to well-being “, he explained in his official blog. “We will allow creators to connect with expert organizations to share resources during this time, including tips on how to take care of your well-being, keep in touch with other people, or manage anxiety or pain.”

Already available on some Instagram profiles

Starting today, you can check out Guides – a new way to discover recommendations on Instagram.

We know people are struggling due to COVID – 19, so the first Guides focus on wellness content from respected organizations and creators.

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– Adam Mosseri 😷 (@mosseri) May 18, 2020

The compilations made by each user are grouped in a new tab located in their profile. Anyone can enjoy these, share them in their Instagram stories or send them through a direct message to another person.

The number of users that can create this type of Guides is, for the moment, very limited. The list shared by the company includes creators and organizations such as: @afspnational, @heads_together, @vitaalere, @klicksafe, @headspace_aus, @deepikapadukone, @sudahdong, and @eenfance.

In the coming days, Instagram will also take these Guides to the Explore section. This will allow them to expand their reach and bring the recommendations on well-being to a greater number of people.

Instagram currently has more than 1. 000 Millions of active users worldwide. The elaboration and propagation of this type of content in the social network, therefore, can be very useful.

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