Formlabs Form 3 tested

Formlabs Form 3 tested. Picture: Formlabs

Conclusion from 28. 01. 2020

With Form 3, Formlabs is launching a stylish 3D printer with exceptional print quality. It is well made and comes with all kinds of comfort functions. In contrast, the equipment is only average. It neither has an SD card slot, nor can the print bed be preheated. Others offer more – especially in this price range. But you have to dig deep into your pocket not only in terms of the purchase price, but also in terms of printing costs, as our test shows.

Outstanding print quality
Very well processed
Large selection of print material
Bad price-performance ratio
No heated print bed
Very high printing costs

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Test scores from the CHIP test center (status 28. 01. 2020)

Formlabs Form 3: test values

The Formlabs Form 3 is the benchmark for print quality at the time of testing. All other 3D printers our best list are left behind. In addition to a minimum layer thickness of 0, 025 millimeters, the total deviation when printing is 0, 19 millimeters. He succeeds in printing dice, chess pieces and wedges perfectly and we give the top grade 1.0. There are minimal impurities in the rhombic cuboctahedron as well as in the holes and columns, and we assign a 1.2 here.

The processing of the SLA printer is also very strong. It is ergonomically well designed and shows helpful information (for example, forecasts of the printing time). The automatic table calibration function and the option of printing without a PC are also practical. In contrast to many competing products, the software is not open source.

The Formlabs Form 3 convinced in the test due to its outstanding print quality. Picture: Formlabs

Formlabs Form 3: Quality has its price here

The print quality speaks for itself, but it is the sole figurehead of the Form 3. Because the SLA printer's equipment is only average – apart from the large selection of print material , which ranges from normal to flexible, tough, dental SG / LT, to ceramic, draft and other fabrics. It also has a USB connection to the PC as well as LAN and WLAN, but it lacks an SD card slot and a heated print bed. There is also only one extruder (print head) and the maximum print volume is very small at 3.9 liters. With a maximum print width of 145 millimeters, a maximum pressure height of 185 millimeters and one maximum print depth of 145 Millimeters too large print objects are not possible.

In contrast, the costs are large. The purchase price alone is around 4. 00 0 Euro . Only a few of the 3D- tested by us Printers move in this or an even higher price segment. But they are almost exclusively placed in front of the Formlabs Form 3. And the maintenance costs are about 135 Euro per kilo / liter of printing material not without. This is only surpassed by the previous Form 2 model. At least the power consumption agrees with 62 Watt positive.

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Alternative with great print quality at a fair price

The print quality of the MSLA printer Prusa Research Original Prusa SL1 is only minimally worse than with the Form 3. Also top processed, it is equipped with open source software and the costs for the printing material per liter / kilo are around 58 Euro significantly lower. However, due to its limited print size, the printer is only suitable for smaller objects. Not only is the print volume (1.2 liters) smaller, the choice of print material is also smaller. With around 1. 400 Euro the price for this is fair.

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