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Holzkohle-, Gas-, und Elektrogrill im Vergleich

A gas grill is a purchase for many years – in the best case for life. Because the grills should of course accompany you every summer (or in other seasons, we do not judge your preferences). In our gas grill test we leave 14 current models compete against each other. In this article we name our test winner, inexpensive models, and explain how we tested. Of course, we will also give you some useful advice on buying a barbecue.

Last year we mainly tested entry-level and mid-range grills. This year we are catching up with the high-end price segment. Eight new gas grills have therefore made it to the top list, all of which have displaced all of our previous test devices from their places. However, they are not bad, we even choose one of them for our savings tip.

Our test focuses on standing gas grills. These are the classic garden and patio grills with which you can also have a big family celebration. We are considering smaller versions for later tests.

Ten well-known brands have made it into this year's test field: Burnhard, Campingaz, Char-Broil, Clatronic, Enders, Landmann, Proficook, Rösle, Taino and Weber. Ambitious barbecue fans will miss some names here, such as Napoleon. They did not make it to the editorial office in time to grill. We will fill in the corresponding gaps in this new leaderboard piece by piece.

The detailed test results and the entire ranking can be found in our Best gas grill list .

In this post you read: First we present the best three gas grills in the test – including a cheap price tip for bargain hunters. Then we go into our test procedure. Finally, we tell you in the purchase advice what you should pay attention to when buying a gas grill.

The best gas grills in the test 2020

test winner Saving tip Best equipment


Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS

Char-Broil Performance 340 B

Taino 93504 Platinum 4 + 2

overall grade

1.3 (very good)

2.5 (good)

1.4 (very good)


1.0 (very good)

2.1 (good)

1.5 (very good)


2.1 (good )

3.4 (satisfactory)

1.0 (very good)


1.0 (very good)

1.6 (good)

1.9 (good)

Number of burners




grill area

2. 800 cm²

2. 838 cm²

2. 982 cm²

side cooker





round 790 Euro

round 350 Euro

round 550 Euro

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Electric grills for the balcony: For the electric grill test

Not only with gas: We also tested around half a dozen electric grills. Picture: Simon Kirsch / CHIP Studios

Test winner: Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS

  • Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS, Grill

    Source: offer

    Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS

    Overall grade: 1.3 (very good) ; Grilling: 1.0 (very good); Equipment: 2.1 (good); Handling: 1.0 (very good)

Excellent grill quality
Easy to use and clean
battery ignition
Few extras

Among the tested 14 large gas barbecues, the Campingaz Master Series 3 Classic LXS SBS cuts a fine figure – and is easy to handle and grill – and the top grade in the overall ranking. The workmanship is particularly good: Almost all parts are made of robust material and mesh almost perfectly. The build quality is not the best in the test, but offers little reason to complain. The set-up went smoothly.

Its four burners heat a large grill area of ​​around 2. 800 cm². He gets the great grill rating without compromise: he heats up quickly and also grills beautifully evenly over the entire surface. There is also a 400 ° C hot “turbo zone” for searing, a warming level, a side cooker , a very high total output of all burners (13, 5 kW) and there is also a grill skewer option it. The grate is of course made of heavy cast iron and offers a modular recess for optional accessories, such as a pizza stone or a wok.

If there is something to complain about on the Campingaz Master 3, then the somewhat boring equipment. There is no high-temperature (ceramic) burner, no rear burner and the special equipment mentioned is not included in the high purchase price. After all, the standard equipment is at its best, you can 11 – kg gas bottles in the double-walled base cabinet stow away. The ignition runs comfortably from the battery, and a switched on burner is noticeable through the glowing knobs. But the Campingaz is very heavy and comes to a combat weight of 67 kg without bottle. The grill is less suitable for regular cleaning.

The very good gas grill is one of the most expensive in our test field: round 790 Euro you have to pay for the Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS.

The best and most expensive grill in the test: Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS Picture: CHIP Studios / Simon Kirsch

Saving tip: Char-Broil Performance 340 B

  • Performance 340 B

    Source: Offer from

    Char-Broil Performance 340 B

    overall grade : 2.5 (good) ; Grilling: 2.1 (good); Equipment: 3.4 (satisfactory); Handling: 1.6 (good)

heats up quickly
Great workmanship
Large grill area
Quite cheap
Little equipment
heat distribution could be better

What a shame: At this point, the Taino Red 4 + 1 for round 250 euros. The grill is currently not available. Should he run into you anyway, we can only recommend the cheap gas grill. You can find all test values ​​here.

But back to our current savings tip: The Char-Broil Performance 340 B only costs round 350 Euro, but still comes with a large grill area of ​​2. 838 cm². The grill result is good and we get distinctive patterns burned into the food. The heat distribution also fits, only in the front third the grate is slightly cooler than in the rear sections.

Once the grill is heated up, we get good results. Thanks to the heavy, enamelled grate, this is also relatively quick, although the three burners with a total output of 7 kW are somewhat weak. So the cooking space is open at around 3 minutes 200 ° C heated, 250 ° C need over 5 minutes. Who 300 ° C has to wait a little over 7 minutes and 350 ° C the grill does not even reach. You get a side cooker with an additional 2.9 kW and a large warming level. The ignition starts with the battery.

The housing material is made of powder-coated plastic. Overall, the processing looks expedient, but you shouldn't expect an impressive eye-catcher. There is a thermometer in the lid, but the base cabinet only has space for 5 kg bottles. The biggest deductions are in the equipment – most amenities are missing, not even a grill tongs holder is included.

Equipment and price-performance winner: Taino 93504 Platinum 4 + 2

  • Source: CHIP Studios / Simon Kirsch

    Taino 93504 Platinum 4 + 2

    Overall grade: 1.4 (very good) ; Grilling: 1.5 (very good); Features: 1.0 (very good); Handling: 1.9 (good)

Enormous equipment
heats up quickly
Huge grill area

If you are looking for a grill of the brand “full equipment”, then there is no way around the Taino 93504 Platinum 4 + 2 over. The gas grill not only has four burners with powerful 14 kW total power, but also offers one Ceramic rear burner for grill skewers and nd a ceramic side cooker with a powerful 3.5 kW for searing. You get a foldable shelf, a double-walled insulated housing and two-color illuminated gags. A round grate can be removed and replaced with other modules, such as a pizza stone or a wok.

The build quality of the all-stainless steel grill is fine: the material could be a little thicker in some places, here the housing sometimes looks a bit flabby. But all in all: If the lid still had a viewing window and the special equipment included in the scope of delivery, the Taino would not only have the top rating calculated on all other grills, but would also have full marks in this category.

In the category “grilling” he leaves a few points. The grill area counts with 2. 982 cm² among the largest in the test, just like the warming level. However, the heat distribution is remarkably uneven. So there are two cool spots in the front and in the rear area of ​​the grate, where very little happens in terms of heat. If you know them, they can be easily circumnavigated.

Due to the burner output, it is not surprising that the gas grill heats up extremely quickly despite the cast iron grate: in a minute it is at 200 ° C, in two at 250 ° C. For 300 ° C it doesn't take five minutes and he even sprints in less than eight minutes 350 ° C – nobody else comes to these times Cast iron gas grill just a little bit closer.

On the other hand, a bit strange: Taino saves on 550 Euro expensive premium device the grill tongs holder. And instead of a battery starter, there is only one piezo ignition in the control dial.

The finest equipment: the Taino Platinum 4 + 2 Picture: CHIP Studios / Simon Kirsch

This is how CHIP tests gas grills

The overall rating of the grill test consists of three categories: equipment, grilling and handling.

Test category grilling:

The most important category in our grill test is the grill rating. After all, what is the best touch when it comes to operation when there is no proper heat on the grate? An all-clear at this point: With measured 286 to 462 ° C all gas barbecues are more than hot enough for every food and style. There are still sky-wide differences in quality.

Grilling is really only about two things: temperature and consistency. For our tests, we could have barbecued pigs and cattle in all formats. However, we are of the opinion that we can make the same statements about the quality of a grill with simpler, more technically sensible and more animal-friendly means – not least because every piece of meat is different and gives different results. Our measuring methods, on the other hand, are repeatable.

The first criterion for the grill rating is the heating-up time: gas grills quickly reach high temperatures, but there are also some lame models. With a thermometer on the grate, we determine how long a grill of 20 on 200, 250, 300 and 350 degrees required. Fast devices tackle the first hurdle within a minute, while particularly lame devices with a thick grate take three to four minutes to do so. In general, however, we advise giving each grill ten minutes regardless of its speed. This not only makes the grate hot, but also the cooking space.

With 300 ° C the range is much wider. However, temperatures are above 300 ° C rarely recommended for grilling. Instead, high temperatures can be practical for cleaning: open the burner, wait a little, brush off the rust, done.

The high temperatures also mean: be careful when grilling. We explain how you ensure sufficient safety when using a gas grill in this Post .

The grills take different lengths of time, but they all get really hot. Picture: Simon Kirsch / CHIP Studios

Who grills best? Charcoal, gas and electrical in comparison

Classic charcoal grills in comparison: to the charcoal grill test

We also check the heat distribution on the heated grillage using a simple but effective method : We place slices of toast on the entire surface. (All pictures of the measurement can be seen in the Photo gallery .) Grills with a great distribution do not necessarily have to heat every square centimeter of the grill surface, but achieve uniform results – regardless of whether the sausage is in the Is in the middle or on the edge. By the way, we also recommend the toasting method for your grill at home – so you learn exactly where the hot and cold spots are located. (More tips for flawless grilling You will find here.)

We recorded other grilling qualities in numbers: Approx the total burner output in kW, whether indirect grilling is possible without additional accessories, the availability of a turbo area, the size of the grill area and the lid height. One final value is important for aesthetes and fans of roasted flavors: the heat storage capacity. In principle, a solid grate can give off high temperatures more evenly than a light and enamelled component. That is why the Char-Brol Professional draws with cast iron grate and a high heat storage capacity of 2, 62 g / cm² also the most beautiful pattern in the food.

A prime example: Char-Broil Professional burns almost perfect grooves in toasted bread. Image: Leopold Holzapfel / CHIP

Test category: Equipment of the gas grill

A good equipment rating is also not unimportant for purists among the grill masters – because here, for example, the number of available burners counts. For the most part, however, we evaluate and weight the available equipment. This includes the type of grate, whether components are double-walled and thus better insulate heat, and whether there are shelves, side cookers, a thermometer or other special equipment.

Most attention in this category we dedicate the quality of workmanship. Ten CHIP colleagues scrutinized every grill and put their subjective impressions into figures. Is the gag shaking, is the grill stable, does the material please and does the lid sit firmly? The average of the ratings represents the processing grade. The Weber grill also wins in this sub-note: It is the only one to get the rating “very good”.

Nothing should wobble: Good workmanship is particularly important for devices such as grills that have been used for many years. Picture: Rian Voß / CHIP

Test category: Handling

The handling evaluation includes everything that makes the barbecue experience more pleasant. This includes, for example, the set-up time: Unsurprisingly, the smaller grills are ready for use faster than the expansive competitors. We also rate a grill tongs holder, transport rollers and integrated piezo or even a battery ignition (Char-Broil) positively. (By the way: If you also need barbecue tongs and other accessories for your new grill, you will find one with us comprehensive selection of recommended products .)

Ultimately, the weight should play a role for some people: Some barbecues weigh little (from around 10 kilograms) and can be easily transported from the garage to the whole house. Other grills have more of a battleship character (over 50 kilograms) and should be parked wherever they are used despite the mobile pedestal.

A small fat drip tray makes cleaning easier. Picture: Rian Voß / CHIP

Out into the green: Camping grills put to the test

Buying tips: The way to the perfect gas grill

Finally, we will give you important tips that can help you choose your perfect grill.

gas bottle: 5 kilos or 11 Kilo?

Many larger gas grills offer a base cabinet with enough space for a 5 kg bottle. But is that enough, or should it be more than double? We think: Even as a frequent griller, you only have to replace a small bottle once or twice in a summer. If you should grill mainly on weekends, five kilos are sufficient.

cog: no top products

We asked ourselves whether there are big differences in the quality of the bikes – maybe some are particularly suitable for off-road use, while others wiggle wildly? The answer: there are small wheels made of hard plastic and large wheels made of hard plastic. The wheels are useful in any case, but for long distances you should rather dismantle the grill and transport it elsewhere.

A base cabinet conceals ugly gas bottles and is particularly practical for stationary barbecues. Picture: Rian Voß / CHIP

Materials are like the degree of steak cooking: a matter of taste

As already mentioned, ten CHIP- Colleagues evaluated the processing of the grills. The opinions about what is good and what is bad partly differed and were sometimes even contradictory. For example, some have disrupted a high-quality plastic handle on a metal lid, while others have not. So if you have decided on some grills in question, you should take a look at a built model yourself. This is the only way to be sure that you will like the device.

Rust material: enamel, iron or stainless steel?

Grillers can probably argue forever about which rust material is the best. Some will prefer solid cast iron, others stainless steel. And there may even be one or the other who prefers enamelled components because they can also achieve good results and the grate is generally lighter – and therefore easier to clean.

Ultimately, the grill can have a big impact on the grill result – but it doesn't have to. Our test winner with the best grill quality, for example, has an enamelled, but comparatively solid grate. As a rule, however, you should rather use cast iron or stainless steel for good reasons, because the material is fundamentally more massive. This is desirable because a thick grate stores, distributes and releases temperature better. Means: The heat is potentially distributed over the entire grill grate – and not just here and there a spot directly above the burner. In addition, the grate does not cool down as soon as you put a piece of meat on it. A solid grate accordingly creates a characteristic pattern, which not only looks nice, but also brings more roasted aromas. Enamelled materials are also usually less durable.

In comparison between cast iron and stainless steel, the main difference is that a steel grate usually dries up faster, while the dark cast iron still picobello with little contamination works.

In contrast to cast iron, enamel and stainless steel quickly become visibly dirty. Picture: Rian Voß / CHIP

Barbecue on the balcony: is that allowed?

Beefer & Co .: You have to pay attention to this when buying a high temperature grill

Cleaning: Rarely a problem

With all of our grills, the elements in the cooking space and below can be easily removed, brushed, wiped or scrubbed. However, there can be exceptions: If a burner element is screwed to a smaller gas grill, cleaning becomes difficult. It is important to pay attention to this.

We explain how to clean your grill rack with simple household remedies in this practical tip .

The best gas grills in the test


Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS

Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (2.1)
  • Grilling (1,0)
  • Handling (1.0)


TAINO 93504 TAINO PLATINUM 4 + 2 gas grill stainless steel

TAINO 93504 TAINO PLATINUM 4+2 Gasgrill Edelstahl BestCheck offer

  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Grilling (1,5)
  • Handling (1.9)


currently not available

Price estimation

Very cheap (1.0)


Burnhard Big Fred Deluxe

Burnhard Big Fred Deluxe offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Grilling (1,5)
  • Handling (1.4)


currently not available

Price estimation

Inexpensive (2.0)


Rösle Videro G3-S black

Rösle Videro G3-S Schwarz BestCheck offer

  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Grilling (1,6)
  • Handling (1.4)


Enders Monroe Pro 3 SIK Turbo

Enders Monroe Pro 3 SIK Turbo Offer from BestCheck

  • Facilities (1.4)
  • Grilling (1,6)
  • Handling (1.4)


currently not available

Price estimation

Inexpensive (2.0)

To the complete leaderboard

What is the best gas grill?

The best gas grill in the test is the Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS. It offers the best grilling result, is easy to use and clean. The only thing missing is the extra equipment, so you get neither a back burner nor a high-temperature grill with the rather expensive grill.

What does a gas grill cost?

A reasonable gas grill doesn't have to be expensive: So both the models Taino Red 4 + 1 (round 250 Euro) as well as Char-Broil Performance 340 B (round 350 Euro) recommended in the test. Great results, a lot of equipment and excellent handling are only available in the area around the 500 Euro upwards. Under 200 Euro you should for one Do not issue new grill.

Which gas grill to 1000 Euro?

The best gas grill in the test under 1. 00 0 Euro is the Campingaz Master 3 Series Classic LXS SBS. It offers the best grilling result, is easy to use and clean. The only thing missing is the extra equipment, so you get neither a rear burner nor a high-temperature grill with the rather expensive grill.

Which brands of gas grill?

In the test we had the gas grill brands Burnhard, Campingaz, Char-Broil, Clatronic, Enders, Landmann, Proficook, Rösle, Taino and Weber.

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