Huawei in Europe: 5G factory should provide new options

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro im Test

Huawei will soon build a first 5G plant in Europe. The factory in France should not only make the sales channels shorter, but also ease the relationship crisis with the United States somewhat.

Huawei is ready to build its first production line in France, according to a senior executive from the Chinese manufacturer.

The construction of the 5G factory in France is also seen as an act to relieve tension with the United States. Huawei has been accused of spying for China with its telecommunications equipment for years.

The chairman of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Liang Hua, confirmed that the company 200 million euros (about 217 million US dollars) will invest in the first phase of construction. The new plant is supposed to 500 new jobs Create in the region.

Huawei brings a 5G plant to Europe. Picture: Huawei

Huawei has rejected all allegations by various governments regarding the security of its telecommunications tools and equipment. However, the US remains adamant about its stance towards the company amid the US-China trade dispute.

“This plant will supply the entire European market, not just the French one. The activities of our group are worldwide and for that we need a global industrial footprint “Liang Hua.

Despite the opening of a production facility in France, the plant will be geared towards the entire European market.

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