Huawei P40 (Pro): new flagship series is ready for sales launch

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At the 26. March should according to the Huawei P 40 Lite also the other two models of the P 40 – series will be presented. However, in order to be able to go on sale afterwards, smartphones must first be certified. That is with the P 40 – Row already done. In the video you can also see how the previous models did in the test.

The upcoming flagships Huawei P 40 and Huawei P 40 Pro have now passed an important hurdle for the release.

A market launch of the two flagships Huawei P 40 and P 40 There is actually nothing standing in the way of Pro. After that Huawei P 40 Lite has already been presented, will be on 26. March then the other two models of the P 40 – Series presented.

This is what the new flagship models from Huawei look like. Image: RODENT 950

Meanwhile, Huawei has its upcoming flagship with the China Compulsory Certificate (3C) for the market launch in late March certified .

There the Huawei phones with the model numbers ANA-AN 00 / ANA-TN 00 (Huawei P 40) and ELS-AN 00 / ELS TL 00 (Huawei P 40 Pro) received the 3C certificate.

The entry also reveals that the models with a loading capacity of 22, 5 W or 40 W appear become. Furthermore, both models have 5G connectivity.

The Chinese telecommunications authority TENAA has also already approved both smartphones.

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