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Haarpflege: Welches Produkt für welches Haar?

Constant visits to the hairdresser are annoying and can cost a lot of time. Especially with short hairstyles, it often has to be trimmed after a few weeks. A hair clipper can help. With a little skill, a good device replaces a visit to the hairdresser and can also be used to trim beard and body hair. There are many models on the market, from the inexpensive one-piece device to the multifunction set. In this article, we look at the three most popular hair clippers currently available and evaluate them for you.

If you don't feel like having your short haircut trimmed by the hairdresser every few weeks and paying for the extra service, a hair clipper may be the right thing for you. With simple practice, especially with simple haircuts, the devices work just as well as the hair clipper in the salon.

There are very different models on the market. Inexpensive hair clippers usually only have one function and start at a price in the single-digit range. However, there are also expensive professional models with prices up to 100 Euro. They usually have all kinds of attachments and accessories. The two most popular models on Amazon are currently in the medium price range. These include the Remington hair clipper HC 5810, the professional hair clipper from Hatteker and the Braun hair clipper HC 5050.

Read this in this article: We present an overview of the three most popular hair clippers and then go into more detail about their properties, advantages and disadvantages of the individual devices. We also give you some general information about hair clippers and what you should pay attention to when buying.

bestseller on Amazon (Stand 27. 03. 2020)

hair clipper bestseller place 1: Remington hair clipper HC 5810

  • Source: Remington

    Remington hair clipper HC 51080

    The hair clipper from Remington has ten different attachment combs.

Mains and battery operation possible
G Large range of possible cutting lengths
A lot of accessories
Not waterproof

The best-selling hair clipper on Amazon is the HC 5810 from Remington. This device comes with ten different attachment combs, with which you can cut lengths from 3 to 40 can adjust millimeters. There is also a blade adjustment lever for lengths between 0.8 and two millimeters without an attachment. The blades are coated with ceramic, which protects them from rust. The hair trimmer can be connected to the mains or run on battery power. He has a battery life of 50 minutes with a loading time of 90 minutes. It is also practical that the battery level is indicated by an LED light. The scope of delivery also includes scissors, a comb, a neck brush and a bottle with maintenance oil.

Buyers especially praise the longevity and good cutting performance of the device. In some cases, the battery causes problems after a short time, but this is covered by the warranty. There is also some criticism that the hair clipper is not waterproof.

For a solid price of round 50 Euro this device offers good performance and lots of accessories.

hair clipper best seller place 2: Hatteker professional hair clipper

  • Source: Hatteker

    Hatteker professional hair clipper

    This device is a hair trimmer, beard trimmer and precision trimmer in one.

Different cutting heads
Long battery life
Partly incorrect deliveries

The “Profi hair clipper” from Hatteker achieved second place in the Amazon bestsellers. It has three different attachments that make it a hair clipper, beard trimmer and precision trimmer. The blades are made of carbon steel and the device is completely waterproof, so you can clean it even under running water. In the hair and beard trimming attachment, lengths between 0.5 millimeters and 2.5 millimeters can be set using a 5-stage tuning blade in order to further vary the lengths within the six available attachment combs. With the precision attachment, lengths between three millimeters and eight millimeters can be set. The battery life is up to 2.5 hours at 90 minutes charging time. Network operation is also possible. A digital display shows the battery level in percent.

The hair clipper from Hatteker is also very well received by buyers and is for just round 47 Euro available. In a few cases, however, there were incorrect deliveries with plastic heads or already used devices. In such a case, you can definitely complain about the product.

hair trimmer bestseller place 3: Braun hair trimmer HC 5050

  • Source: Braun

    Braun hair trimmer HC 5050

    The hair clipper from Braun can be set to 17 different cutting lengths can be set.

17 adjustable lengths
battery and mains operation
Long battery charge time

The HC 5050 Braun hair trimmer is supplied with two comb attachments and can be used on 17 different cutting lengths can be set. The small trimmer comb ensures shorter lengths between 3 and 24 mm, while the larger comb for longer hair between 14 and 35 mm can be used. The blades of this hair clipper are made of stainless steel. According to the manufacturer, the device can be cleaned under running water. It can be operated with a battery as well as with mains power. In battery mode it is about 50 minutes usable, but the charging time of eight hours is quite long. A cleaning brush and care oil are included.

User reviews are largely positive, but there are some complaints about the device's life being too short. For its price of round 38 Euro you basically get a solid and flexible device for different cutting lengths.

How does a hair clipper work?

A hair clipper is a handy little device that you can use to easily trim your hair to a certain length.

There is usually an electric motor and the shear knife in the handle of the device. This consists of two blades. One of them is rigidly anchored in the handle and points downwards towards the scalp when used. The other blade moves back and forth at a fast pace, cutting your hair. In order to achieve a certain hair length, an appropriate comb is used or the head of the hair clipper is adjusted. Some hair clippers can also perform other functions, such as trimming a beard or nose hair.

Types of hair clippers

There are a few important points in which hair clippers can differ from each other.

  • adjustable vs. Essays

    Most hair clippers can trim your hair to different lengths. The desired length can either be achieved using various attachments or set using a lever or rotary wheel. The disadvantage of attachments is that they are less flexible and require more storage space. An adjustable hair clipper, on the other hand, is very easy to use, but it is more susceptible to wear and damage to the mechanics.
  • battery vs. Mains operation

    There are both hair trimmers that have an internal battery and those that are connected to the mains with a cable. A battery-operated device can be used more flexibly because it can also be used without a socket nearby. However, it needs to be charged regularly and if the battery runs out in the middle of the haircut, that's annoying. Therefore, you should pay attention to a long battery life and charge the machine regularly. Mains-operated devices can be used for any length of time without running out of power. It is practical if one device offers both options. Then a cordless device is usually no longer waterproof.
  • cutting lengths

    There are basically not only hair trimmers for short hair, but also so-called long hair trimmers. Short hair trimmers usually have a longest cutting length of about 30 millimeters. If you only want to trim longer hair or a full beard, you should use a long hair trimmer and pay attention to the appropriate cutting length.

What does a good hair clipper cost?

Contours can also be created with a hair clipper. Edgar Chaparro / Unsplash

hair clippers are available in all different price ranges from very cheap models under ten euros to expensive professional machines with a price of around 100 Euro. The most popular hair clippers on Amazon are largely in a medium category of 30 to 50 Euro.

Buy hair trimmers: you should pay attention to this

In addition to choosing the model of the hair trimmer, whether adjustable or with attachments, there are a few more points that you should consider when buying.

  • battery life : If you choose a battery-operated model, make sure that the battery life is as long as possible so that you do not have to re-use the device after each use have to load. It is also practical if a holding device is included for charging.

  • Additional functions : Some hair clippers can also be used to trim whiskers, nasal hairs or body hair. Such all-in-one devices are particularly practical and replace several individual devices in your household. A built-in trimmer is particularly good for contours.

  • Equipment: The more attachments that are included with the hair clipper, the more flexible you can use it. Some hair clippers also come with practical accessories such as a hair clipper or an extra comb for dividing and detangling hair sections.
  • Handyness: A good hair clipper should lie well in the hand, not be too heavy and easy to use. When buying, pay attention to reviews of these properties or check them in the store yourself.
  • Quality of the blades: The blades in the shaving knife should be so sharp that they are yours Do not injure the scalp and clean the hair. Blades are often blunt than the manufacturers advertise. So pay attention to this feature when reading reviews.

How to hold your hair clipper in place

So that your hair clipper lasts as long as possible, you should note a few important points for cleaning and care.

  • Keep shaving head clean . Tap the head after each use and remove any hair stuck in it. Otherwise, germs form quickly. You should largely avoid water, unless the device is watertight and the blades are made of a rustproof material. Be sure to follow the instructions in the instructions here.

  • Essays clean. You can calmly clean the plastic attachments under running water. However, they should be completely dry again before using them again.
  • Oil for care. So that the blades do not wear out, you can maintain them with oil from time to time. The right oil is supplied with many devices. Some devices state in the instructions that maintenance with oil is not necessary.

  • Mindful handling. Keep the device in a safe place and do not let it fall on the floor if possible. In the event of damage, it is usually difficult to repair a hair clipper.

What is a hair clipper?

A hair clipper or a hair clipper is a small handy device, with the help of which you can easily cut your hair to a certain length. The device has an electric motor and moving blades with which the hair can be cut in no time.

What do you need a hair clipper for?

A hair clipper is particularly worthwhile for simple short hairstyles. With the right skill, he can make many visits to the hairdresser superfluous, thus saving you time and money. You can also trim beard and body hair with many hair trimmers.

Is a hair clipper the same as a hair clipper?

Hair clipper and hair clipper are names for the same type of device. There are also sub-categories such as short hair trimmers and long hair trimmers.