Get three months free of Spotify Premium with this new offer


The Recommender – May 14, 2020 – 23: 03 (CET)

Spotify is giving away three months of Spotify Premium to those who are in the free plan and to new user accounts.

Consigue tres meses gratis de Spotify Premium con esta nueva oferta

Spotify announced that it will offer three months of Spotify Premium at no cost to those who use the free version . If you have never paid for the version without ads or just created your account and you are going to start with any of the Premium plans, the service will grant you 90 additional days.

The three free months will not apply to those who have ever had Spotify Premium and canceled to go to the version with ads. In case you live in Mexico and have canceled an Individual Premium plan before 05 April, you can get three months of Premium service for only 99 pesos.

The offer arrives in good time , since On June 1, the new digital tax for companies that provide services over the Internet will come into force in Mexico. While Spotify has not confirmed that it will raise prices, it is possible that the company follow the same path as Netflix or PlayStation. A few days ago it was confirmed that Netflix would increase by 16% the cost of your plans, except the most basic.

Three free months of Spotify Premium for all plans

The three-month free promotion will be available until 23 June 2020 . Prices can be found on their plans page in Spain, Mexico and the other countries where the streaming music service is available.

  • Individual Plan – $ 99 pesos / 9, 99 euros per month
  • Plan Duo – $ 129 pesos for couples living in the same house (Mexico only)
  • Family plan – $ 149 pesos / 14, 99 euros per month for 6 Premium or Kids accounts in the same house
  • University Plan – $ 49 pesos / 4, 99 euros per month for university students who meet the terms.

The technology confirmed that the family plan gives access to Spotify Kids , the independent app for children ages 3 and up to listen to music. This version offers a total of 8. 000 songs and more than 60 audio experiences including a narrated version of Harry Potter.

In addition to Spotify, other services such as Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited are offering three months free in Spain and Mexico, while Tidal and YouTube Music provide one month. In the case of Tidal it is possible to access for four months paying only 4 euros or 40 pesos if you live in Mexico.

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