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Portable hard drives in 2.5-inch format

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To create a backup or to transfer large amounts of data, external HDDs are the best solution. Together with our partner Cyberport let's take a look at the advantages of portable 2.5-inch HDDs.

External HDDs in the space-saving 2.5-inch format are for the security of your data is essential. The small storage giants offer a lot of space for your photo collection, Windows or Time Machine backups and more. You can also score with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Especially compared to external SSDs or USB sticks, which still cost twice as much or more with the same storage capacity.

There are other reasons why the portable and space-saving HDDs are almost indispensable for every PC, iMac or notebook owner.

5 reasons to choose 2.5-inch HDDs

Western digital

It should be as small as possible, have a lot of storage space and last but not least protect your important data from any unauthorized access. Current models also offer much more:

  1. A constantly high reading and writing speed is a must. The basic requirement: The hard drive has the fast USB 3.0 standard. You can transfer your data with up to 500 MB / s quickly on the external disk.
  2. On delivery, the hard drive has 100 – Percentage compatibility to the file systems of Windows and MacOS – NTSF and APFS. So you can use the hard drive for MacBooks, PCs or cameras without having to format the hard drive with the appropriate file system first.
  3. Integrated encryption that protects your data from unauthorized access, even if the hard drive is stolen.
  4. Backup software: If the Windows on-board means for data backup are not enough for you, you should take a look at the software that comes with your new hard drive.
  5. Slim and easy to store: External 2.5-inch weigh significantly more than a U. SB stick, but still fit loosely in the inside pocket of your jacket. As a rule, however, they weigh hardly more than two bars of chocolate and less than an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Make your purchase decision not only dependent on the size of the hard disk. Comprehensive equipment is at least as important. If, in addition to a high-quality USB 3.0 connection cable, there is a software package matched to the HDD, you can access it without hesitation.

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Easy use in everyday life

Sooner or later, any internal hard drive will give up. Then there can be a sudden and irrevocable loss of data. A regular backup on the external disk is therefore a mandatory task. This is particularly easy with a backup tool that allows incremental data backup. This method only backs up the data on the portable HDD that has changed on the internal hard drive since the last backup.

Western digital

Tip: Do you want to test a new operating system before you remove the old one and dare to reinstall it? Use your external hard drive as the location of the new operating system and boot your computer from there. Most PCs and notebooks have been supporting this function for years.

WD My Passport ™ with 1, 2, 4 or 5 TB storage capacity

The new models of the worldwide known external hard drives from the WD My Passport ™ series convince with an ultra-compact and flat housing. The models with 1 and 2 TB storage capacity are particularly slim: With a height of slightly more than 11) they hardly protrude beyond a smartphone on the table. The models with 4 and 5 TB are just over 19 mm also very flat – the larger model is currently the thinnest 5 TB external HDD available.

The housing colors are striking, but not too bright: In addition to the classic “little black”, the My Passports ™ in blue, yellow or stylish black stand out optically from the monotony of the competition.

Western Digital does not save on the features of this model range either: The password protection and the integrated 256 Bit AES hardware encryption ensure that an unauthorized person Access to your data is excluded. The backup software from Western Digital included in the scope of delivery also noticeably simplifies data backup: Time-controlled and automated backups of valuable data such as photos, videos, music and documents are never lost.

Why customers trust Western Digital

The manufacturer listens to its customers and sells its My Passport ™ in the largest possible selection, because depending on the model variant, the hard drives with a Windows 10 – or MacOS file system are preformatted. Thanks to the fast USB 3.0 standard, which is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, data is transferred at a speed of up to 500 Transfer MB / s to or from the My Passport ™ plate. The version for MacOS also has a modern USB-C connection – ideal if you e.g. B. have a current MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.


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