For the first time in a smartphone: Xiaomi is revolutionizing the fingerprint sensor

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Forscher knacken Samsung Fingerabdrucksensor mit Drucker

Whether with the face, the PIN or the fingerprint: there are now many ways to unlock a smartphone. Xiaomi has now installed a fingerprint sensor in an LCD display for the first time. In the future, smartphones could be sold much cheaper with the same features.

Xiaomi is revolutionizing the fingerprint sensor in the display. Because for the first time an LCD display with an integrated fingerprint sensor was shown.

Until now, it was only possible to install a fingerprint sensor in the display in OLED displays. But last year Xiaomi already promised to bring this technology into the cheaper LCD displays. And now the time has come.

Xiaomi has now demonstrated the new technology in a converted Redmi Note 8 Pro. One suspects that Xiaomi the new technology for the first time in the Redmi K 30 Pro could install.

So far, it was now possible to install an optical or ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in OLED panels. These panels were thin and permeable enough to recognize the fingerprints.

But now you can also do this in the much cheaper LC panels. And mass production should start soon. So this year there should be a whole range of cheap smartphones that also have a fingerprint sensor installed in the display.

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