Google Drive protects your files and documents with the iPhone Touch ID

Although Google has its own Android operating system around which there is a whole device ecosystem , sometimes options and characteristics arise for competing platforms, as is the case of Apple .

As an example the topic at hand, Google Drive , the storage service Google online that you can use on any device, and this includes iPhone and iPad . In addition, it offers very practical functions such as 15 GB free space , automatic synchronization, editing and creation of documents …

Precisely, iPhone and iPad have their own security measures, such as Touch ID and Face ID. The first is used to unlock the screen or any application using the fingerprint of your finger. Face ID, meanwhile, does the same through facial recognition .

More security in Google Drive

As well. It turns out that Google Drive for iOS and iPadOS allows you to activate an extra security taking advantage of the Touch ID and Face ID technology of Apple smartphones and tablets. That is, in addition to serving to unlock the main screen, once the Google application is open, without this second layer of security, Google Drive will not show the files associated with the account or accounts configured.

Apparently, this option is already available in previous versions of iOS, it disappeared, and it's back again so that Apple users can protect even more files stored on Google Drive.

To activate this option, just open the Google Drive app on iPhone or iPad, if possible in its most current version. You can check if it is updated from the App Store . Once inside Google Drive, in the menu in the upper left corner we will see the option Settings . Inside, click on Privacy screen .

All we have to do is click on the gray button on that screen. On the left it says something like “With the privacy screen enabled, you will need Touch ID and a password to access this application.”

Once activated, you can also configure the waiting time . From Immediately to 10 minutes, 1 minute or 10 seconds.

Fast and easy

From now on, every time you open Google Drive , instead of having access to your files as usual, you must enter your code or activate the Touch ID or Face ID as you normally do.

All in all, Google warns that there are some options that can escape this security. That is, despite that additional crash, notifications or certain information may be displayed on Siri. But the important thing, your files and documents , will be blocked unless you activate Touch ID or Face ID.

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