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PC games for free without end: We have the best free game downloads for you. From action cracks to epic role-playing games to strategy highlights and retro hits, we offer first-class games completely free of charge.

You shouldn't just surf past our free games, because it is guaranteed for every taste a suitable game. Take in the grandiose Fortnite in Battle Royale battles for survival with up to 100 other players. Fight exciting multiplayer battles in the e sports hit Counter Strike: Global Offensive or go in the best Diablo 3 manner on item hunting in Path of Exile .

Battle Royale free: Fortnite and Apex Legends

exciting survival struggles
many tactical options
no pay-to-win
Game principle not for everyone

In so-called Battle Royale games, you plunge into a battle for life on a huge card against several players Death. Whoever survives last has won the game. The game Fortnite

was particularly popular and successful from Epic. With its mixture of brightly colored graphic style and crafting elements a la Minecraft, the game appeals primarily to a younger target group.

A more adult alternative can be found with Apex Legends . This Battle Royale title takes place in a science fiction universe and, similar to Blizzard's hero shooter Overwatch, relies on a game system with different character classes and thus provides a breath of fresh air in the popular genre.

In essence, however, both games are very similar: They are thrown over the map without any equipment and try to collect the best weapons and items every round, in order to prepare for the struggle for survival and be the only one to survive .

Fortnite's graphic style is geared towards a younger target group. Picture: Epic

Free tactical shooter: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

classic CS game principle
graphical update for the Line
no playful advantage through Prime
only for multiplayer fans

The first part of Counter-Strike appeared in the year 1999 as a mod of the first-person shooter classic Half Life. The modification soon became so successful that its own games appeared on the Steam gaming platform. According to Counter-Strike: Source, Global offensive is the last part published . For a while now, the online tactical shooter has also been available free of charge.

The gameplay and the cards have not changed much over the years: the terrorists are either trying a bomb to place and protect them until they detonate, while the police special forces try to prevent this. Another variant is a hostage-taking scenario, in which the police try to free the hostages from the terrorists' clutches. For each victory, the parties receive money from which they can gradually afford better equipment.

With CS: GO the series has everything get a graphical update. A Battle Royale mode has also been added.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, police special forces fight terrorists. Image: Steam

Free role-playing epic: Path of Exile

no Pay2Win
lots of content
deep possibilities for character customization
can easily overwhelm beginners

Path of Exile is similar to Diablo 3 an online action RPG. The game takes place in the bleak world of Wraeclast, which is haunted by a threat from the past. The Free2Play role-playing game is all about leveling up your own character, collecting the best equipment, trading with it and later competing against other players in exciting battles.

Thereby Path of Exile offers a particularly deep character development system . With the huge skill tree you can completely customize your character according to your ideas and your playing style. The developers attach great importance to the fact that no real benefits can be bought for real money.

The Path of Exile skill tree offers many options, but can quickly overwhelm beginners. Image: Path of Exile

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You don't have enough? In our Free2Play portal you will find a further selection of free games, some of which you can even play directly in the browser can.

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