Gaming sequel to “Silent Hill”? Developer publishes mysterious tweet


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Silent Hills - Gamescom Trailer

The rumor mill is bubbling: Does Kojima Productions, the development studio of Metal Gear Solid inventor Hideo Kojima, really make the upcoming announcement of a new Silent Hill palatable with a current tweet?

We remember: Hideo Kojima was the creative mind behind the Silent Hills , a game that was supposed to renew and revitalize the series from scratch, but then the Disputes with Konami fell victim. Thereupon he packed his seven things, founded his own studio in the USA in order to concentrate fully on his dream project – Death Stranding . Even before the release, Kojima caused a sensation with the announcement that he was going to get the “ scary afterwards Horror game of all time “. About a new Silent Hill ? In the past few months, there has been speculation that the argument between him and Konami has come to an end and that a new project can now be worked on together, but there have been no tangible details or official confirmation – at least until today. Because now Aki Saito, Kojima Productions' Head of Communications, teasers an announcement via Twitter, which quite a few with a possible new Link Silent Hill . This rumor is supported by some specific details in the tweet.

The tweet in question: coincidence or intention? © Twitter / Kojima Productions

If you take a closer look at the attached snapshot, you will notice that Saito has a small block in front of him on the Next Week! (Next week!) Is written. Second note: Saito is holding a pencil from the PYRAMID brand (Pyramid Head is one of the best known and most notorious villains from the Silent Hill – Universe). Third note: The message begins with the somewhat bumpy but meaningful wording: “Sorry to be SILENT everyone” / “Sorry about the SILENCE on our part”.

It goes on to say: “I think I will soon be able to reveal more about what we are working on.” already wanted to share? Or interprets the Silent Hill – Community too much into a simple tweet? If you are actually planning a performance, we will certainly learn more in the coming week. Because Konami is currently said to have two new games in Silent Hill – Universe in development to have. It cannot be ruled out that one of them will go to the Kojima cap.

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Does Kojima revive his plans? © Konami

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