Gaming monitor test 2020: the best displays with 4K, WQHD & amp; Full HD

The best displays for PC gamers

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gaming monitors: how to find the right one

Monitors for gamers are subject to different requirements than office TFTs or displays for image processing or video editing. In the CHIP test, we compare gaming monitors in all relevant sizes and resolutions, from full HD devices to 4K models from the high-end range. We also cover all budgets – everything is included, from an affordable entry to a luxury screen. In the video we show you how to find the ideal monitor for your needs.

Gaming monitor test: you should pay attention to this before buying

Many, but not all, Gaming monitors are immediately recognizable. Most manufacturers often try hard to make them visually striking, choose striking designs and an aggressive color scheme because they think players would be more likely to appeal to them. In addition, they come in various forms: Samsung uses its ultra-wide, 49 inch size C 49 HG 90 an impressive sign. Friends of classic diagonals, on the other hand, use the ViewSonic XG 270 . And with a limited budget, the 24 – Zöller C 24 G1 from AOC.

Gamer monitors usually cost significantly more than standard or office monitors. You can basically play your games on any monitor. The advantage of gaming monitors is often the support of variable refresh rates (Freesync, G-Sync), high refresh rates and very low latency (response time).

If you are looking for a monitor for office applications, you will find it in our office -Monitor leaderboard found.

Gaming monitors: Top 5 in the test (as of January 2020)

1st place: Acer Predator X 35 (Te stsieger)

  • Predator X35 (UM.CX0EE.005)


    Predator X 35 (UM.CX0EE. 005)

    G overall grade: very good (1,5) The Acer Predator delivers excellent image quality and currently offers the brightest display in the test field. Acer could only have been more generous with the HDMI and DisplayPorts.

Excellent image quality
First-class equipment
Good energy efficiency

The Acer Predator X 35 is our current test winner – in terms of image quality he has to be close to the Asus ROG Swift PG 27 U beaten, but so far he offers the brightest picture in our test field. Acer uses a panel with a quantum dot filter that not only has a UWQHD resolution of 3. 440 times 1. 440 pixel, but also with a refresh rate of 180 Hz (200 Hz Overdrive) and a response time of only 4 milliseconds.

Similar to the previously mentioned Asus model, the technology has other positive side effects: The display achieves a maximum brightness of outstanding 760 Candela per square meter – by far the best value of all monitors tested so far. And also the color coverage is with 100 percent in the standard RGB color space and 98 percent in the Adobe color space top class. This means that you can easily use the monitor for professional image and video productions.

Despite the bright display, the Predator X 35 no power guzzler. So the power consumption without HDR function with 51, 9 watts moderate – with activated HDR feature, of course, it increases accordingly on. Nevertheless, due to the size and the performance shown, we assign an overall “Good” in this test category.

One of the criticisms of the monitor are its connection options. Because here you will only find an HDMI 2.0 and a DisplayPort 1.4 port. It also offers three USB 3.0 ports and an audio output. If the number of USB ports is still okay, Acer would have been happy to deliver more in terms of image inputs.

The display technology used and the size of the monitor have their price, because for the Acer Predator X 35 become around 2. 500 Euro due. This makes it the most expensive device in our test field.

Acer Predator X 35: Excellent image quality and extremely fast at a great price. Picture: Acer

ViewSonic XG 270 (price-performance recommendation)

  • XG270


    XG 270

    Overall grade: Good (2nd , 0) In the test, the display convinced with good image quality in full HD resolution and excellent equipment at a fair price.

Attractive price
High picture repetition frequency of 240 Hz
Short response time
Full HD resolution only
colors could be even richer

If you don't want to dig too deep into your pockets, you will find in the ViewSonic XG 270 with its full HD resolution of 1. 920 times 1. 080 pixels an excellent display for Play. To put it in a nutshell: Overall, it delivers good image quality, but is one of the weaker monitors in this category compared to the other devices in our top ten. This is partly due to the poor color coverage of the AdobeRGB color space of only 75, 08 percent. The top models do better here. However, it has a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz and a response time of just one millisecond one of the fastest displays in our test field.

In addition, the monitor convinced in our test with its excellent Furnishing. These include two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort in version 1.2. You can connect other peripheral devices such as a headset or mouse using the three available USB 3.1 ports. The ViewSonic XG 270 does not have a USB-C port, but one of the USB 3.1 ports has a charging function for your smartphone or other devices. In addition, the monitor supports HDR 10, has a blue light filter and “PureXP Blur Reduction “- a technology that is supposed to provide sharp images even during extremely fast movements in the game. Two integrated loudspeakers and two side flaps for protection against the sun complete the excellent package.

The very good results in the ergonomics test paired with a “good” in energy consumption do that Display for our current price-performance recommendation.

Combines good image quality with excellent features: The ViewSonic XG 270 is our price-performance tip. Image: ViewSonic

AOC C 24 G1 (price tip)

  • C24G1


    C 24 G1

    overall rating: Satisfactory (2.9) The AOC C 24 G1 costs under 200) and is therefore our price tip. However, you have to cut back on the equipment and image quality.

Cheap price
Excellent energy efficiency
Response time suitable for gaming
Just 24 inch screen size
picture quality not optimal
Poor equipment

Curved and with some nice accents: The AOC C 24 G1 At first glance, looks like a normal gaming monitor. Nevertheless, the display costs under 200 Euro ( for price comparison ). Under the hood, the AOC-TFT shines with great values ​​in terms of energy efficiency and ergonomics and thus gets a “good” picture quality. The bottom line is that the model only ends up in the lower middle of our best list , but is surrounded by monitors that are twice or three times as expensive.

The 24 Inch, curved VA panel offers a resolution of 1. 920 x 1. 080 pixels – ideal for systems with a graphics card at the level of the Geforce GTX 1660 Super or the Radeon RX 590 ( graphics cards-best list ). AOC donates to the monitor 144 Hz for tearing-free display and FreeSync. Twice HDMI, DisplayPort and height adjustability complete the features. The monitor shows high contrast in the test (checkerboard contrast: 197: 1), but does not get particularly bright (242 Candela per square meter). Biggest feature disadvantage: the missing USB hub for peripheral devices.

Our price tip, the AOC C 24 G1 scores with good image quality and strong response time. Picture: AOC

Acer Nitro XV 273 KP (Favorable 4K- display)

  • Nitro XV273KP


    Nitro XV 273 KP

    Overall grade: Good (1.8) The 4K display scores with great image quality and features. The external power supply may interfere with one or the other.

Excellent image quality
Short response time
AMDs FreeSync and Nvidias G-Sync compatible
No pivot function
External power supply

The Acer Nitro XV 273 KP is a 27 -Inch display with 4K resolution (3rd 840 times 2. 160 pixels ). Thanks 348 Candela per square meter at the Brightness measurement and a checkerboard contrast 191: 1 the monitor provides excellent image quality.

Two HDMI 2.0 ports and two DisplayPorts in version 1.4 are available for connecting a desktop PC, notebook or console. You can also connect peripheral devices to the four USB 3.0 ports. There is also a separate audio output for the headset. Besides, is he is compatible with AMD's Freesync as well as Nvidia's G-Sync and supports DisplayHDR 400.

However, there are also a few minor criticisms. So the monitor can be adjusted in height and the angle of inclination can be adjusted, but you have to do without a pivot function for rotating the display. And even the external power supply may deter some gamers from buying the display.

All in all you get an excellent monitor with excellent features.

Acer NitroXV273KP
Acer Nitro XV 273 KP : The display provides a good picture and is quite cheap to buy for a 4K monitor. Picture: Acer

Gaming monitor test: We pay attention to these features

PC gamers can enjoy their hobby even more with a dedicated game monitor. Because with a gaming display, features such as G-Sync, FreeSync and refresh rates of 120 Hz (or more) paid. In particular, G-Sync for Nvidia graphics cards and FreeSync for AMD graphics cards show visible improvements. Both technologies ensure that the refresh rate of the display is synchronized with that of the graphics card. This eliminates unsightly cracks in the image (tearing effect). In contrast to FreeSync, the manufacturers sometimes charge hefty additional costs for an installed Nvidia module. Usually, a G-Sync TFT costs around 150 Euro more than the identical model without this extension. In the meantime, there are also so-called G-Sync-compatible monitors that work without an additional module and are cheaper.

Gaming -Monitor buyers are often also interested in the response times of the panel types (TN, VA or IPS). TN and VA usually switch a few milliseconds faster, but reduce the contrast significantly as soon as you no longer look directly at the display from the front. Unless you are earning your money with competitions in fast action games, you should hardly notice the differences in reaction times. An IPS panel, on the other hand, is more stable from a viewing angle.

When selecting our test candidates, we largely follow the manufacturer's positioning, which means: if Acer advertises a monitor with the brand ” Predator “, or Eizo his device with the nickname” Foris “, we assume that the model is aimed primarily at gamers – the same for the displays of Asus from the” Republic Of Gamers “series and other brands.

Hardly leaves gamer's wishes unfulfilled and they pay dearly: The Asus ROG Swift PG 27 UQ. Picture: Asus

So we test gaming monitors

With 50 percent controls the Image quality the largest part of the overall grade. We measure the brightness distribution and the checkerboard contrast in our test center, but also the color space coverage and the viewing angle stability. It should be noted that the checkerboard contrast has a value of 200: 1 is currently ideal. Ultimately, the intermediate grade in this category is calculated from all these individual measurements.

The equipment and ergonomics go with 20 percent in the final result. The equipment rating influences, for example, the number of available connection options such as HDMI, DVI-D or DisplayPort, but also the number of USB ports that a device has. But also whether a remote control or loudspeaker is included or whether a display is equipped with Freesync or G-Sync. The “ergonomics” grade includes, among other things, whether a monitor is rotating, tilting and adjustable in height and how securely it is standing. But also the accessibility of the various connections and the structure of the menu.

Finally, the energy efficiency flows in 10 percent in the overall grade. Here we measure how much power a monitor consumes in standard operation and in standby mode. We also like it when a display has an eco or power saving mode or a light sensor.

A list of all results per test candidate can be found in our Leaderboard of gaming monitors .

In our CHIP test center, we measure not only the viewing angle stability and the color space, but also the luminance and illumination of the panel. Picture: CHIP

gaming monitors tested

Acer Predator X35 Offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.3)
  • Facilities (1.7)
  • Ergonomics (1.9)
  • Energy efficiency (1.7)

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ Offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.0)
  • Facilities (2.7)
  • Ergonomics (1.5)
  • Energy efficiency (2.9)

Acer Predator XB3 XB273KP Offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (1.6)
  • Equipment (1,2)
  • Ergonomics (1.8)
  • Energy efficiency (3.4)

Acer Nitro XV273KP Offer from BestCheck

  • Image quality (2.0)
  • Facilities (1.0)
  • Ergonomics (1.8)
  • Energy efficiency (2.5)

ViewSonic XG270QG BestCheck offer

  • Image quality (1.8)
  • Facilities (1.3)
  • Ergonomics (1.5)
  • Energy efficiency (3.4)

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