Fascia rolls in the test: results of ÖKO-Test

Pain gone and a healthier life thanks to the plastic roller?

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Content based on the test results from ÖKO-TEST

Fascia rolls – you need to know that

Fascia rolls are used for numerous muscle complaints. There is a real hype about the massage rollers. Today the fitness industry has discovered fascia for itself and has launched numerous fascia rolls on the market. They are made of foam and are available in a wide variety of hardness levels, colors and surface textures. They are said to relieve pain and stiffness in the back and neck and relieve cramps. However, the effectiveness of fascia rolls has not been scientifically proven. Despite the numerous promises of the manufacturers, the results of ÖKO-Test are sobering. 16 Fascia rolls undergo the tests for pollutants and effectiveness of ÖKO-Test. The test first appeared in the yearbook 2017. For a summary of the test, see this article.

The result: The benefits of fascia rolls are at best good experience reports – the data is modest. Not surprisingly, the ÖKO-Test did not go beyond a “sufficient” fascia roll. Nobody should expect miracles, according to ÖKO-Test. We show you the products available online in the following overview. All test results and the complete ranking as well as the products that failed with “poor” can be read in full ÖKO test contribution , which you can also order as a single article (1, 00 Euro).

In this post you read: First we present three recommendations from the ÖKO test. Then we tell you how much money you should spend on a good fascia roll. Then we go into the test criteria. We conclude with the general purchase advice and answer questions about the area of ​​application, the available variants and other questions. At the very end, we go into alternatives to typical fascia roll materials.

Fascia rolls in the test: ÖKO test results

Surname overall evaluation Price Shop

Blackroll Med


Round 26, 00 Euro

At Amazon

Blackroll Standard


round 22, 00 Euro

At Amazon

Schildkröt Fitness MF Roll


Round 16 00 Euro

At Amazon

SoftX fascia roll 145


Round 20, 00 Euro

At Amazon

The classic: Blackroll Med & Blackroll-Orange Standard

  • Source: Amazon

    Blackroll Med

    The Fascia roll for pain-sensitive Indian users of Blackroll.

  • Source: Blackroll

    Blackroll Standard

    The standard version is a real all-rounder. Many take up this role at the beginning, before they add to their fascia equipment.

Does not contain any harmful ingredients
Relative expensive
functionality not proven

Anyone who hears Blackroll immediately thinks of most black rolls in all sizes and shapes. ÖKO-Test examined two variants of the roles. The Blackroll Med , a softer variant for pain-sensitive and light people, and the Blackroll Standard for beginners and advanced users.

Blackroll has fully exploited the fascia hype. The roles come in all shapes and sizes. Each variant is tailored to a specific part of the body. The standard blackroll is intended to treat and prevent muscle tension through a massage. With the dimensions 30 centimeters to 15 Centimeters and a weight of 152 Gram does not matter only good at home. Due to its low weight, it is also suitable for on the go. For example in the gym or when traveling.

The Med version is suitable for beginners due to its lower hardness. It only exerts very gentle pressure and is therefore less intense. This gives the muscles a gentle massage. Although the company Blackroll has made a name for itself in the sports world, ÖKO-Test only awards one “sufficient” .

Although there are no harmful ingredients in the roles, ÖKO-Test complains, as with almost all roles, that the benefits are not convincingly proven. The two reels play with round 32 Euro for the Med variant and round 30 Euro for the standard Variant in the middle price segment.

Blackroll's fascia roll is one of the better ones in the test. Image: Blackroll

Price tip: Schildkröt Fitness MF Roll

  • Source: Image: Amazon

    Schildkröt fascia roll

    Schildkröt provides the price tip as a cheap alternative to the more expensive models ,

Increased values ​​of the ingredient analysis
functionality not proven

Also the fascia roll of Schildkröt receives the overall mark “sufficient”. ÖKO-Test was not convinced of the health benefits of this product either. The consumer magazine rates the results of the ingredient analysis with “satisfactory” . This is due to the PAK values ​​determined in the laboratory. Which ingredients ÖKO-Test criticized on the roll is not clear from the test report.

With a diameter of 14 centimeters and a length of 33 centimeters the fitness roll weighs 600 grams. This makes it a little heavier than many other models, even though it is hollow on the inside. For users who want to take the role with them on vacation or to the gym, this could be an exclusion criterion.

Visually, the fascia role differs from its competitors. Most roles in the test have a smooth but rough surface. The Schildkröt model has an uneven surface structure with knobs. For around 16 Euro there is the Fitness MF Roll to buy.

Cheapest product: SoftX fascia roll

  • Source: SoftX


    SoftX offers a very light variant of the fascia roll. This makes them attractive for everyone who wants to take the role with them to the gym or on vacation.

Does not contain any harmful ingredients
Night Hurry
functionality not proven

The cheapest of the reels tested offers the same test result as the Blackroll. The low degree of hardness also makes this role an entry-level product. For larger muscle parts, such as the thighs and back muscles, the SoftX particularly good.

But here, too, ÖKO-Test criticizes the undetected benefit of the role. This is why this fascia roll only receives the overall grade “sufficient” . You do not have to worry about this role because of harmful ingredients.

On 180 Grams comes the roll with its diameter of 14, 5 centimeters and a length of 40 centimeters. It is a bit heavier than the classic Blackroll, but it costs 18 Euro a little less.

How much money should you spend on a fascia roll?

Fascia rolls are between 15 Euro and 70 Euro. From the results of the ÖKO-Test it can be seen that, as is so often the case, expensive is not equally good. So the most expensive product in the test, the melt soft body roller, comes off badly in the test. Although the model is scarce 70 Euro costs, ÖKO-Test rates the ingredients as “deficient”. The reasons for this are the increased PAK values ​​in the role. ÖKO-Test also criticizes the lack of training instructions, without which a beginner cannot use the role properly.

Our price tip provides comparatively better values ​​in the test. Although there are also increased PAH values ​​in the turtle roll, the values ​​determined are lower than in the expensive model. Otherwise, the cheap 16 – Euro variant trump the expensive one.

This is how ÖKO-Test tests

ECO test sent the 16 Foam rolls in laboratories, where they have been checked for any harmful substances. The result: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were found in all roles. A pollutant that can be harmful to health, is considered carcinogenic and can endanger reproductive abilities. For this reason alone, none of the rollers achieve better than “sufficient”. Seven of the roles rated ÖKO-Test as “poor” due to problematic ingredients and lack of training advice. However, PAK is not the only pollutant that is hidden in the rollers.

After the results were so sobering, ÖKO-Test asked the manufacturers about the effectiveness of the products. Blackroll then referred to an unpublished study at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. The should with ultrasound images from 38 Participants prove that the massage with blackrolls makes the lower back fascia more flexible. At least in the short term.

The number of reasonably meaningful studies on fascia rolls can be counted on the fingers. None of the manufacturers had product-specific studies on their role. There are a small number of high quality case studies. They indicate that the fascia massage could have a positive effect on mobility, fatigue and pain after training. However, there is a lack of qualitative clinical research that substantiates these effects.

Possible uses of fascia rolls

Whether in your own four walls or in the gym: Fascia rolls are now used almost everywhere, for example to relieve pain as a result of overexertion. However, the exercises with fascia rolls do not replace sports training. For these purposes, experience reports fascia rolls say a positive effect:

  • Massage: With the help of fascia rollers, a kind of self-massage is carried out, which is supposed to release adhesions of the fascia tissue and muscle tension by pressing and moving the body on the roller. We will show you which neck exercises you can do against tension in a further article at the end.
  • Activate the lymphatic flow and loosen adhesions: adhesions are promoted in the course of a so-called lymph congestion. This happens when the lymph flow is blocked by muscle tension. You can reactivate the lymph flow with exercises on the fascia roller.
  • Stretching: By rolling up and down on the fascia roll, you stretch your muscles and promote the lubricity of the fascia. With it you expand and increase the flexibility of your body at the same time. Movements are easier again and can be carried out more smoothly.
  • stimulate blood circulation: The blood flow to the tissue can also be changed for the better with the help of the roller. By rolling on the fascia roller you promote an unimpeded flow of blood that supplies the organs and muscles with oxygen.
  • Prevent injuries: Especially in top athletes, the fascia role comes to regeneration after training used to ensure rapid recovery of stressed muscles and thus prevent injuries.
  • malpositions counteract and strengthen posture: You can counteract misalignments, i by supporting you on the fascia roll. This optimizes your posture and strengthens your core muscles in particular.
  • Strengthen connective tissue: In addition, you tighten your skin when you go on the fascia roll and thereby activate the connective tissue. In our next article, we will present three exercises for firm skin and against cellulite.
  • Relieve pain: Fascia rolls can also relieve pain. With fascia training you keep the fascia of your body elastic and prevent tension and pain caused by overloading or lack of movement.

Fascia rolls: variants and variety

In addition to the classic fascia roll, there are a large number of variants that are used for different purposes. So that you keep an overview, we show which variant is suitable for which purpose.

  • Standard: The classic role is with Very popular with beginners. The reason for this are the many uses for different parts of the body. Those who venture into the world of fascia therefore often resort to the standard variant first. This variant has a smooth surface, is approximately 30 centimeters long and has a diameter of approximately 15 centimeters.
  • Mini: Mini rolls are a smaller variant of the classic facia roll. The miniature version is suitable for massage of the calves, feet, arms or hands.
  • Ball: Fascia massage balls are available in different sizes. The small version is particularly suitable for the treatment of smaller parts of the body, such as the soles of the feet or the neck. Larger balls are used to relieve tension on the back or between the shoulder blades. Here you can usually choose between two different sizes.
  • Duo Ball: The Duo Ball is two attached foam balls. The advantage of the shape is that the two balls apply pressure to the back muscles. The spine is deliberately left out of the pressure. The goal is a targeted, intensive facial training of the back. Duo balls are also available in different sizes.
  • Groove: This variant is characterized by wide grooves that ensure faster rolling and vibration. However, this side effect does not appeal to everyone. Before buying, you should test how your body reacts to the vibration.

Buying advice: You should pay attention to this when buying

When buying a fascia roll, there are several factors. Any experience, pain, body weight and much more. The list below gives you an overview so that you feel safe and know what to look out for:

  • Degree of hardness: High, medium and low degrees of hardness differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, you have to determine how soft or hard a fascia roll really should be. In general, the more advanced your fascia training is, the harder the fascia roll can be.
  • Low degree of hardness: Pain-sensitive people drive well with a softer roller. These are also often used in the context of medical rehab. If you get used to the fascia roll after some time, you can switch to a harder roll. Soft rolls can warp when used regularly. Some manufacturers offer a guarantee against warping. The soft roles are sometimes declared as a Med variant.
  • Medium hardness: At the beginning the fascia tissue has to get used to the massage and treatment. Insensitive beginners or advanced users can use a fascia roller with a medium degree of hardness.
  • High degree of hardness: Very hard fascia rolls are popular with heavy people and long-standing athletes. In sales, they are often declared as a pro variant. Harder models have the advantage that they usually last longer.
  • Length: The classic fascia roll is approx. 30 centimeters long. But there are also manufacturers who sell oversized rolls. Such roles can be up to 66 centimeters long. Some manufacturers also offer the option of connecting two rollers using a connector. How to achieve double the length of the original roll.

Fascia rolls: alternatives

The well-known fascia roll is made of polyethylene or polyurethane. Some providers advertise that the rolls are recyclable. The rollers are also made from the natural product cork. These are equally suitable for self-treatment, are non-slip and keep their shape. The cork variant is also light, handy, recyclable and odorless. But there are also rolls made of wood, which are very hard and therefore only suitable for experienced athletes. Another still very unknown variant is the inflatable fascia roll.

What are fasciae?

Fascia are a reticulated tissue that includes bone , Muscles and tendons.

Why do fascia stick?

A common one The reason for glued fascia is a lack of movement. If the person does not move enough, the fascia tissue loses its stable and elastic structure and hardens, matted and glued.

When is fascia training useful?

In general, movement is always the best option for tension. Fascia training is a good addition before and after training to stay flexible and become more flexible.

This post was created by CHIP authors and is based on the results of the article “ 16 Fascia rolls in the test “by ECO TEST Content is the version of 20. 10. 2016. You can read the full post 522749026 purchase online . The CHIP-test Center was not involved in the investigation.

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