Home office, entertainment and learning: Chromebooks as a solution for the whole family

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at home and with him Whole family use the laptop – Chromebooks offer very special features. We explain what makes the devices so helpful in home use with multiple family members.

Chromebooks have always been practical companions on the go. These extraordinary laptops also have their strengths and advantages in your own four walls, in your home office and in use by the whole family.

Chromebook Anthem

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are laptops that are offered by different manufacturers in different versions and price segments. Accordingly, there are numerous variants. What they have in common is the basic concept: They all rely on the Chrome OS operating system from Google. The focus is on browser and cloud-based use. This means that unnecessary hardware and processes can be avoided. So the devices are very fast, very easy to use and extremely light in weight. In short: Chromebooks work as intuitively and quickly as a smartphone with the performance and convenience of a laptop.


Be mobile and flexible at home too

Due to the long battery life of around 12 hours (depending on model and usage), you are not tied to a cable and socket in your own four walls. Rather, you can move comfortably from the desk to the kitchen or living room, sit on the balcony or terrace or make yourself comfortable in bed – just as you please. Many models have a touchscreen that you can fold down completely or even remove. These convertibles can be set up like a tent, folded flat or just used as a screen like a tablet. In this way you can optimally adapt the devices to your particular workplace and your activity – writing at the table, reading on the sofa.


Numerous apps for a productive home office

You can use apps with Chromebooks. The Google Play Store has a large number that you may already know from your smartphone – and that will make your work more effective: Stay in touch (e.g. with Gmail, Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts Meet), organize appointments and tasks (Google Calendar , Trello, Evernote) and – particularly important – use the time really productively (toggl, Goal Tracker) can be easily implemented in your everyday work. And with apps such as 7Mind, “Daily Yoga” and “Work-outs at home – without devices” you ensure balance, counteract tension and keep fit without any devices.


Best suited for several family members

Your Google account serves as the door card for your Chromebook. Your partner or children can therefore log in with their own account and enter a completely different environment that is tailored to their preferences and needs. A device can be easily used and personalized by several people. Chromebooks are also very simple in terms of the user interface and resemble a smartphone. Therefore, they can also be used intuitively by children or people who are not tech-savvy. Since everything superfluous has been dispensed with in the basic concept of the devices, it is extremely difficult for users to endanger the security of the files or to delete them by mistake. With the Family Link App parents also have an overview of their children's usage behavior and can set rules – for example, limit the screen time and approve downloads. In addition, Chromebooks are very robust and can be entrusted to children's hands without any worries.


These apps are for the whole family

If you would like to watch a fun film or an exciting series with your offspring, you can of course access streaming apps such as Netflix or Prime Video – or in the family area choose something from the “Movies & TV” section of the Google Play Store. The “YouTube Kids” app also offers many fun and educational videos. With Google Photos you can browse through the family albums, read aloud from eBooks (e.g. with Kindle, Librera) and listen to audio books (Audible,, LibriVox). There are also numerous games suitable for children: “Roblox”, for example, offers exciting role-playing adventures, “Toonastic 3D” can even be used to create cartoons, “ScratchJr” is an interactive story and “Gardenscapes” are used to design your garden and experience fun Tangles – and that's just a glimpse of the huge selection. If you use Family Link, educational apps are recommended. In addition, each area in the Play Store has a “Family” tab that clearly lists the corresponding apps.


Learn at home with the Chromebook

In addition to entertainment and creativity, apps also offer the opportunity to learn something – in a playful but also more classic way. With “Math Land”, the little ones discover the world of numbers alongside pirates, with “The Little Forest Guide” domestic nature and with “MarcoPolo Weather” they learn how thunderstorms and rainbows are created. Classic apps, but modern in implementation are learning apps that bring school lessons home – such as Anton (with over 100. 00 0 tasks for classes 1 to 10), Duolingo ( for learning English, French and Spanish) and Spike (with MINT content for secondary school). In the family section of the “Apps” section in the Google Play Store you will find numerous other apps and games – sorted by age groups and categories. Chromebooks are already used by numerous educational institutions around the world and are actively involved in digital learning in class and at universities.

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