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With the storage solutions from WD_Black ™ finally more than enough space for your games

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PCs and consoles must be powerful so that you can enjoy games without long loading delays. Together with our partners we explain why a hard drive is just as important as the CPU and graphics card and Western Digital.

In the meantime it is hard to imagine that classic games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Wing Commander or Tetris used to find space on a few disks. Today, their capacity would at most be sufficient to save a handful of low-quality photos on it.

On the other hand, it looks very different with current game titles such as Battlefield, Destiny, Call of Duty or Death Stranding. These sometimes prove 50 GB and sometimes even more space on your hard drive. Including the operating system, fit even on a 500 – GB hard drive not much more than a few games- Title. But what to do if the hard drive of your Playstation 4, Xbox One or your gaming PC reaches its capacity limits?


Not every gamer can or wants to replace his or her own hard drive in a PC or console. In the case of consoles in particular, upgrading the hardware is very difficult – not to mention a possible loss of guarantee that such a modification can entail.

But what alternatives are there if the independent exchange or installation of an additional internal SSD or HDD is not an option?

Reasons for an external HDD or SSD

The high speed and storage capacity of a hard drive are essential for gamers. Because a high-performance storage solution has a significant impact on the fact that the loading times until the start of the game and between the individual levels are short. And since more storage space is always better, it is worth investing in an external SSD or HDD with a capacity of at least 500 GB always.

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An uncomplicated alternative to internal hard drives are portable data carriers in 2.5 or 3.5 inch format, which offer high transfer rates thanks to a modern USB 3.2 connection. The write and read speeds that can be achieved with this are hardly inferior to the performance of built-in SATA and M.2 connections in a console or a PC.

In addition, an external storage solution offers other advantages compared to an internal hard drive:

  • Mobility: External hard drives are portable and can be used for data exchange with any PC with a USB port and your Playstation 4 or Xbox.
  • Playing together: With a portable storage solution n Always have all your game titles with you – handy if you are visiting a friend and want to play there together.
  • Simple connection: Connect USB, start game and get started.

Criteria for external hard drives suitable for gaming

A few years ago the USB 2.0 connection slowed down the data transfer from an external hard drive to the PC. The successor standard USB 3.0, which increased the speed tenfold, could already have significantly faster transfer rates. Since then, external hard drives have become a convenient and sensible alternative to a permanently installed hard drive even for performance-oriented gamers.

Be careful the purchase absolutely that your desired model meets the following criteria:

  • The hard drive should support the modern USB 3.2 Gen 1 standard, the high data rates and allows short access times.
  • In the best case, the external storage solution has at least 500 GB storage capacity – better but even more.
  • The reading speed should be at least 150 MB / s.
  • If you choose an external HDD, it should have a rotation speed of at least 7. 200 U / min.
  • Your desired model has a robust and shock-resistant housing.

Find out more about the WD_BLACK ™ series now

Also important: Depending on your budget, you have to decide before your purchase whether your hard drive should offer maximum transfer rates or as much storage space as possible. As a rule of thumb, SSDs are many times faster than conventional HDDs. The advantage of a mechanical HDD: The price per gigabyte is significantly lower than that of a solid state disk (SSD) with the same capacity.

If high mobility is the most important criterion for you, we recommend that you take a 2.5 inch form factor HDD or SSD model. These are significantly smaller and lighter than external hard drives in 3.5 inches and generally do not require an additional power supply.

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WD_Black ™: Ultra-performance memory especially for gamers

Western Digital's new WD_Black ™ hard drive series is aimed specifically at gamers who need more space for their growing game collection. In addition to the above-mentioned essential criteria, such as the modern USB 3.2 Gen 1 connection or ultra-fast transmission speeds of over 150 MB / s and 7. 200 RPM, Western Digital offers with its new Gaming series WD_Black ™ even more.

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Performance-oriented gamers beware: Western Digital also has a suitable model for SSD fans. The new external WD_Black ™ P 50 Game Drive SSD achieves extremely high transfer rates of up to 2. 00 0 MB / s. It is available with storage capacities of 500 GB up to 2 TB.

Tip: For console gamers, Western Digital has come up with something special, because although all of the above models are also compatible with the popular game consoles, the company offers special Xbox One versions. The WD_Black ™ D 10 and P 10 Game Drive for Xbox not only fit the design of the console manufacturer, but are complemented by a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Western Digital Gaming Hard Drives: Known for Quality and Reliability

The combination of functionality, durability, performance and flexibility make the new hard drives of the WD_Black ™ series the optimal storage solution for every gamer. As usual, Western Digital grants a three-year guarantee on all models in the series.


This is by far the most important reason for PC and console gamers to choose a hard drive from the WD_Black ™ series: The internal and external storage solutions specially tailored to gamers make your console or PC more powerful and reliable.

It has never been so easy and secure for gamers to increase the storage space for their constantly growing game collection. Your advantage: You no longer have to worry about the available storage capacity of your internal hard drive, but can finally concentrate on gaming again with a storage solution from the WD_Black ™ series.

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